SaLuSa ~ 15-February-2012

SaLuSa ~ 15-February-2012

Events on Earth are without doubt speeding up, and although few of you are directly involved you will know this to be true. Some key figures of the Light have given of themselves, to bring about a greater impetus to some positive happenings that will reach your ears. Many of their achievements have been prevented from being reported in the media, but there will come a point when that will no longer be possible. They have destabilised the dark regime, who no longer have the degree of control to stop the outcome. It will result in a victory for the Light, and once people see proof of it the floodgates will open and more success achieved. Naturally we are aware of actions being taken, and as far as possible will aid our allies to ensure they achieve their objectives. Most of them are aware that we are with them and constantly protect them, and it gives them courage and determination to bravely go forward. It is needed as they are often operating under threats to their lives.

All of the time there is a continual stream of energy increasing your consciousness levels that are rapidly rising up, and so the grand awakening spreads. We wish that ultimately every single soul would reach the point of being able to ascend. However, it is your choice and you may be assured that any soul that is ready will naturally desire to ascend. If there is concern about loved ones that do not ascend, some may want to immediately return to the lower dimension in service to them. That is quite acceptable as you have a free choice where you future is concerned. Naturally that path and alternative ones will be explained to you, but in the end you choose your destiny. God gave you freewill, and would not take it away from you. You can go ahead as might be termed “for better or worse” and it will be what you make of it.

Many options are open to you after Ascension, and many will join the Galactic Fleets. For some it will be where you will meet your true family, as most members stay on board the Motherships for hundreds of years and it becomes their natural home. In some sections of them there is little to show that you are on a Space Craft, and everything is created for you to feel at home. It is not like military service, but more relaxing and designed for maximum comfort and happiness. In fact weaponry is used purely in a defensive nature, but is not for destructive purposes unless it is as last resort to repel attacks. Even so we remove life forms first as occurred when you lost a shuttle immediately after take-off. We respect all life and have many different means of protecting ours, and can place a protective shield around our craft if necessary or an invisibility cloak. In fact such a use is why you do not see all of the craft that fill your skies.

Little by little you are being prepared for our coming together, and it will take place before you ascend but become more normal after Ascension. First come the changes needed to propel you into the higher dimension, that will commence the Golden Age. Clearly it cannot start on Earth until it is cleared of the lower vibrations, and that includes all souls who are desirous of staying in them. Much work is being done and has been done for many, many years to ensure that every soul knows what Ascension is about. That includes the occasions you are meeting with your Guides when out of the body whilst your physical body sleeps. So you may not necessarily have waking knowledge, but subconsciously you will be aware.

We know that people worry about what may be left behind so let us make it clear, that everything that you cherish and love can be replicated in the higher vibrations, so in effect you lose nothing at all. Pets that you also have a love link with will also travel with you, but have a much superior form and “talk” with you telepathically. When we told you that you would want for nothing, we meant it, and in fact what you re-create will be far superior than previously. Your most welcome gain will be a physical body that does not age, or experience illness because it remains in its perfected state. You have so much to gain, it is well worth any effort or sacrifice you make getting there. This period you are going through is one that is so important, that each soul is getting maximum support and encouragement. Forget the dark Ones and concentrate on your future, as their fate is sealed and you have everything in front of you.

So how do we see matters on Earth, we would describe them as hectic as many Lightworkers are head to head with the dark Ones but they will come out victorious. Financial matters seem to be in pole position, and we would expect it to be the area where most progress is made. We also see more members of the cabal being removed, and look forward to seeing the top Illuminati members included. The legal approach is under way and action is expected very soon, However, remember that legal matters are usually fraught with delays, and the dark Ones are quite astute where such matters are concerned. There is no way that progress can be stalled indefinitely, so expect to learn of these situations.

As has been told before, there will no catastrophic end to this cycle, and by comparison only minor disturbances of a physical nature. There will be repercussions from weather changes and volcanic activity, but you will have fair warning of them. Also we are always calming situations down, but at the same time have to allow mother Earth to go ahead with her cleansing. You have the technology to predict major changes and can adequately forewarn people in any danger. However, it is in your own interest to take precautions where you are in areas that have a history of regular earthquake activity.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and love every soul upon Earth, and wish to tell you that the new energies coming to Earth are a wake up call for many souls who fight any supposed threat to their beliefs. It is easier to jog along with what you are used to, but now is the time to be adventurous and step outside of your self imposed limlts. Try to understand what is happening and bear in mind that Ascension is not a religious happening, but a big step in your ongoing spiritual evolution. Yes, it involves God, but that is everyone’s true God within whom you have your very existence. God is love and even when you deny God’s existence that love is never withdrawn. As the often quoted saying goes “you are a Spiritual Being having a physical experience”.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.

