Astral Travels (October 2012)

You may use this page for Dreams and Astral Travels for October 2012.



  1. I’ve had some dreams lately that seem to blend the ordinary and the special. Sometimes the specialness is just a little more clarity to the visuals or the fact that the storyline goes on longer than usual. Last night, there was a segment which was very different. I was standing by a river that was very broad and slow-moving. One or two canoes paddled by. Then an ice-skater went by. On top of the river. Quickly, the thought came to me that there might be a belt that the skater was wearing to help create the desire for an ice surface. [This may be an idea I just read about recently in a blog, i.e. technology to help with the Transition til we are fully in 5D and create on our own.] Then some kind of official person came along to help answer my question about the river being water for one group, ice for another. I don’t remember the exact answer, but it wasn’t important at the time. The river was what each person wanted it to be, and on I went with what I was doing in the dream, walking along the side of it.

  2. I have not had a dream in a couple of weeks, but just before going to sleep I “hear” a lot of chatter. It is like sitting in the food court of the mall, where there is a lot of noise all around you. Occasionally I can make out a few random words because some people are sitting closer to me than others. These are “thought words” that are part of a conversation. I caught words like “active nighttime” and “there is going to be” but the rest of it I can’t make out. I seem to recall a young male voice, early 20’s, in the crowd. There is also a visual, like I am blind but some light is coming through – I see movement and shapes but that’s it. I can’t make out any specifics.

  3. Hello, dear Hearts
    Here is part of my dream that I remember
    I was in a building that was on the beach, the season was autumn and there was wind coming from the ocean and waves, the building was on the sand and there was a forest next to the sandy beach. There were some other people on the first floor of this building and the owners of the building, we were discussing something concerning the construction of the building
    All the colours of my dream were pale
    Love and Light

  4. Dreamflight 13 Ocotber 2012

    I am around 16 years old and I am on the run from social services. Along the journey I meet a blond girl who is also on the run. She hides herself in a dorms room for girls. There is a hatch in the floor that leads to an underground room. I find her there.

    The dream shifts and I am in a flat with my mother and some friends. It is dark outside and also inside the light in the sitting room is very dim. They are talking to each other and are very worried about there jobs and financial status. I said to them no to worry and that by the end of 2012 everything will be sorted out and nobody will be left out. I felt so confident when I spoke and also the first time I said it out loud. My friends looked at me very skeptical. Out of my eye corner I see outside the sun coming up. I tell my friends, look the sun is coming up, but the even look more worried because they didn’t see it. The sun was a bit strange, like a white shiny orb but also the light was very dim.

    It changes again and I find myself with my friends in the cellar where a lot of things are being kept. We are doing a brown puzzle, not any picture on it, that had strange shapes and we are trying to get it together. We take some other stuff and put it neatly in a box.

    Shifting dream. We are walking under a tunnel that supposed to lead to a Metro station but we end up in the hospital. I had surgery on my hand and I was looking for the doctor that operated on me. But I couldn’t find him , and the other doctor was looking for his patient. We told him that he already was taken to the theater. As I turn around, I see through the double door two women coming to us from social services. They busted us, but because my friend was above 18 she could go. I tried to run but without success. Then I woke up.

  5. Laying quietly this morning on awaking I thought no dream remembered as I held and rubbed my thumb over the smooth crystal surface a dream came flooding in.
    I am in a large building like a warehouse with boxes on shelves, I am handed some paper bags (white) told it costs $5 per bag to fill. As I walk along I see sweets and begin to fill one with gummy planes. Look down and realise I am carrying a basket which contains singlets and tops. When I look up again I see a women saying this needs ironing you cant put it back in a creased state! Shift I am outside the building and realise I have not paid for the items but do not know how to get back in. I see a young women reminds me of my niece getting into a lift and run to climb in too. As the door comes down I realise I have stepped into a shower which goes upward then stops, as I step out I grab a towel to wipe my legs. A women middle aged approaches and motions to follow. I am now in an apartment being lead into a sitting area. She motions to sit down and takes the basket from me and pulls out a pair of black laced panties which I do not remember putting into the basket, she asks why do you think these are here. Shift again to a car about to move when I notice a child of around 5-6 years is standing in front of the car. As I lay here on waking I realise what the message of the dream is relaying to me.
    The child is me asking me to stop running because she needs me to listen to what needs to be fixed/ released/loved.
    Though out my life I have hidden who I am. The male energy around me has been one of miss trust and fear from the age of 5-6 years. I began to build the walls around me with emotional eating until I was out of school and began working. It was at this time I began to shed this wall and allowed the feminine within me to bloom, I had found myself and felt free for the first time. sadly this only lasted a couple of years. The darkness of male energy began to descend upon me again and I realised I was not safe in this body either. I am now 51 and my heart yearns to allow the feminine to bloom once and for all in love and joy, to finally shed the even larger wall that I have encased myself in. Moraine sent me these words before sleep last night. I was told to get ghost radar as I am still only using pendulum for yes no answers as I have not got hold of Leslee about how to use for channelling.
    Via G.R.
    House, (calm )
    Hearing, ( Inner knowing )
    Lose, ( Doubt)
    Prevent, ( outburst )
    Daily, ( walk in nature)
    Position, ( Crew )
    Strength (Position )
    Clean, ( New )
    Water ( Cleanse )

