Meditation today.



As I am  sitting in meditation I feel a sudden fear. Then it is gone and I feel a brilliant white light growing from my heart chakra which expends like a glowing ball of iridescent light flowing outward and in the centre I see a spiritual being of light, she holds out her hand to me and I place my hand in hers . She slowly begins to float upward with me then I realise we are flying  toward a mountain. The Mountain is  called Sedona. As we stand on top of this mountain she smiles and points toward  a waterfall and in the distance there are forests and glades. It is then she asks me to close my eyes and listen I hear the water and imagine bending down feeling its coolness run between my fingers.  Suddenly I open my eyes and what I imagined is real  I slowly look to my left and crouching beside me is an Indian brave I feel shy and he smiles holding out his hand to me, as I place my hand in his we transform into eagles  flying.  High above the land below I see two white wolves then I hear his voice telling me these are our people we shift again and I am white owl he is white eagle my head is lowered as I try to understand what he is saying then I hear him whisper Sashana,  Sashana we are home.

I then go and look up the Mountain Sedona and I see a photo which makes my heart skip then tears began to flow. At this point I am unsure as to what this all means.  The photo is above this post.

What I do know is that it ties into a day dream I had back on July 23 2012  I have placed below.

July 23.

I am sitting here but am some how transported to another time another place. I am souring high above the soft white clouds, the winds catching my great wings as I climb ever higher looking for that place the one where I was at one with all things so very long ago.

Then I sense a familiar sound , a rhythm, I begin to decend through the clouds again. I land on a ridge and look around  then I take flight again as growing on the  far side of the great mountain I spy the wild flowers of my youth .  As I land  a strange mist appears that swirls around me encasing me in an overwhelming  blanket of Love.

I begin to run feeling the warmth of the rising sun on my face, I pause for a moment  as realisation sets in, I am in Human form again. My eyes survey  the area and rest upon a well worn path which I proceed along for about an hour. It curves to the contours of the mountain leading upward suddenly I hear a familiar sound echoing from below.  I begin to run again through the forest of Ancient trees until I come to a clearing. I stand transfixed as I look upon the beauty of  a waterfall with a large pool of crystal clear water. Her music has not altered  the rhythm untouched by time.  I move further into the clearing and look around me walking toward  steps cut from the rock I begin to ascend once more until I reach the top. I have found my place high above the plains. I sit cross legged and drink in the many wonders I see before me.

A few days prior to my day dream in Meditation before a dream flight I was walking through a forest and came out beside a great tree and noticed movement by the river and saw an Indian Brave watching me when he realised I had seen him he disappeared, I called asking who he was but received no reply. Can anyone point me in the right direction Thank you. Suzanne.




  1. Dear Suzanne, thank you for sharing here your experience, no doubt The Law of Attraction works well, If only there were more like us here where I am located, It seems to me that I am the one here 😦 at this time, only work, work, work and heavy people`s vibrations all around, I want to scream to them “Hey wait, let me SHINE” 🙂 crazy thought 😀
    Thank You for Your Presence
    Love and Light

    • babajij this is a first for me in this depth that is why I guess I need some input from others as to what I am being shown. I feel a little out of water in New Zealand as there is no one who is really like me or on this journey here if that makes sense.

      • Suzanne, the First Nations people around the globe carry this knowledge. This includes New Zealand (they are knowledgeable dream-walkers, there). You are definitely not alone, my friend. And we are here with you every step of the way. ♥

        As to the vision, that is awesome! You met your spirit guide and was told your spirit name all within the span of a few days. This is known as a spirit quest. Our guides can be very efficient when they want to be! We have many guides, but he is walking with you at this time. You may ask him his name if you wish, and ask any other guides to identify themselves to you. Perhaps his name and his form are similar. The animal forms are also guides.

        The Spirit Quest here in North America was done as a “rite of passage” for teenagers of many First Nations groups. It was a sacred time of fasting and prayer, and a time to find themselves. Their family was never far away, it usually took place over a 3-4 day period. I think sometimes their parents might have been a little hard on them… but you know parents sometimes want the best for their kids.

        There is no need to fear, they are here to help, and love you very much. Namaste my sister. ♥

      • Hi Suzanne, I am a First Nation/Aboriginal/North American Indian living with my Community/Reserve in Canada…the reason i said that i kinda wished that i had meditations like Yours is because i feel like a Fish out of Water,here on my Reserve…I am related to People that I can no longer relate to…at times, i catch myself lowering my frequency, just to “communicate” with others…I am gaining ground tho with “Accepting MySelf & Others”…

        I View Your Meditation and Connection with the Red Race/ Indian Brave as a Message that Relates to Mother Earth…the Original Living Being…the Sacred Physical Embodiment of All Elements & Dimensional Elementals…

        Most probably, I feel, the more Time in Nature that Ya spend with an Openly Grounded Awareness, the more Clarity You will Recieve 🙂

  2. Wow suzanne, that is amazing. The part of the waterfall, it ties to my meditation yesterday, I posted it on crystal connections. Thanks for sharing it is beautiful.

    Love Lisa

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