Interesting clouds of late

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5 comments on “Interesting clouds of late

  1. ~Pretty Awesome Good Pics!…The first One i see the Ever Flying Eagle Phoenix…and then I see a JellyFish Cloud in the Second Pic…Marvelous!~

  2. Hallo, very interesting clouds indeed. The first one reminds me of a peace dove and the second one like a babjij says: a Jelly fisch cloud. Beautiful.

    Love Lisa

  3. Interesting, Cheri’ and I have been seeing some really cool and crazy cloud formations too! Ill try to post some pics when we get back home! Nice pictures. L&L

  4. Nice! Cloud watching is one of my daily pastimes too…saw a teddy bear on a cell phone once, that was early last spring…made me laugh! Lately I see clouds with sharp angles and perfectly round designs…I wish I could take pics of them. Your images are wonderful! It’s Canada day here in the great white north…”eh” LOL 🙂 Lots of Love ~ Lisa Rose

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