Aluna Joy Yaxk’in with the Star Elders

May 2, 2013

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I was called to be on the Pacific Coast for the past 2 weeks, and I got very clear about a new experience which I have been having. This experience sparked this transmission from the Star Elders. I was told about this amazing time for many years, and, now that it is finally here, I still have a sense of disbelief and awe about it all. But myself, and others are having similar experiences in the last few weeks. The first signs of physical ascension are here.

Related Article . . . One experience I had about what it might be like when we go to the new world:

So . . . I was having these little episodes where I would find myself somewhere else, and then I was slammed dunked back into this world. This was not very fun by the way. It felt different from the dimensional shifts, OBE’s, astral travel, etc… which I have experienced in the past. It happened a few times over the course of the last few weeks. When I would come back, I could not remember anything, and thus had nothing to share as well. It was frustrating to say the least.

One day, while camping at the ocean’s edge, my partner Raphael and I, had a calling to go lay down on the sand. By the way, the sand in Southern California is silicon based and acts like an enormous crystal. We were both out almost instantly. It didn’t feel like I went to sleep. There again, I found myself in another reality that was not yet complete. I saw what I would call a description of myself anchored there. There were a lot of other things that I saw that I could not describe to you now.

Neither one of us knew how long we were gone, or if it was instantaneous. What brought me back into my body was a HUGE rush of energy that felt like it spun my brain around. I was massively dizzy, and it felt like I was going to fall off the beach. I grabbed a hand full of sand. This was followed with a huge rush of nausea. It was all gone in seconds. I opened my eyes and was confused to see where I was, and how long I had been gone. I didn’t move and tried to remember as much as I could. Then the Star Elders wanted me to share this message . . . because it is time . . .

From the Star Elders . . .
2013 is ground-breaking territory, a renaissance of sorts, in so many ways that one transmission will not graze the surface. Yet there is something newly emerging in the world that we want you to pay attention to. It is so subtle that you might have missed it . . . or it might have hit you like a huge spiritual surge. Either way, the first signs of this new cycle show us that physical ascension is already manifesting within this cycle that is new to us all.

These ascension experiences are similar to what others have experienced on their spiritual path. But what we are beginning to SEE now are not OBEs (out of body experiences), astral travel and dimensional shifts. All of these can have similar symptoms, but there is a big difference. With OBE’s, you travel but are aware that you are out of your body, and you can see a cord or connection to your home base. Astral travel is nearly the same, where you travel with your higher light body, but you are not taking your physical body . . . like flying dreams. Also, remote viewing is similar to astral travel. Dimensional shifts are when you slip unknowingly into another frequency. This world looks and feels very different from our world. You can meet Ascended Masters in other dimensions and some people even go to Mystery Schools to learn, most of which you cannot remember when you come back into your body; though it does change your life. All these experiences have prepared you all for what it coming now.

What is happening is this . . . You are beginning to wobble between the old world and the new one, but now with your physical body. This is hard work for you! You might feel like you need to suddenly lay down for a rest, only to wake up suddenly with great dis-orientation. You might get a fading glimpse of the framework of this new world. It looks and feels similar to this world but at a higher frequency, and it does not make much sense yet. This world is still under construction. There is already an identity anchored there for you now. This will be your new home base. It might look like a description of who you are as your ascended self. There is other frame works being built as well, but there is no way to use words to describe this to you as yet. Oddly, while this is going on, we expected to see more unity and harmony in your world. But the world feels like it is becoming even more polarized. This polarized field might make you feel isolated for a while. We expect this polarization to be temporary, and it will start to balance out as you adjust your physical body with the new higher energies. As you wobble, your history, patterns and un-resolved issues are being excessively magnified. We are so happy that those reading this have done a lot of clearing of their past. This will make it easier for you to maintain harmony and peace even though all your internal signals are racing wildly, causing some anxiety, depression and odd health issues.

Light workers will now fall into two categories: 1) those holding a space of pure energy and bliss, and 2) those that are still working hard in the trenches regarding humanity’s ascension process. Both sides are vital and indispensable right now.

“Workers” . . . try not to take on too much in these days, and dial back your schedule. You will absolutely need to do this. Give yourself some peaceful space in your life. You will be feeling some very strong symptoms as much is being cleared through your body right now. The new world is being born through you.

“Blissers” . . . you are holding the template for home base for this new world. You are lucky to have the space to really ground yourself on the Earth and swim in her natural waters. Spend as much time in nature as possible. This will help you maintain harmony and stay in bliss. We need you to stay in bliss as much as possible, as this holds space for your family of light workers who are still deployed in the fields working hard regarding humanity’s ascension process.

