Batman shooting gets deeper

Flickr/e-MagineArt.comI posted a comment on Predrag’s post about the shooting in Colorado, but it doesn’t show in the comments bar.

I feel this is important enough to warrant a fresh post. I read this article by a respected reporter. Many questions to be answered.

Very interesting details about James Holmes’ past. This article includes links to the reporter’s site which implicates his psychiatrist and pharmaceutical companies.

Could “Big Pharma” be next to fall after the Banking community? We will see. I didn’t take much interest in this to begin with because I figured the event was just drumming up fear. It appears to be much more than that, and more eyes should be on this.


One comment on “Batman shooting gets deeper

  1. I do know it has gone viral that this shooting was a planned event and that this guy looked to be drugged in court. It reminds me of the soldier that killed over seas. He also looked drugged. Wonder if these are connected.

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