13 comments on “TIME TO FLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. I think any flights will not be
    will remain is a just dream and nothing more, just dream of primitive humans )))
    the flying in space is no plaything and is not fun(not entertainment)
    The space is a hostile environment, -273,15 Celsius, Vacuum, Solar radiation, and radiation of outer space, and etc.
    I think the people on the ships do not take – too much going through the hassle with them:
    need air(oxygen), need many foods, is needed waterare, needed water closets (WC) …. and so on …too many problems….
    Extraterrestrials – are guided by pure logic, they do not make non-logical actions …
    and what could be more illogical than to take a primitive people
    (minimally capable race of DNA experiments on monkeys) On board of the spaceships?)))
    just my thinking out loud – but if they see the logic in this – it is possible they take someone on board of spaceship or space station

  2. Yes. I’ve physically been on both the smaller ship (holds about 5-7 people) – and recently the larger city-size ship.

    All good points though – an interesting conundrum!

    They are – all – just like us. ♥

    And they are – all – as different as we are. ♥

    From what I’ve read, they have a security system tuned to our vibrational energy. So if we are at a “low vibration” we can’t have that experience. I am not saying I’m better than you, I’m just saying this is what I’ve read.

    I think you are giving them too much credit, and us too little credit, my friend. 🙂

    • The physically =mean not in reality (you mean you been there in dream , in sleep , in astral, in meditations and etc..) And always – only dream, sleep, astral, meditations or etc.
      Are you not thought why no one out of people is physically(in reality) almost no one was not have been on their ships, and those who have been – those was kidnapped by gray biorobots and reptiloids rebels (for their experiments and tests).
      I read only 1 moment when 4-5 boys from Peru in reality been on their ship and then in Hollow Ganimed (moon of Jupiter). And this is in real life not in sleep. And yes they see humans(like nordic humans)

    • And they took the children do not simply to drive flying in space for fun, they took with a certain logic … But then invariably turned back … Or These kids wanted to go back to the terrible conditions of life in the Peru, or not – they were returned back …
      Think about it … Why ?
      Is always constant return humans back on this miserable planet( where evil, sorrow, troubles, suffering, torments) …If you want to save someone, why it just did not take away forever?
      from this planet
      To these children have relayed a message.

      • Well Vlad then I wouldn’t be here to tell you it happened, would I? 🙂

        “Physical” as in, I was in my physical body when it happened.

        But what I describe in my accounts, I realized may be a mis-perception / misunderstanding, on my part, of their technology. For example the smaller ship started off the size of a watermelon… how did I get inside? I’m too big! Well it is their teleportation technology (or something?). This is what you said earlier about trying to describe something but not really knowing what it is or how it works. How about teleportation… I’m here one minute… then I’m there. That’s a bit like a dream… how do I tell them apart?

        Ever seen this movie?


        This was of the grey / robots / (avatars?) – happened here in the US. The movie was different from the book. But it was based on a real account that several kids experienced… I have to say, I’m very grateful that this has not been my experience.

        I can’t say “why”. Other than: to remember.

        • and there was the gray biorobots? creatures with big black eyes
          they are at one with the rebels reptilians (on side of evil creatures in solar system) …
          they rebelled through of Marduk(with help of rebel Marduk(Amun Ra)

          • In the movie – not in my experience. In the movie I think it was a pretty good representation of them. Terrifying to watch though. I think they (grays) are a similar idea to “airl” – the “robot” that was from roswell. It’s a 3-D body that is used in a similar way to how the US soldiers use drone aircraft. Remote-controlled.

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