Gather together with like-minded ones as this will also give you clarity and support in this confusing time. In fact, this is one of only a few things now that will feel real to you. This world is feeing less real to you every day. Your like-minded soul family is your anchor and your base camp. They are your support system and your reality checkers. They will keep you sane in this energy that you might perceive as insane.

Others around you, who had not cleared themselves, may be exploding within and without in these exaggerated energies. The wobble will be confusing and disorienting to them. Remember these ones were working to keep the world turning as you say. They took on jobs that you didn’t want, and they are working extremely hard to catch up. They are dealing with feelings of rage, followed by wild attempts to hang on to the past and what is familiar. They don’t know they must surrender, and let go as you do. This will manifest, and fill your news casts with sad and violent acts, odd accidents and suicide, drug overdoses, etc…. You must send them love, when you have a bit of extra energy. Do not empathize or get distressed about these events. You will only feed and prolong that which is being stripped away. This is a necessary process. We expect their reactions to normalize and be temporary as well. Everyone on Earth is receiving divine dispensation and tremendous help from higher realms and Ascender Masters.

Our advice to glide through this time is to stay grounded, stay as positive as possible but stay authentic to the moment, take care of your human vehicle, find your like-minded support groups, and go with the flow as much as possible. But most of all . . . know that all is well. You will succeed at this ascension in spite of the bumps that rattle your self-confidence. You are on a one-way conveyor belt to the next world now. You can’t mess up at this point. Relax and let go, and keep your eyes open to all the experiences in front of you as you will not see this time come again.
~ The Star Elders

Physical Ascension Signs/Check List . . . some people are experiencing . . .
*** Waking up from dreams knowing that you were somewhere else that looked similar to Earth, but it was not; yet it felt as real as this world;
*** A feeling like you were somewhere else but can remember where;
*** Waking up confused, unsettled, and apprehensive; like you lost something or you are in the wrong place;
*** A strong sense that something is coming soon, but yet you are oddly comfortable with the feeling;
*** Feeling jolts of electricity racing through your body;
*** Strong and sudden nausea;
*** Feeling like you are imploding or like you are in a pressure cooker;
*** A loud ringing, buzzing in the ears;
*** Finding yourself on hold or waiting for something, but you don’t know what it is; and
*** Feeling like you are in a time warp.



  1. I have gone through many of these symptoms and continue to go through them. I have been experiencing lucid dreaming that does not really seem like dreaming at all but, rather I am actually there and caught in a time warp going backward or forward in time as we know it. My emotions have changed about many things and people and I am trying to make sense of it all. I feel like I am simultaneously living in several dimensions at once and feel a sense of anxiety at times because I am not sure which dimension I am in as they are all blending into one. I am dreaming about situations and conversations that happen at a later date. It feels very dejavu!

    • The post I shared about humans being the master template helped me understand this. I have had dreams that really happen in the future, and have bi-located to other places in dreams as well. I’ve met Adama and Adrial – that means I’ve actually been to Agartha (more than once), and I’ve actually visited the Athabantian. As well I noticed the people I meet in my dreams later surface in this lifetime, in other ways, which tells me that our timelines are not only shortening, but “collapsing” into a single timeline as well. This is happening with much more frequency now. I’ve also met a few people on this forum in dreams – and I know what they look like before they even send me a photo. Konstantinos identified me the same way.

      The definition of dejavu doesn’t really describe this process – it suggests only a “feeling” of something that has happened before, as opposed to something that you’ve already experienced and it’s happening again (or it’s happening a different way), and you remember that it’s happened / happening. Maybe we could call this the inception effect, or something – like the movie. 🙂

      Language fails us I guess…

  2. The overwhelming nausea was really bad for a long time. would go days with only eating once, the body eliminating violently for a week. I have experienced the void of nothingness, spinning and shooting upwards at speed. My past has been gone for several months with nothing coming back to mind as the Ego has retreated to the back room in my head as I no longer allow it to jump me out of my insights/meetings. The last time I got really angry and told it I had no need of it trying to control my thoughts and movements and even used the same speech on my Husband then my Father yesterday, something that needed to be said. I have had a bad dose of flu since 23/4 which this morning has improved due to my standing in my power when it now comes to my Husband and Father. They now get it finally that I AM no one else just I AM.I now know when I am not in a dream as it is different it is pure and the feeling is different. Driving into town on Wednesday the air was different clearer the trees and grasses and the hills surrounding me had a glow a light flowing forth from them that made the Autumn colours more vibrant and alive, truly stunning to see.
    I left my self in the hands of the Angelic realm and my twin as to what was going to be my next move as in 8 days I am leaving here. They have provided a new home for now as there will be another move coming up in the near future and a new start as I move into the final stretch toward full Awakening. Yes life is changing ,It is taking us out of the familiar, the routine, to prepare us for what is to come. I can not wait 🙂 Thank you for sharing.