  6. Had an epic dream with first part being about extended family, second part jumping off piers and secret water tunnels you travel by boat, me not understanding A Newfoundland Newscaster until he spoke French, and third part being stuck at a Korean boys’ school and seeing a dark-coloured yeti walking like it’s a paper cut-out outside in the field while guys are playing soccer. Yeti turns into a white wolf that attacks me. Goes after my toes, my face, my lips are sore and I’m yelling help and the one Caucasian kid that helps ends up dead in a chair in the field. I try to yell “fire” because I’ve heard people respond more to that but no luck, I can’t yell very loud. I manage to throw the wolf over the fence and run inside the school. I run to the washroom and my lips are all swollen. I’ve had the same large werewolf-type white wolf attack me in other dreams, but I don’t remember defeating it previously. This website had a short explanation: I think the Korean thing was because I was watching Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay before bed.

  7. First is an observation. I was watching the series Once Upon a Time last night, Snow White says to Prince Charming, do you know the one thing required for ascension? Faith.

    Second is a dream. I was talking with the blue Pleidian woman, she showed me that ascension feels like crystal-clear clarity of thought, similar to what one might achieve during meditation. Except that this is all the time. No meditation required.

  8. Oct 12/12 5:30am dream

    Dexter the dog puked and it woke me and my husband up. I was so tired because I kept tossing and turning and had a hard time getting to sleep, even though I listened to a Qi Gong Love meditation by Master Lin on my iPod in bed. I was dreaming about my mom was driving and I was passenger and she was trying to get us somewhere when the country roads turned to mud then sludge then there was fog up ahead. I felt like there was a male taxi driver in the back seat. The roads were so bad we had to run and we were pressed for time. We ran and roads turned into a large modern tunnel way that was being paved by ETs. The road stuff they were laying was still black unlike what I thought they would look like. Even though there were so many humans and ET beings everywhere working or trying to get places, we never got run over. i remember particularly a smaller ET worker who was driving a large yellow CAT-type vehicle who waited specifically for us so he wouldn’t run us over. There were many people walking but we were still running. In another part of the dream I was in a house and with an older welder I used to work with (my dad’s age) and we were running trying to catch a flight but we were in a townhouse and on separate sets of stairs and they kept expanding and expanding new flights of stairs headed down it seemed. We had twenty minutes and we were kind of racing against each other. When I got to the floor with the living room Weird Al Yancovic and Justin Timberlake came to visit and they were packing heat! They wanted to play hide n seek and they were armed so I didn’t argue. I was mad I had Weird Al come after me because he scared me more than JT. Weird Al was wearing the black Bad outfit from his Michael Jackson Bad parody video I remember from the ’90s. I didn’t have much time to hide so I leapt in-between the fireplace and the edge of the armrest of my green couch and covered myself with stuffed animals. My right leg was uncovered and he Weird Al caught me. I wrestled him quickly and shoved him because I didn’t want him to shoot me. Al started crying ‘cuz he was scared of me. I ran away and went down a flight of stairs and ended up in another house or something where I was working security with a team of people from my current work. I noticed there were lots of dust bunnies around and said so. My female coworker said that’s because the guys were looking after the place, as if us females would do a better job. It looked a lot like the basement of a place I rented by the University I attended ten years ago, except it had wood floors and an upholstered beige chair that wasn’t there before. After that scene I also remember that I was talking with an ET being and he was instructing me, running me through an illustrated nursery rhyme-type story, but instead of being on paper, it would appear right in front of me. It was quite humorous. The being had green skin and was short and wore a dark-coloured cape like the smaller Arcturian wore in Cythia Crawford’s ET sculpture website. His head had a curlicue type thing on it. He spoke in something like a British accent. or maybe he was just speaking proper English, like they did in Dr. Seuss’ days. He looked a lot like a Dr. Seuss character: warm and big-eyed and non-threatening. He told me that they use humour to teach us things because we respond well to it. I believe I woke up at that point.

