choosing pain and mortality

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Choosing Pain and Mortality

15 March 2014

Lately I’ve been feeling a quandary about experiencing pain. Is it a choice we make?

I’m aging, I can accept that: it’s pretty undeniable when your body clearly changes, showing signs of wear and increase. I can also accept that aging might be alright… Except in my case, it seems to hurt.

No need for detail on that here, because the point of this post is to explore a decision that seems to be facing me.

Over the past few years, I’ve visited a few conventional Western medical doctors out of curiosity, to learn what they can tell me about any causes of the pain from their point of view. Not much news, aside from of course hearing once again that I need to lose weight, get more exercise, and eat foods that doctors believe help lower cholesterol. Seems simple enough.

The dilemma…

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3 comments on “choosing pain and mortality

  1. the problem is not – the life
    problem in poor evil human community, Defective DNA, miserable life (lack of technologies and capabilities to fly(run) from the earth),
    this as a zone (colony) – monstrous slavery …
    Death does not help – again reincarnation, and again slavery in this putrid community of people (where lies, deceit, betrayal, money, greed, avarice, etc), or wild life of animals ….. the solar system is hell (not your life ), in solar system the evil dark forces ..

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