    • Suzanne, many blessings to you as you move forward… I can relate to the situations you describe. For me it’s been 3 years now that this has been going on, and I’ve begun to regards myself as a transient, lol… That gives me some relief at times. However, for myself I feel a settling beginning to occur, and I sense that it is a sign of just how much things are shifting. Hang in there, and take that gasp of air when you can! Much love to you, dear.

  3. (((*** A loud ringing, buzzing in the ears; )))) – YES
    ((((*** Feeling jolts of electricity racing through your body;))))- the waves through the head of Ajna Chakra – YES

    • Me too, Vlad. Fortunately symptoms have subsided somewhat but I still get the blue lights and high-pitched sounds every now and then. I also had an intense pain in my forehead for a few days and a strange feeling like I shouldn’t be using my eyes to see where I’m going. That didn’t last very long but it seems to be related to ideas of “electrical fields”. And it’s good that it didn’t last very long because I’d feel silly bumping into things!

      • Haha, DW, so true!
        Here’s a new one for me the past two days: waking up (remembering “dreams”), with my phyisical eyes feeling almost glued shut… Paralyzed? As if maybe they didn’t move while I was sleeping. Not crusty or anything, just stiifness in the eyes for the first couple minutes or so. Back to normal quickly.

        I’m wondering if during astral travel we don’t have REM? I also hardly move in the bed while sleeping anymore, unless as I’m waking up. Feels like I totally check outta here every night….?

        • Post- astral travel paralysis. It’s weird because you are waking up mentally before your body. It’s a symptom of the mind being separate from the body. Happened to me too – fortunately it is only momentary. A very strange feeling though.


          That greek-looking text in the pyramid reminded me of the text on the gold plate with the pyramid and the 2 cats. What’s difficult about Crespi’s gold library is that there is no provenance. It’s just a collection of stuff with no documentation. And there’s a lot of stylistic differences – they are not all from the same culture. (Not that they have to be, but that is sometimes the assumption).

          But if there was a connection here it would give weight to the idea that the sphinx was just a big lion to start off with.

          Also I agree that the pyramids and sphinx are pre-egyptian – one indicator is the erosion pattern on the body of the sphinx, caused by the flooding of the nile, as compared to other surrounding rock. Using this method it’s immediately obvious which is the “newer” material. Alternatively one could argue that the sphinx 10,000 years ago was just a big hunk of rock.

          I’ve read / heard that the “coffin” inside the pyramid could have been lined with gold and used as a power source. It’s a similar idea to the ark of the covenant. A box of same dimensions, lined with gold, generates a positive charge. (I have no idea how they did that – it’s in the book fingerprints of the gods – I have yet to see a working version)

          Here’s that chamber under the sphinx

          fun stuff!

      • Yes, I feel a bit strange, I do not miss my twin flame now as I feel I have a lot to do here 🙂 I mean I am needed here in the physical world although it is so hard at times
        This energy was needed and I am thankful for it, it is like some fresh air and remembrance of Home
        Lights appear more often recently – golden flashes of energy
        ( ( SUN ) )

  4. Assistance Of A Very Wise & Technologically Advanced Order Is Now Available To Help You ~05/05/2013 ~ by John Smallman

    As spring turns to summer in the northern hemisphere the new energies are blossoming enthusiastically all over the world, and there are now very few among the wayshowers and Light-bearers who remain unaware of the upliftment that they are providing. Your mood swings may be greater as the stuff you need to address and release comes up more insistently for your attention, but you are mostly finding that it also clears much more quickly and easily, and you do not get stuck in anger, fear, or anxiety to the same extent as you did before the great energy shift of last December.

    All that exists is conscious energy, and the basis of all energy is Love from which all was created. Depending on its stage of evolution the consciousness of an energy field varies from almost insensate at the most basic level of matter (as you perceive it in the physical world) to infinite — a vast field in which numerous possibilities for evolution are present and perpetually developing. There is nothing within creation that is completely insensate; everything that exists evolves to enjoy and avail of the fantastic creative potential with which it was created. Anything a human can imagine is possible, and far, far more besides, because God in His glory is limitless, and His creation is utterly abundant.

