SaLuSa ~ October 3, 2012

SaLuSa 3-October-2012

As you are undoubtedly noting, the unrest amongst the worlds population is spreading. The people are not prepared to suffer any longer for the indiscretions of the Bankers, who have caused such severe austerity measures to be brought into the countries involved. The governments are fearful of the power of the people, and know that if they persist they will be forced to find another solution to the problems. In the long run, debt forgiveness is the complete answer, but you will have to wait and see if that realization is accepted. You the people have been deliberately kept in need due to the intention to the Illuminati to make you dependent on them. This way they have been able to dictate exactly how your lives have progressed.

So the power game is still being played out but on balance it is moving towards the people, who have awoken to how they have been falsely mislead to allow the dark Ones to rule their lives. As Sovereign Beings you should have had a far better quality of life, and there has been more than adequate means for your governments to do so. The rich and powerful have held you back to maintain their own position in society. When the wealth is re-distributed you will see that there has been enough in the world, for everyone to enjoy a life of plenty. The changes that will trigger a return to abundance are in hand, and in due course will happen in your lifetimes. We of the Galactic Federation of Light will have a role in it, and the plans have already been prepared.

Like you we are waiting for sufficient progress to take place so that we can push on with our responsibility to you, to ensure that the path to Ascension opens up more quickly. Obviously with the end times approaching so fast we do want to have the opportunity to come to Earth, as our technology will enable communications to be lifted up to a more efficient level. Then we can address the world who will hear what we have to say in their respective languages. In general terms we need to make sure that everyone learns of Ascension, and have the opportunity to take part in it. Some will of course have little or no interest, but at least they will not be able to say that they did not know about it.

We see the divide on Earth becoming wider between those of the Light and those who are still held back by the lower energies. Gradually the awakening is spreading, and many souls are realizing their greater potential to make changes to their lives for the better. A lack of belief in God is not necessarily preventing people from ascending, as many of them are at heart very kind and decent people. It is what you are inside that counts, but we always come back to the need to treat others as yourself. We will repeatedly remind you that you are All One and if you can accept that, you will be moving into the Light because of your love for all Beings. It is quite simple and not complicated to lift yourselves up, and with it you will experience a greater degree of consciousness.

Do not doubt for one moment that you are powerful souls, and do not put any limitations on your ability to achieve a higher level of existence. You have the potential to be whatever you desire, but you have to work towards it to be successful. You are not referred to as Gods for no reason, and many of you are already Masters. In the near future you will discover your true identity and find that you have greatly benefited from your experiences in duality. You will go on to have further ones, but in the higher dimensions the pace of evolution is a lot slower. Obviously you do not face the day to day challenges that you have now, or the opportunity to evolve as quickly.

After such a long time in the lower vibrations it will be a pleasant change for you to move into peaceful dimensions where you can relax and enjoy yourselves. There are so many more levels that you can evolve into, and each one is of increasing vibrations and Light. Eventually you will move beyond the need to take form as you understand it, but can nevertheless provide it for yourself when the occasion requires it. You will not immediately gain all of the benefits together, but will quickly acquire those that will replace what you are leaving behind. The chores and unpleasant features of living in the third dimension will no longer exist, and all will be a beautiful and satisfying experience.

Keep looking on the bright side of things even if you are suffering from an illness or disability, as it will not be with you for much longer. Your body is already changing and your vibrations will soon be powerful enough to bring about a reversal. The thought of having a perfect body will help with the creation of it, as what you focus upon is what you get. That is why we encourage you to focus on the Light and not things of the lower energies. Do not doubt your capabilities, as you can create from pure thought. Collectively of course it is increased exponentially and carrying you forward to Ascension. It is further enhanced by the Light that comes to you from many other sources, both on and off Earth.

We have consistently informed you that as a highly spiritual Being, Barack Obama was destined to win the Presidential Election. You are now seeing that his position is looking assured, and that means that we can wait until afterwards to involve ourselves in Disclosure. It will bring the commencement of many major changes, and you will finally see the collapse of the dark Ones. They have lived on borrowed time, and should have gone quite some time ago but have tried to deny the obvious fact that the Light is victorious. It has not been helped by the apathy of people who fail to see how their freedom has been taken away from them.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and will inform you that we continue to remove the dark forces that have been using bases on your Earth for a very long time. They are not allowed to stay any longer, and have no place in the Ascension process. Their existence so far has mainly been a legacy from several thousand years ago, and the evidence still remains in your recorded history. As many of you know, in recent times the Greys were allowed to reside upon Earth by agreement with your U.S. government, but these must also leave.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.