Mutual Dreaming: Voyage to the Stars

Dream landscape (what I dreamt)

“If a man could pass through Paradise in a dream, and have a flower presented to him as a pledge that his soul had really been there, and if he found that flower in his hand when he awake – Aye, what then?”      Samuel Taylor Coleridge

I don’t think I have mentioned that I am invited to be an author in Spirit Train Chronicles and never thought it would take me to a next level of spiritual enhancement. But that is just what happened. At one point, you just have to say to yourself to step up a notch. Today if have that feeling when I look at the world and all what is happening. Light has stepped up a notch; we are now on a high speed train. Hold on to your white hats

I am quite excited about dreamworkers experiment of dreaming ourselves on our self created fleet of Light Starships. As I as well, even though that I wasn’t thinking about it, it just came to me. Then Leslee mentioned the movie “Inception” and my mind went thinking outside of that box again. What if this 3D reality of ours is a dream that we are all sharing, like in the movie. And the dream experiment that we are doing now is just going on the second level of dreaming. A dream in a dream.

Here some other links of articles I wrote about dreams: (if interested)
To dream no more
Dreaming UFO’s and explanation

There are also interesting articles on the internet on mutual dreaming and steps how you can have a lucid dream. I think , with the a word or an image we can trigger lucid dreaming when we are on the Light Ships and may be able to remember more of our trips.

See some interesting links about:
Mutual Dreaming: Is Group Dreaming Possible?
Five Simple Ways to Have Lucid Dreams

Anyway let’s dream on and make a better world.

More of my articles on Spirit Train Chronicles:
Try thinking out of our limited 3D box and It is time for us to let (personal) Disclosure to happen, click here

Namaste Lisa

Galactic Light Ship Fam Flights: 18 FEB 2012

The next Galactic Light Ship Fam Flight is this Saturday night (18 FEB 2012) during dreamtime.

Since the maiden voyage of the Galactic Light Ship (GLS) Aeterna, we have added several ships to our fleet. These include the GLS Algiz, the GLS Chimera, and the GLS Blaze.

Information on our fleet of Galactic Light Ships is available here: Continue reading

SaLuSa ~ 13-February-2012

SaLuSa ~ 13-February-2012

The pressures are mounting on the dark Ones who in recent weeks have lost so much power. They see their financial ploys failing and circumstances turning against them. The cabal have long been identified, and they are now known for what they are in their attempts to bring the world under one government. You shall soon see them taken out of circulation, and kept under supervision where they can no longer interfere or impede the changes that are already underway. There are thousands upon thousands of people who are working for the Light, and their collective energies are a powerful force for bringing out the truth and manifesting their vision of peace. The awakening continues and more souls are looking beyond their everyday happenings for the answers. They are beginning to see how their lives have been rigidly controlled, and seek the return of their rights and freedom from the restrictions placed upon them.

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Feb 12, 2012 10:39 PM

Please tell us what will be the outcome of the efforts we’re making now?

Influence (Wooing) (31)

The superior man encourages people to approach him by his readiness to receive them. Our inner attitude determines whether or not we are able to receive help from the cosmos, and in turn be of help to others. An innocent attitude, free of arrogance and emotional pressure, is like a receiver, tuned-in to the cosmos; in turn, it is able to transmit good impulses to others. Desire, anxiety and feelings of alienation have a destructive effect, blocking our receptivity. A weak inner self that vacillates from doubt to desire, from hope to fear, exposes us to the attacks of chance, because we are out of balance. When we are not firm within, we are affected by the negative feelings of others, whereas a correct inner attitude holds other people’s strong elements in check.

We get this hexagram when we are about to be attacked by negative influences, either as external events resulting from our vulnerability, or as negative thoughts. If our attitude is persevering, our response will be correct; if not, the pressure of the moment will cause these negative elements to surface and spoil our relationships.

While we should not consciously seek to incite responses in others, we should disconnect from their efforts to incite responses in us. Conscious manipulation always springs from selfish, vain motives. When our influence arises from innocence, perseveringly maintained, mutual attraction results. For this reason, the hexagram is associated with “wooing.” To be innocent of mind and consistently devoted to what is good, is what it means to be ready to “receive” another.