    In your physical environment you have had access to and used energy in many forms, and because of your lack of wisdom and compassion (aspects of Love) much damage has resulted as abusive practices were encouraged and engaged in for short-term gain. However, with the energy shift that came into effect late last year your collective wisdom and compassion are growing, along with the intelligence to develop and use the vast array of energy sources that cause absolutely no collateral damage and which will enable you to heal yourselves and the planet which supports you so admirably. Assistance of a very wise and technologically advanced order is now available to help you bring the planet, with her multitude of integrated, interdependent infrastructural systems, back into a state of harmony and balance.

    The new energies that now envelop you are in fact a far more spiritually evolved aspect of yourselves into which you have grown because it was your collective intention to do so. They have given you a great boost in awareness which can be recognized as the explosive growth in newly available information that was previously kept hidden by a small group of very intelligent people who arrogantly believed that they alone had the right to control and direct all activities on your planet. They have been disabused of this fallacious and dangerous belief, and their ability to cling to power and control is dissipating rapidly.

    New groups of intelligent, wise, compassionate, and loving individuals are forming all across the world and are making contact with one another, sharing ideas, and producing marvelous plans that will enable you to achieve the state of harmony and balance on Earth that you so desperately and deservedly desire. The New Age is blossoming as spring changes to summer, and the climactic changes that have so worried those who have been studying them will usher in an epoch of more balanced and less extreme seasonal changes for the benefit of all.

    This is a time of great opportunity, when humanity’s collective intent, ably assisted by the intent of those from other realms of consciousness, is going to permanently alter the attitudes and behaviors that have caused so much pain and suffering over the eons, as misconceived plans and stratagems to conquer and control others have been followed with sadly misplaced vigor and enthusiasm in almost every corner of the world. The reasons used to justify these activities have been just as misguided because, in your ignorance, you built and used narrow and inflexible ideologies — political, scientific, philosophical, sociological, and religious — in which you firmly and unquestionably believed despite the fact that these dogmas were frequently unconscionable. They were nevertheless enforced, often ruthlessly, in order to crush and maintain control over those you disliked.

    Now, inclusiveness and the acceptance of the rights and dignity of all are replacing these insane ideologies. The vast majority of humanity now intends to live peacefully and harmoniously, honoring each other’s ethnicities and cultures, and embracing these differences as prospects for developing cooperative creative ventures which will benefit all of humanity. And this intent is being achieved.

    When you take time out during the day to focus on discarding any aspects of yourselves that are not in alignment with the divine field of Love in which you are enveloped, remember also to hold the intent for humanity’s awakening very firmly in your minds, because, by doing so, you are making it happen.

    With so very much love, Saul.

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    • Thank you, Stick! You know, there’s something so thrilling about seeing all the connections emerging, and this message is quite encouraging. 🙂 There’s so much happening right now… I was thinking this afternoon, that I felt a little overwhelmed… And I heard a voice whisper: “How about just WHELMED?” Not over-, not under-…. nothing lacking or in excess… Just WHELMED! [rapidly], Ghost Radar just added, lol! Namaste and thanks for sharing this message, dear friend!

  5. Hi everyone! I wanted to post about the physical ascension symptoms primarily the nausea. Is anyone else experiencing a sharp increase in symptoms at this time? The last two weeks have been rough, I have awoken with that small motor feeling in my head, my ears have been ringing,as well as random pains. I really feel there are changes going on and last night I dreamed I was on a a ship and asked to sit in a reclining chair while something resembling a microphone was moved over all parts of my body not touching but, slightly above my body as if recording something.There were three beings there they were very tall and slender with large luminous eyes, They looked alike as they appeared to be humanoid but, looked very much alike one was watching a screen,one was scanning and the other was evaluating the information. It was strange but, I felt really relaxed and not at all afraid and then I woke up with the buzzing in my head feeling it hard to catch my breath. I don’t usually share these things but, I felt that I could do so here. Has anyone else experienced the buzzing in the head?The dream was very lucid as I could feel the warmth of the lights and the ship was bright and everything was white and silver toned..I would like to be able to share the name of the ship but, that information was not given me, however they acted as if I was.a regular visitor and that I knew them. It was very hard for me to stay focused and oriented today as I had never had a dream quite like this! Thanks for listening! Love and light, Martha Juanita

    • Now that you mention it Martha I do feel nausea just about every weekend. I had a dream kind of like that when I was 8, it was a great dream.

      They were disappointed that I didn’t know/remember them but they seemed to know me very well. I still feel sad sometimes that I couldn’t remember them.

      I can’t say I’ve heard “buzzing” but I have heard the earth’s OM sound. It’s OM at several different frequencies, usually I hear it at night. This is different from the ringing in the ears – those are usually several (or one) high-pitched short bursts of sound.

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