Gifts on the Altar of Being – 15 Jan 2013, by Elizabeth


Gifts on the Altar of Being – 15 January 2013, by Elizabeth

When I set out on this journey of self-revelation and being revealed before the world, or at least that small portion that gives itself the label, “lightworker”, I had little idea what I would encounter.  I have been writing this blog for six months now, first breaking through shyness and, yes, fear of being “seen” by others in a way that I had not had to experience in this lifetime as yet.

If you’ve ever caught glimpses of yourself in the stories in books about what happened and in some places still happens to those who live and think in a different fashion than that which is dictated by our erstwhile controllers, then you know what I mean.  I have seen myself, just in glimpses or visions felt within or an echo in my being, like a sympathetic string on a finely tuned instrument.  I have seen myself as a woman during the traumatic Wars of Independence in Scotland; as a Hindu dancer in Mogul India; as a Druid and healer in the days when the new harsh religious hand of Rome lay heavy upon the British Isles; as a native American shaman undergoing a spirit journey in the wilderness; as a sailor on the open seas… many places, many bodies and many different times.

I came into this lifetime carrying a lot of fear in my body, some of it coming from genetics.  I was born during the beginnings of the Cold War and the Korean Affair, sometimes referenced as the Korean War.  My mother was alone while carrying me in the last months; her husband had been posted to the Aleutian Islands as he was an expert in the new radar technology.  She nearly lost me before being taken to the hospital by a close friend; all the rest of the neighborhood had turned their collective backs on her since she was a woman alone.  So, I came into a cold and unforgiving world, with a frightened mother, a father off to a strange war and the American culture swiftly changing with the impact of the post-world war era.

From those early years, I grew and developed.  I was always shy, but intelligent, seeking the company of books more often than that of friends, although I had plenty of neighborhood companions.  As I grew into adulthood, I found I loved the outdoors and craved being there whenever I could get away.

Later in adulthood, I discovered hiking and backpacking and became a trip leader in a local mountaineering club.  I overcame a lot of my physical fear of being here on the planet through my joy in sharing the wilderness with other like-minded people.  However, there was something else driving me from within, an unnamed power that yearned to find expression.

And here I am, some 60 plus years after being born, finally stepping out of my protective shell and into the light.  I have discovered that I am a writer.  I can say that now without feeling foolish.  The words that flow from my fingers on the keyboard carry an energy that is reaching more and more people.  There is a need for other lightworkers and just regular people to realize that they, too, can offer their gifts to the collective.  I’m here, in part, to be a cheerleader for others.

From my darkest moments and there have been many, I have emerged, fully-fledged and shining.  In coming out I have opened myself up to being attacked by others, but I have also opened up to the amazing love that I feel when my readers connect with these modest words.  I do feel this in my heart and it gives me a glowing feeling to know that another person is coming in touch with their own beauty, by seeing it reflected in my words.   Know that I do not do this work out of self-aggrandizement.  I have not charged a dime for anything that I have published here.  I make a modest living at a regular job.  No, this is my way of giving to others what they may not find on their own, as so many of us are anchoring the light in remote areas or feel isolated from other lightworkers except through communications and sharings such as these.

I am not claiming to be the Queen of the World or the next ascended master to bring in the New Age.  No, I am a rather ordinary person with a gift for using the written word in a manner that brings some relief and hope to those who are currently struggling to understand what is going on in our world.

As a channeler, I am probably channeling my higher self, but what exactly does that consist of in truth?  All of us are part of the Whole; all of us are a facet of the Divine Mind.  A couple months ago I was given a dream in which a woman who appeared to be the image of Parasvati or the equivalent gave me seeds to eat.  Seeds are the symbol of new life and regeneration, a sure sign of the beginning of a new life for myself and for the collective.  So I could say that the Mother has blessed me, but she loves all her children.  She loves you.  This you will know when you open up your heart.  Yes, you will know, too, what I have felt and feel everyday now.

What I channel is a part of that Whole, whatever the name.  And different beings have different energy keys.  When you work with them, you begin to “feel” the differences and the similarities.  And I often simply ask, “Who is now coming in?”  Surprisingly, I am always given a polite answer.  Our unseen friends and mentors are very polite; some of us could use a little more of that grace of presence, as well.

Each of us has a gift or gifts to offer the collective as we move slowly into our new world.  The new world, the kingdom of heaven, lives within all of us.  It is up to us to adjust the way in which we see and experience our world so we can begin to see the changes that occurring all around us.

Yes, there is still suffering in the world.  Yes, tyrants are still in control of the governments.  Yes, the greedy bankers are raking in millions of unearned dollars stolen from the common man.  Yes, there is still war and fighting in countries strewn around the world.  And yet… if you look carefully, you will begin to see changes, real changes that are emanating from a local level, from the formerly oppressed people.  And these changes are coming to past by people who are loving and funny and alive serious about dropping the old system and discovering new ways to live.