    Dexter is ok now and sleeping. So is hubby.

    The dream had a lot of people from work in it (I used to work with my mother, too). Maybe it had something to do with the rat race coming to an end, and everything I thought I needed to run to or run from was silly or outdated. The stairs perhaps mean going deeper and deeper into the subconscious into even what I thought about the roles of men and women in society. I’m not sure what else, but maybe the paving of the road was meaning something about wayshowers. I read the latest Tazjima channeling earlier this evening and that scene reminded me of that. Maybe good things will be happening on the surface soon, who knows! Off to dream some more!

    Oh and I think I may have called the ET being teaching me, Ben.

  9. Dream flight 6 October 2012

    I am setting my intention for the dream flight. I am parking my Lamborghini in a parking space, but they say my car can’t park there, I have to move it.

    The dream changes and I am standing in the hallway of an apartment block. The light is very dim in here. I am standing halfway on the stairs, looking up. On the left I see my apartment door. I know that someone has been in my apartment. The neighbour’s door is open. I want to now why this man was in my apartment and what he has to hide. Suddenly I find myself in his apartment; I am in my astral body hiding in his statue that is lying down. I look up to his face and he takes something out a secret compartment in the statue. It is a crystal on a necklace and it has magical qualities, I can feel this. The man I see is middle aged. I am outside on the stairs again and decide to confront him. So I walk in and walk to his bedroom. He is now an old man and to what I understand, someone from the cabal. When I confront him with what I saw, he started to threaten me and keep my mouth shut about it. The dream changes and I am now standing on the beach.

    (Something strange happened when I was re-visualizing what happened in my dream, so that I could remember as soon I wake up and be able to write down. But as I was reviewing it again in order, some new vision came between, and this was one of its moments: “I saw myself standing on the boardwalk and next to me was standing two men. They were run over by to blond little girls on a bike”)

    So I am standing on the beach and I see a lot of colourful crystals lying on the beach, one of them is a Moss Agate. There are also some pebbles that looked like they were painted with bright colour flowers and one stone had the word “shambala” written on it.

    (Then again, with re-visualizing the dream, some vision presented itself: “I see a sort of Mayan keystone (Mayan calendar?”).

    I am now on a kinda of Arabian market, but they are selling only stones and crystals, in every colour, shape and size. It is so beautiful to see and I am walking past it very slow. I am back on the beach, (I feel like I am around 14/15 years old) and my parents sitting a bit further talking to some friends. Suddenly I find this magical necklace crystal from that cabal guy. I am standing to a very tall wall and when I wished to be on top of it, I was floating into the air and put softly on top of the wall. My parents looked a bit disturbed finding me there on top of a very tall wall, wondering how I got up there.

    The dream changes again and I seem to be in the shower / changing area of a swimming pool. I was going to a deep sea diving contest, to get as many crabs as you could grab. My youngest sister is also going to do it, but she didn’t look happy. I told her if she didn’t want to do this, that she could stop. But she was determined to see this through and ask me if I could help her with some tricks. So we went to, that looked like a big shower, and there was a smaller swimming pool in it. As I am going in, I see at the door opening this cabal guy again, but much younger, talking to a girl. I have a bad feeling about this. But I carry on anyway showing my sister how to do it. Then suddenly this guy appears behind my little sister, bashing her head in with some tool and blood was flying everywhere. In an attempt to stop him, I was bashing his head…and then I woke up terrified. It didn’t sit well with me the whole day. I just don’t like this kinda of dreams anymore.

    • Hi, Lisa, the stairs in your dream are in synchronicity with the building I was in my dream. Moss Agate has also a connection with me and with Nature Spirits too, it links with Pagosa also, did you read my e-mail as far as the moss agate is concerned, Your Spirit wants You to take notice of this sign, as it seems
      Love and Light

  10. I went through what Adrial and Auroa said to try this dream flight. As I bought the golden light into and around my body I released tensions and pains in my body Suddenly I felt myself pulled at speed upwards and found myself in Solaris in front of me I saw the control panel of my craft and saw a pink glow emanating around us with violet light flowing upward above us. In front of me was a large mother ship, I was minute in comparison to her. There are small windows around her middle which emanated a pure white light.. I hear her telling me she has me and I wait quietly as I am drawn into a tunnel of light.

