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  1. At one am this morning I woke up and was feeling some new energies, a very soft sensation. How do you describe something you sense as to the level at which we may suddenly rise to in the fifth dimension? I have had dreams in which I suddenly decide to fly or levitate or slide across a certain distance, and have been meeting some friends I am not in contact with physically any more. Family, people who have passed on, seem to be close. I study the messages posted on another website: that of the Hollow Earth Network (Anne deHart’s). This is what Zorra has announced on May 18: there is upcoming a Lunar Eclise which will have more importance than December 21, 2012, and the removal of the global ‘energy filter’ from June 1 – 30. The full force of new and intense, unfiltered energy, will wake up many! Even give some a shock. Furthermore, as a result of a representative attending the Citizens Hearing on Disclosure, a vote will take place at the UN for an invitation to the Galactics to make themselves known. In response, the Galactics will universally speak through all media at once, announcing their arrival and will decloak. Zorra also says that all nuclear weapons have bee deactivated. At the end of his ‘call’ people who phoned in gave testimonials about ‘Laminine,’ a product that the Agarthans have created, that has rejuvenating or healing effects, and that Zorra says alleviates the ascension symptoms. I wanted to share this.

    I would also like to share my discovery about a sighting I had on 15 november 011: it was like one of the symbols for Ashtar command! It was like a ball of fire with an effect on both sides looking like wings. Because of this, at the time, I thought it was an ‘orb’ or an ‘Archangel’. It was not falling but in fact going up slightly as it was flying from the sea towards the land over Swansea, Wales, UK. But it appeared to me for just a few seconds (perhaps it decloacked and lowered its vibrations to be visible, and it was my birthday! I thought it was a present just for me!). On a video of an interview of Chantal Sabria, on a new French radio program (she is a contactee and what she says is totally in agreement with the general and even detailed information coming through human channeling) – I saw two symbols for Ashtar Command. One of them appears exactly like my sighting of a ‘ufo’ that day in 011. It was an unusual shape, so I wonder whether the sighting carried a message like ‘this is Ashtar command! You don’t know it yet, but you will later.’ (is that wishful thinking?). Also I have had various questions concerning the mixing of DNA and ancient history, and then I find that Ashtar or Zorra pass on messages that give me the answers. One of these messages was through Elizabeth Trutwin (re DNA) and the one answered by Zorra was on the topic of Earth’s twin flame and Maldek. .Christine

  2. With regard to the Raven, I am not sure there are any where I live, but I see black birds, seagals, pigeons, ducks, and two surviving swans. I feed them when I can. I always feel sorry for them if they seem to be looking for food. It’s not as if they can go to a supermarket and buy food. Some people complain. Perhaps the thing to tell them is ‘I have got Saint Francis of Assissi on my side’. Have you seen the public gesture that Pople Francis has made? He has released two doves. That is some kind of confirmation for the like of us. I think it was intentional and a message for us, just to confirm what has been said about him through the channelers. CP

  3. correction for above: Pope Francis – third line from the bottom (seems like I have inserted a ‘L’ in the word).

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