Dream 22 March 2014: Upgrade and Celebrations

I am Arachanaï

This dream is very short but also very significant. As I was talking to my best friend about it yesterday, she thought it was  ” Super powerful…this dream and these words…no…HYPER powerful.”


new life Art copywrite Liesbeth Swenne

I dream last night I was resetting my password on myself, on my soul and body.

The explanation I redraw this from the experience from work. So the reason of this dream that I kept on resetting my password on my soul and body is that they uploaded me with new codes and to get an effect it needs to be reset.

Then the next dream I was celebrating parties, wedding party a birthday party and even a baby shower.

Again this explanation to me is that the upload went so perfectly that we are celebrating.
See below article that I only ready today, a day after my dream. And validates what I was dreaming.

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