Konstantinos: A message of introduction from Aliandrei

[Hello dear friends. Yesterday, I had a strong feeling to connect with at least one of the beings of the ancient aquatic races. By using the amethyst and aquamarine crystal, I finally received a picture of a beautiful being who seemed like a female mermaid. By opening my Heart, combined with the two crystals and a little help from my pendulum, I received her name which is Aliandrei. Today, I received the following message from her.]

Greetings from the Crystalline Aquatic Kingdom of Gaia in the 7th Dimension of Existence. I am Aliandrei, part and resident of this Kingdom. When I present myself to the third eye of someone, I have the look of a creature that you would call a mermaid.

I am connected with the Sea, her residents, Gaia, Sirius B and also, with other worlds which host the liquid element. As a multidimensional being, it is not difficult my simultaneous connection with more than one place. Consequently, I am not connected only with the Sea Kingdom, but it is just that my Being vibrates in the specific level of reality (the underwater life).

Although, my abilities  are not limited. This goes for all the children of the Creator. The same goes for you, too. Me and others like me, connect also with the ones that feel very close to the Sea…with the ones that feel the Sea as their second and most loveable and familiar home. This is not random. These souls have lived between us in our crystalline cities which used to exist in the 3D level, meaning they had physical structure too,  millions of your years before the arrival of the first people who would create the ancient civilizations, among them, Lemuria and Atlantis.

Me and other members of my people, are also connected deeply with the dolphins and whales, genetically and spiritually. These and other things, intentionally forgotten and hidden, will be revealed (again) to you through the special presentations that have been prepared by your Star Families. When you will emerge with your Light Bodies and be creatures of the 5th Dimension, you will be able, among other things, to form your biology with your thought and adjust your body in a way, that will let you visit us and stay in the submarine kingdom for as long as you wish. To obtain gills instantly it will not be difficult but only a thought away.

Our origin, which has not got its roots on Earth and our expansion to other worlds, connect us with many Sea Kingdoms of many other worlds. You will witness all these and some of you will rediscover them, since they are your home from ‘previous’ lifetimes of yours. Get ready for a big celebration , because this moment of the disclosure of your inner beacons of Light has come closer enough, to be able to dissolve the darkness of Ignorance and Forgetfulness.

Each time that you wish to connect with us or with other members of our submarine family, you can be near to the Sea or you can hold a shell or you can concentrate to the liquid element, the Aqua that exists inside you, since your Biology is consisted from the four Elements of the Nature. Generally, there are many tools and ways that let you to connect with the Spirits of Nature, the Divine Helpers, the God inside you, the God of All. How can some of you still think that you are alone?

Of course, this is a rhetorical question and it has been given a lot of answers. You are not alone dear brothers and sisters. We Love you  and we urge you to feel our hug whenever you wish, even during your bath time. Why not?

Our Love to all of you.

My personal Love and Gratitude for the precious work that you have assumed.


As received by Konstantinos.

PS: For anyone who wish to read the previous messages, here is a link:




  1. Wes said the same thing on Aquarius. Indeed, the name has a special vibration while you pronounce it or at least that’s what I have observed (-_-). Much Love to you.

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