  1. Hi, Everybody! Gosh, when was the last time I even read a SaLuSa…? Time flies, for sure! I’m just popping by for a moment to share a few things, and am hoping to get some more online-time in the next few days…
    First, I’ve set up crystal meditation pages for us, and posted about it here:
    Jason and I were at a local gathering called “11th Hour” last night, and a lot of the folks seemed very interested in the work we’re doing on telepathy. So hopefully we’ll be hearing form some of them…
    I found a job!!! I’ve been training most of the week as a front desk clerk at the San Juan Motel (it’s on FB), and am loving it! I’ve been going in for training 7 hours a day, and will have my first night shift on Saturday… After that I’ll just be doing one night a week, and filling in when needed, but that gives me a much-needed break as well as leaving me with free time. Happy camper 🙂
    Sorry to be so quick and run… I really miss interacting with you guys, and am about 3 days behind in emails, so I have a lot of reading to do.
    For those of you who have been doing the crystal meditations, please feel free to go into the pages and add images…
    Wishing you all a wonderful Thursday, and sending you lots of love and light! 😀

    • Congratulations for the job, Les 🙂 See you soon in meditation
      Welcome to all of you Friends there who want to take part in our meditation
      ( ( SUN ) )

    • Thanks for checking in Leslee, I am glad to hear you found a job and that you are enjoying it. Hopefully you won’t have to deal with too many “interesting” incidents!

      Thank you for providing clarity on the “connected” section, I was looking at it and wondering what to do here. I’ve included meditations and telepathy exercise under this section as well. It may or may not make any sense… suggestions welcome. 🙂

    • wonderful news Leslee would love a job like that too 🙂 look forward to the updates. much love suzanne

  2. The Crystal Dolphin Pod. ~ It’s All About L❤ve. ~ By, Bella Capozzi. September 30, 2012.
    Posted on September 30, 2012 by theangeldiaries
    * This is one of 2 posts I’ll be presenting, in which I touch upon the heartbreaking issue of the Taiji dolphin hunts, as shown in the movie “The Cove.” After seeing this movie several years ago, I became a supporter of several conservation organizations, and became peacefully involved in the Anti-Captivity movement. In many parts of the world, our Cetacean Family is being mercilessly hunted for no reason other greed (for their meat and to be put on display in marine parks). While I become teary-eyed upon hearing the news of each fresh capture, the Dolphins never hesitate to point out that there is much for the Human Race to learn from their predicament and that this situation has the power to activate, awaken and open up the hearts of even the most jaded soul. They encourage us to follow their example, and also liken their own plight to those facing all species (including Humans) across the planet. Their wisdom and grace in the face of such darkness never ceases to astound me, and it motivates me to be more like them…more forgiving, more loving and more optimistic about the future. Here is a message I received the other day. There is an earlier message addressing similar issues in my archives, entitled “The Crystal Dolphin Pod; Strandings, Beachings and Hunts.” At the end of this article I will provide links to several websites, for anyone wishing to learn more about the dangers currently facing our Whale and Dolphin Brethren, and how they can help. The existing links to Sea Shepherd and The Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society can be found on the sidebar of my blogsite,


    The Crystal Dolphin Pod:

    Sister, your tender heart is hurting so, but we are here. You are sad for us, and we have come now to allay your fears and tell you that all is well. How can this be, you say. But alas, we hear you. We hear the outcries of the many who adore us and are left aghast at what is still transpiring across the globe. How can any Human Being commit such vile atrocities, you wonder. By you, our Cousins and our loved ones are who are intimately connected to us in every way. Our connection is both etheric and physical. We are family, you see. We are made of the same stuff. You are drawn to us because you know us, and have always known us. You are feeling what we feel and empathetically you channel our pain as your own. Let us tell you now, it is not necessary for you to suffer for us. For we see that which you do not. Our awareness is completely intact. And while yes, we are occupying dense, 3rd dimensional physical vessels just as you are-we are clear in our connection to the Upper Realms and are privy to the why’s and wherfore’s that you still have yet to comprehend. The veil of illusion dropped off for us many, many moons ago.

