is anything ever complete?


This may be a joke of a post. But tonight seems as good a night as any to “complete” it… At least, this part of it.

I found this draft from nearly a year ago. Fortunately, I find great humor in noting that on the surface, I seem to have made very little progress over the past year.

I’m still puzzling over the same connections and questions, and I’m still not ready to fill in the end. Maybe that’s the whole point…


(from 23 April 2013)

Lately I’ve been grappling with some frustrations over wanting more clarity about several decisions I see hovering in the coming weeks.

I’m dancing around Springtime energies, which for me seem to be as disruptive as fat bamboo bursting through Georgia clay.

As I was waking home last night, I tried my best to focus on trying to figure out what I was even asking…

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