Fun With Forbes Magazine

While looking for links for another post, I found myself at the Forbes magazine website. The selection of articles featured Sunday sound like… well, stuff we might talk about on this site…

See for yourself:

Iran Says Tall White Space Aliens Control America

The Top 9 States People Are Fleeing in 2014

Massive Hole Under Antarctica Bigger Than The Grand Canyon

5 comments on “Fun With Forbes Magazine

    • Duly noted; I can think of a lot of reasons to with hold a “Like” to the first… I’d be curious to know yours, if you’d care to share….

      Over the past few months I read about 3 of Charles Hall’s books on the Tall Whites. They left me with a mixture of opinions, emotions and insights, the predominant being: “I’ll wait and see, thank you.” His story piques my curiosity, but since all info is questionable and I didn’t get many strong personal nudges… Meh. I’m still glad I read them. The main reason I hung in there thru 3 books is that last year I saw quite a light show about the Indian Springs area, while in a jet. I kept reading, looking for a hint…

      As far as what comes out of Iran… There again I suppose I’m waiting to see.

  1. Not a reaction to the content, rather to the emotional tone of the article/its author. Something very strongly repelled me, like two magnets with their poles malaligned.

    • Yes!!! On that point I have no doubt! It’s not even journalism… In fact, I don’t think any of them are, hence the word “fun”… (tongue in cheek)
      I find it “funny” how Forbes has degenerated in my lifetime. And how telling that it’s a “financial” magazine…

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