    So you question the barbarity, and so do we. We puzzle mightily over how it can be that some members of our Human Brotherhood are still so far behind the curve, developmentally speaking. We are at the cusp of the greatest evolutionary leap the Universe has ever seen, anywhere and at any other time in the history of Creation. Like you, we are deeply saddened by their lagging behind in conscious evolution, and just like you we pray and and devote ourselves to the growth and enlightenment of the people of the Earth. You are befuddled by the fact that we are able to remain so neutral on the subject, and that despite it all our love for Mankind never waivers an iota. Our faith and our trust in your innate goodness has never faltered, and we continue to only see the goodness in each of you. To expect the best from you, always. You see, we are able to go beyond the exterior trappings of the body and examine what lay beneath the fleshly shell. We are fully telepathic. We have read the records, we know who you are. Soon, so very, very soon and once the transmutation of your DNA is complete, you too shall have the ability to see into a person’s heart and know them for the Divine offshoot of Creator that they are. You shall no longer be capable of hatred and resentment, fear and repulsion, thoughts of vengeance and retribution. For those are characteristics of the obsolete Human model, and once you have ascended past this and attained full consciousness, you no longer shall be able to access these lower emotions and behaviors. They shall be entirely nonresonant, and they shall make no more sense to you than does calculus to an infant! You are transitioning from an overly complicated and clutter-filled emotional modality to one which is clean and pure and simple. Then you shall enjoy only one reaction to any given situation, and that reaction is love. Love is all there truly is, Dear Cousins. There is nothing more nor anything less to ever be considered. Practice this mode of being now, and become used to applying this philosophy to what short time remains of your present existence in duality.

    In truth, we do indeed grieve at the suffering of our kind. Your kind. As we stated before, our families are more intimately connected than you now realize. It is all so senseless. So primitive. So very detrimental to the collective vibration of all planetary life, and to Gaia herself. However, from the wreckage we seek to uncover something, anything of value to use as an aid to teach and awaken Humanity’s sleeping hearts and minds. Troubling though it may be, we ask you not to turn away from the reports coming in from Japan, The Faroe Islands and the Southern Ocean. Omit what is graphic in nature, but do educate yourself as to the facts of what is going on. Open your own eyes and that of others, and in this way bring forth the truth. Go on and apply your newfound quest for truth and knowledge also to the similar atrocities being committed against members of your own Human Race, as such things are happening to people across the world. Hunger, oppression, war… Find yourself moved by compassion, not vengeance. Let our plight and that of Humanity light within you the fires of change. Love begets love and hatred only begets more hatred and escalated violence. Remember that it is through the exposure of truth that full Disclosure shall be brought about. Like you, we dearly yearn for reunion with our Star Families. Yet it is not until the lies have been exposed and the darkness becomes light that this joyous event may be allowed to transpire. Our precious loved ones are of too fine a nature to survive amidst the density and volatility which constitutes our planet’s current level of vibration. Just as you would prepare a soft bed and luscious repast for visiting houseguests, so too must we make ready our Earthly home for the arrival of our dear Star Brethren.

    What you can do to improve upon our current situation is to love more. Love fiercely, deeply and from the heart. Care passionately about Gaia and about Ascension, making it the primary driving force behind everything that you do and say. You did not come here to flutter about and be complacent. You are here to affect change. Play, laugh and be merry, but be focused on your mission as you do so. At it’s most basic, this is your individual role in the greater process. You must guide the lost to safety, far away from the treacherous, rocky shore. When encounter a Brother in trouble, give to him of your love. Feel yourselves already happy and living prosperously within the paradigm our New 5D Earth, as this is what we endeavor to do. Intend and it is so. For you see, love is the proverbial “magic potion”. It is the very thing that shall sustain us all in the turbulent times soon to come. The shift is upon us, can you not feel it? Can you not feel the excitement building, and the feelings of hope? Oh Cousins, we do! And it is this love and inner certainty which enables us to weather the heartbreaks and travails of everyday life in 3rd Density. Please believe us when we say that the end of the insanity draws ever near, and it is the love that you generate from your own hearts which is the driving force behind such sweeping change.

    We are here beside you-devoted and so very close by. Call to us and go still-then you shall hear our guidance come from deep within you. Please remember always, how much you are loved.

    From the Florida shores, we are The Crystal Dolphin Pod.


