One comment on “Theodore

  1. Today was a great day.The mark of a new era for human kind,a new beggining filled with love,compassion,joy and light.

    I woke up at 1:45 am and i started meditating about half an hour later.
    Everything i experienced was so realistic and strong.At first i found myself
    meditating with a huge group of people.Then i felt my connection with our galactic friends.I saw a beam of light coming torwards me and into the center of Gaia.It pulled me up into the ship and it was so beautiful,positive
    and relieving just to stand right next to them.I saw what appeared to be a tall blonde woman wearing a white uniform and smiling at me.The inside of the ship had a very simple design to it but it was bright white.The walls didnt have any designs,they were just white walls.In there i saw many other people from earth gathered all together filled with positive emotions,
    talking together.It was something else and it was the most realistic astral travel i ever had.Right before i returned to my physical body i saw again myself meditating but this time i was in a smaller group and suddenly i felt
    a hand grabbing mine…It was Emanuela right next to me and smiling,i remained there for a while and then returned.
    That was my expirience with ascension.
    Happy to share my experiences with all of you.Much love and light to you my dear friends.

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