The hexagram also counsels us to keep joy within bounds. This means that joy must not become a goal in itself, which would be a commitment to seek pleasure for its own sake. True joy arises from harmony between two people’s essential selves. It results from sincerity, truth and goodness. But when it becomes a consideration in itself, joy evaporates. Envy and discontent then grow to overshadow all.

The state of our mind, the attitude of our spirit, affects the whole universe; therefore, it is best to be conscientiously correct, out of the sight and hearing of others. In Chinese philosophy, it is said that the slightest wave of the hand moves molecules all the way to the end of the universe. Should we not, then, be careful in our actions?


Finding the Forum 😀

Hi, Everyone! I noticed that the SaLuSa post (which is our main discussion thread) has slipped off the home page, so here’s the link for easy access:

I’ll make a SaLuSa from Mike Quinsey page, and let’s try using it merely for posting the to the forum… And keeping discussion on the home page here.

Does that work for everyone?
(I’m still hoping to put together a poll so we can discuss what works well and needs work here… Maybe tonight…?)

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First Things First

It is so nice to have a place gather. I find I have a huge impulse to connect with people that are attempting to focus on Love. Every time someone posts here I find I want to know who they are and what they are thinking about. If you do too here is what I can offer.

I have a web site here that explains my current expression of Love in the world. My bio is here. I also have a blog. I am not a very prolific blogger but I assure you that my perspectives are as unique as my spelling is bad.

I enjoy our efforts at dreaming together and I think we can easily dream a whole new world (or a vast improvement of our existing one) into being.

in Love,



Dear Ones, I AM Sananda!
To all who read this message, to all who strive to open their hearts and ever more so, to all who desire to participate in the ascension process, I have one single message:
Trust and prepare yourself with the help of the ever growing incoming light and love energy from the Divine Abode.
The Light is pressing down on you and your planet ever more strongly and it is necessary that you work with each new incoming flood very consciously to integrate it into your consciousness and body. Do not let one single event of such incoming frequencies go past you, while you do not deal with it consciously. You will notice the influx in your body, either because you feel a pressure, or you start to feel unwell, without reason, and at the very best, because you feel expanding joy and deepening love while your heart opens and radiant light is filling your body and energy centers.
What ever your experience is: open up your awareness, your receptivity, your mind and body, and let occur and reveal what wants to be known and experienced by you.
I do not say that you will notice always when a new flood of energies enters your realm, and that you should. But if you do, it is very necessary to follow each process with a conscious mind and feeling. Therefore take some time on those days for yourself, breathe and meditate and connect to the Divine Source in whatever way it is possible for you.
This will very much prepare you for the great event of  alignment of your earth and solar system to the Galactic Center. With this preparation you will be very easily able to pass through this alignment in whatever way it will occur and in whatever way you will experience it.
Working already now very consciously with the incoming high frequencies, also helps you to become aware of tendencies and patterns you are still holding onto, but which do not belong to the higher dimensions. And you must have released them all before the great moment arrives. If you hold on to them, even now, you will notice pain, physically and/or emotionally, which tells you that you do not allow the incoming current of light to pass through your physical, emotional and spiritual body, as your tendencies have piled up as blockages in your energy-system.
Your desire to let them go, is important, because this attracts Divine Helpers, such as Myself to help you as kind of midwifes in your awakening process. Trust our help because we are able, if not in your waking state, but surely when you sleep, to wash away these blockages with Divine Light. In these times legions of light are there to support your process of purification, because it is purification of the human race, what it is about, to emerge as the Light Being you essentially are.
Your part is enough sleep, clean food and water (if possible), daily exercise. If you have no access to pure food and water, bless it before intake with the love of your heart and ask the Divine Legions to help to purify it, to soak it with Light. Breathe in Light with every inhalation and breathe out love with every exhalation. This helps also the high energy currents to easier enter your body and to dissolve energy blockages.
You will notice that this process becomes easier every day for you, and that it will become a daily routine that way – to prepare you for the great moment when your world will shift into a new position, density and consciousness.
Rest assured that you all are guided (so you allow) and blessed to slide through this great process with ease and joy, inspite of sometimes arising difficulties.
There is this undivided field of love already expanding in your spheres, that will be your greatest protection and support if you participate in it. All of you can do this by intent and prayer.
Certainly My presence of Love is always with you, for you to recognize who you are.
I AM Sananda at the threshold of the Galactic Center
Message conveyed by Ute
Copyright©. All rights reserved: Ute Posegga-Rudel, 2012
Sharing of this message is only allowed together with this information and without any changes. If you have questions, please contact me via Thank you.