    I get the impression I am now sitting with eyes closed then I see what appears to be, I want to say snake but it is not a snake it is moving as one but I am unsure what it is called coming toward my third eye to connect it is blue like a clear sky blue colour. I hear an audible click twice and snap out of the dream to hear a voice telling me to relax. Shift, in front of me now is a screen much like a television I hear the sound one makes when there is no transmission kind of like static and see the lines flicking over the screen.

    I am now reading a book thinking this is familiar then a voice tells me you will write this book along with two others, this book when published can not be placed into the untruth/imagined box so to speak as each one who recounts there experiences are authenticated as truth when the truth becomes wide spread. The missions undertaken have been witnessed by those who wish to hide the changes occurring, with the publishing of this book others will come forward on earth and confirm the contents as truth. I read much of this book and cannot remember what was written although I can feel it within my head as I write this, maybe it is not time and the other two are not ready. This is all I can remember of the flight.

  11. Lots of stairs and high places. Maybe you were the lady that walked by in the lab coat. She didn’t see us, she was looking at some paper. The was also a lady that I tore open her wall and found her secret stash of things she was hiding. And there was a guy who kept chasing us and trying to convince us to stay: clean-shaven, preppy, dark hair, smoothtalker. There was a girl from my high school at my old house, but I don’t know what she was doing there. The lab lady looked most like your pic.

  12. Dream Oct 7 morning

    My cell phone and IDs were being held captive by some strict religious group like Scientology or something, and they wouldn’t let me leave the building. I had to go to class at the college so I threatened people and brine windows and thet let me go. I git to my house and called my mom to help me but she was no help. I went to the college and tried to get help there. Somehow I ended up again at another Scientology-type building with more security. Funny thing I was wearing my security uniform from work. I had to break out if this place too, breaking windows, wearing a labcoat as a disguise, tearing up walls, breaking out and guiding ny blind husband through the mess. I threatened anyone who came near us, so people didn’t come near. This building was in the closest big city, so we had to find our way through it back to our town. I was hoping the cops would help, but I wasn’t sure if they would. We were on our own with no money, at night, trying not to get cut by broken glass. It sucked but there was no way I was giving up. I just had to pray my hubby wouldn’t have any fainting spells and find something to drink. I woke up. Before sleep I help my aqua aura crystal skull (blue) and stated I wanted to visit Athabantian, Aurora and Algiz.

  13. Good morning, my fellow Astral travellers
    Here is my dream
    I forgot to think about the password and just slept, I woke up without a memory of a dream, I remembered the passwords, expressed the intent and tried once again

    I had a meaningful and vivid dream
    I was with some other friends and colleagues of mine in a tall dusty building that was in a process of built. We had to take computer lessons in one of the rooms that was up at the high floors of the building, the computer room was not ready to come in there, the tables and computers were at the corner and the room needed cleaning, there was a lot of dust there and the furniture looked rather old fashioned, the computers too. I started to take the dust with my hands and got a lot of dust like a big sponge of dust and decided to throw it away, there was not any dust bin there and I had to go down the stairs of the building and go out to throw the dust away and I did it.
    Next – I was in a huge open place with round shape , like a stadium, the grass was dark green and the sky was dramatic , a storm was about to take place. Les, this was the same sky as I saw it in your photos of Pagosa when you were on the conference and a storm was coming, the same dark blue colour with the light and clouds. At this stadium there were a lot of other people all around, I saw a huge Ferris wheel, it was so high and I imagined how is it when the storm comes and you are on this wheel, wow, it is a real challenge
    It was so vivid dream and I could even smell the air and feel the wet air that was charged with an electricity from the clouds

    End of the dream
    Love and Light

  14. I was walking in town this afternoon when I saw Them! With my physical eyes while I was out crossing the street, I looked up for a second and saw a shining thing in the sky, it was not so high and I thought “Oh, it is a planner”, then looked again, the planners usually stay long in the sky floating in the air while the wind is directing them…but this time the THING disappeared, nothing was there WOW!
    Later I was looking at the mountain and the mountain became violet under the Sun rays but the sunset is usually reddish, today it was Violet and transmuting
    See You all in Astral flight !
    GLS ALGIZ is ready

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