GAWD, I just love these posts that Jules makes! They are hidden treasures, just like Lou’s videos!

So Far From Heaven

Me:  How’s the hammer hanging this morning, big guy?  You ready to rock and roll?  Ready to kick some serious ass of darkness?

Old Sol:  Depends on the part of the spectrum you’re referring to.  I imagine where you’re standing it’s the impression you’ll be left with.

Me:  Cool.  Hey, while I’m thinking about it, been intending to ask you about this a couple of days.  About all this sneaky pinching and feeling around on Mama Earth’s magnetic field every eight minutes . . .[Flux Transfer Event Topology]

Old Sol:  Hold on just a minute there, Bubba.  Just because you took so long noticing doesn’t mean I’ve been hiding anything.  Nothing illicit, surreptitious going on at all.

Me:  Okay.  Forget I said that part.  But We, and I think I speak for everyone on the planet in asking this.  We, I was going to say, are curious…

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  1. ~i think even SOHO was knocked out,earlier this morning!…Satellites will be First Casualities…disabling NASA’s “cover-up” mentality,one radar at a time…Ooops!~

  2. Interesting they mention fingers because in my dream of July 1st at the school in my dream there were fingers being grown in incubators in one of the science labs. And the woman I was hanging out with shut one of the incubators off out of frustration because she was getting a divorce and taking it out on the fingers.

    • that’s cool, both of you! I subscribe to Old Jules, because he is always tingue in check, but I think that may be how he stays under the radar. The man is a genius, and quietly reveals much… and of course claims no knowledge about any of it… 😉

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