Update: Next Flight 11 FEB 2012

A short update to remind everyone about our next Galactic Light Ship familiarization flight.

Since the maiden voyage of the Galactic Light Ship (GLS) Aeterna, we have added several ships to our fleet. These include the GLS Algiz, and the GLS Chimera.

Information on our fleet of Galactic Light Ships is available here:

All who have expressed their intent to join us will be teleported on board our fleet of Galactic Light Ships.You may express your intent to join a specific ship (all are welcome!). We will be meeting during dreamtime on Saturday night, but you do not need to “schedule” the time you are asleep, since you will be timeshifted to the appropriate “place” in time in order to join us.

Background information on our process is available here:

threads and synchronicities

Just wanted to share some things that have tied together this week (smiles)…

Last week, Konstantinos and I were talking about Greece, caves, some bizarre experiences I’d had, and some information I’d been given about a being named Mimmakkme…

So I’ve been intending to share this sketch with him:

The sketch depicts what I’ve been calling “Heruka’s Mandala”… It’s full of my personal interpretation of a classic Tibetan Buddhist meditation visualization, used in prayers for creating a “perfect” world.

The prayer, as I know it, begins like this:

OM vajra bhumi ah hum
Great and powerful golden ground
OM vajra rehki ah hum

At the edge the iron fence stands around the outer circle

In the center Mount Meru, the king of mountains…

and goes on to mention, among other things the Precious Elephant…

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Forum: SaLuSa ~ 10-February-2012

SaLuSa ~ 10-February-2012 Suddenly there is a great stirring and determination amongst you, to exercise your freedom to achieve what it is you want in the way of changes. Disclosure is something that you have continually pressed for yet as we have previously stated, the truth of our existence is known to many of you who have followed our activities over many, many years. It hardly needs verification in light of all the evidence there is about us, but the authorities cannot release what information they have without official recognition and approval. However, with or without it you are now pressing for opportunities to contact us direct, and it is taking place. We find acceptance of us is at an all time high, and it enables us to deal direct with you. Whilst the cancellation of the Neptune trip was obviously disappointing, it has nevertheless brought about a great surge of interest in us. It has clearly surprised many people that we are prepared to invite you on board our ships, but it is time for such experiences. Your authorities do not like it, as they desire to be in total control of such matters and would prevent any publicity being given to such happenings. We however believe it is time to make the facts known about us, and by drawing closer to you we are able to fill those gaps where you are lacking in information. We have found out a lot more about you because of the “Neptune trip” and without doubt, there will be more opportunities to visit our ships and that was planned from the very beginning. As you must realise by now, our contact with you is not one of a casual nature but one that was always intended to grow and prepare you for full contact. Be assured that before the end of this year, you will have come to know us well.

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Message from Yeshua ~ 2.8.12 ~ Radiate Your Love ~ As Channeled through Fran Zepeda

All beings, human or non-human, sentient or insentient are of the Light. That is their true essence. You all are experiencing, in your own respective ways, the lessons you require for growth, dear ones. You have created the experiences that you find yourselves in, in order to learn those lessons in the best way possible for each of you. Each set of experiences is the perfect recipe for your growth, and ultimately for your enlightenment. That enlightenment or Ascension will culminate in a return to Oneness.

Any disappointment, emotional upset, or disagreement amongst each other is actually a means or opportunity to open your hearts to more Light. The lesson in that is to see those disappointments, emotional upsets and disagreements as an avenue to Wholeness, to Oneness. All over the world many are expanding their hearts and letting in more Love and Light. The only thing that can counteract that expansion and return to Wholeness is fear and judgment.

Now is the time to muster your courage and fight that tendency to fear and judge, which is of course a human tendency. However, it is also true that your true essence, that of Light and Love, can override those human tendencies. Your human experience and tendencies are just a means and opportunity for your Light Essence to grow and fortify. When you created your human experiences you knew that on a deeper level; you knew that your Light, and the Light of others would overcome and transform your experiences into the material necessary for Wholeness and Oneness.

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