A saying popped into my head this evening as I was washing the dishes, “You can’t carp your way to Heaven.” OMG, I’m channeling, again; must be addicted.  No, I’m not… I just like to write, but I digress…

Of course a carp is a kind of fish (think big fish with bulging eyes and whiskers or the beautiful goldfish).  In American slang, to carp means to complain endlessly and uselessly about something.  Those lightworkers who have not taken the time to go within to feel out the energies themselves and are still dwelling on the fact that heaven (or the equivalent) didn’t manifest on the morning of December 21, 2012 – well, my dears, look around.  You are living in a physical universe, right now.  How long does it take for an embryo to develop in a woman’s womb?  Nine months.  How long does it take a river to wear down through layers of rock to create a canyon?  According to geologists, it takes thousands, if not millions of years.  Hopefully, it won’t take us that long and shouldn’t if we work in harmony, together with each other, with our planet and the life upon it.

It takes a while to release old patterns and is one of the reasons that the New World did not manifest instantly last December.  We were simply not ready for it– all of us, even those who considered themselves better than others due their supposed origins.   Sorry, folks, we’re all human here and until we individually get it and apply the needed changes to our interior being, our outer world will not reflect the changes – because we will not have the eyes to see it although it is staring us back in the eyes all the time.  The New World exists but is still in the etheric, just out of reach.  We need to work together to bring it into manifestation and that means using cooperation, love, compassion and understanding.

Our world is still physical, although we have moved into the fourth dimension (another point argued against by some, but that’s another article and best written by others) and cycles are moving.  Time is collapsing and soon (that lovely word!) some of things that so many channelers predicted would happen will happen or variations on a theme.  What will happen in your world will depend on your attitude and how you manage to observe, let go of thoughts that continue to support the old, dying paradigm – thoughts that support competition, one-upmanship, power over others, claiming to be more important than others, claiming to be the only whatever, all those games of comparison and division.

If you continue to choose to carry these kinds of thoughts, then you must also be responsible for what manifests accordingly.  You will truly discover your ability as co-creator, although you may not enjoy the results, until you can release your self-hatred and discover the gold within, your inner Christ Light, and the compassion one must have to engage cooperatively with life.

Think first the next time that you turn to criticize someone in your world.  Since we are part of a collective, you are in effect criticizing yourself – a symptom of self-hatred.  Some people take that self-hatred to extremes; I see it in my work place all the time.  I know of what I speak.  When you fall into that old well-worn pattern, stop, re-think, forgive yourself and move on.

I would prefer to work with the energies, to flow with the river as these words flow from my hands.  Do understand, dear ones, I do not mean to chide if you are still feeling out of sorts due to disappointment and missed expectations.  Life has built in challenges to test our resolve and this is a time to determine what you would like to see manifest in your life and then go for it – bring it into manifestation through the command of your thoughts, focus your inner fire and pour the molten gold of your heart into your dreams.  Be the creator of what you want to be and see and to experience in the coming New Age.

Discovering what makes your heart sing is a key to discovering what you want to do in the coming days.  What do you enjoy?  Only you know those answers.  No one outside of your head can give you more than advice or their own thoughts.  It is up to you, dear ones, to be all that you can be.

And part of that… or rather, the whole of that process is in discovering the connection you have to your greater beingness, your multidimensionality, as an already ascended master, as a galactic being, as so many beautiful possibilities as to boggle the senses.  If you do not already meditate, start small and build.  If you are already a meditator, then you probably connected long ago and are well beyond these humble words.

By throwing myself into the fray, I have discovered I carry within great personal strength.  I knew that already, somewhat, but this experience of writing and sharing has opened another vista into the vastness of my own being, one that I share with the collective of humanity, one that I share with you, all of you.

I am no more special than anyone who is currently embodied upon the planet and yet, I am daughter to the Creator, a fiery star in the skies, a goddess, a crone, a wise woman, and one who laughs in the face of those who accuse me of plagiarism or being a failed channel or other interesting tidbits of criticism.  I am none of those things.  I am simply a woman who wants to move with grace into the New World and in so doing am in the process of embracing all that I AM.  So I offer my humble gifts and graces before the altar of the One who made us all.  Are you there standing beside me?

I AM Elizabeth, your sister in Light and Love.  Namaste.

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  1. Thanks for this uplifting words. Me, I am way beyond 12/21/12, and I also love that word “soon” , but I always keep my thoughts positive to the future (not always do I manage 😀 ) .

    Love Lisa

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