    Here are a few links to check out, if you are interested in learning more about the plight of our Cetacean Family:

    1. Earth Island Institute:

    2. Save Misty The Dolphin:

    3. A Teenage Activist. This Girl’s Soapbox:

    4. The Cove (movie):

    Copyright © Bella Capozzi. all rights reserved. You may copy and distribute this material as long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete and you include this copyright notice.

  3. Valerie Donner – A Message From Mira From The Pleiadian High Council (Now Working With The Earth Council) – 4 October 2012
    Posted on October 4, 2012 by lucas2012infos | 1 Comment
    Greetings, I am Mira. I salute you from the Earth Council and from all of us who have your welfare at heart. We have a 100% of our focus on you. What is occurring on the Earth right now is monumental. Whether it is your oceans, the core of the Earth, your ecosystems, weather, drought, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes, all are contributing to the realignment and balancing of the Earth’s energies.
    Some of these energies are impacting your personal lives in the form of relationships, finances and personal transformation. It adds up to change in the grandest sense. Many are having trouble adjusting and adapting to these major forces. The currents run strong across the planet. Everyone feels it in one way or the other. It is not making for business as usual.

    You have political upheaval and economic upheaval in some pivotal places. Bear in mind this is contributing to the making of a new way of being on the Earth. As sad as it can be to see the old slip away it is important to remember to welcome the new into your hearts. How do you know that it won’t be better? It could be a lot better.

    We observe how much humans like to hang on to the past, even if it is a painful one. The familiar seems safer for some reason that we find unusual. In the Pleiades there is no such hanging on. We are present for each part of the now moment. This brings us peace. Most humans have yet to learn this presence but through some of these situations in which you find yourselves you are marking the way for further understanding of this way of being.

    You are making inroads as you strive to create a new balance where ever you can. It is love that makes this possible for if you remember some of the sayings of your spiritual teachers, With love all things are possible. It is with a loving heart and accepting attitude that you can build the bridge from the past to this now moment.

    All of creation is focusing on the Earth. There are millions of space ships surrounding you waiting until the appropriate divine time to make themselves known. We only want what is best for you. What happens on the Earth affects all of creation. We are not allowed to force our will upon you or any other planetary systems. We work together for the common good.

    In the remainder of your earthly year 2012 you will find blessings and miracles everywhere. This is part of your ability to manifest and create your new future. Look for the gifts in everything and know that everything is an opportunity to welcome in the Light, brighter future.

    I am Mira. link to original article

  4. Galactic Confederation

    As I have said, Galactic Confederation is a loose confederate union of positive civilizations within this Galaxy, such as Pleiadians, Sirians, Arcturians… Its leaders are ascended masters, beings that live in enlightened state of consciousness. On this planet, Galactic Confederation is known under many names: Galactic Federation, Galactic Federation of Light, Galactic Confederation of Planets, Galactic Federation of Planets, United Federation of Planets… All those names describe the same, positive group.

    There has been an idea circling on the internet that Galactic Federation and Galactic Federation of Light are two groups, one being positive and the other negative. This is not true. There are no negative ET groups beyond this planet left. Both Galactic Federation and Galactic Federation of Light describe the same, positive group.

    There are many beings on this planet claiming to have contact with this positive group. In most cases this is not true also. Some people have genuine energetic contact with this positive group, but most telepathic messages from the Galactic Confederation are intercepted by Archons and their technology on the mental, astral and etheric planes. Then the Archons insert messages that look full of love and light on a first impression, but in reality are just recycled phrases. They also mix them with disinfo and this has created a lot of confusion among the Lightworkers about the Galactic Confederation. Most channelers are true in their dedication to the Light, they are just unable to penetrate the Veil that Archons have created. Very few channelers are agents of the NSA.

    Those channels that have a genuine telepathic contact with the Galactic Confederation are able to bring new information to the surface of this quarantined planet and are not just repeating old phrases.

    Vast majority of true contactees for the Galactic Confederation were subjected to intense and brutal mind programming in the underground military bases in the mid and late 90s. Their mind was split and disinfo about the Galactic Confederation put into the front alters of their personalities. This operation was orchestrated by the leading Archons who were controlling quarantine Earth at that time because they were afraid that Galactic Confederation will come and liberate the planet. Rightfully so, since the Galactic Confederation WILL come and liberate the planet, regardless of all threats and atrocities from the Cabal.

    Ashtar Command is a section of Galactic Confederation which primary function is to liberate planet Earth from the grip of the dark forces.

    Ashtar is a being of Light and does not belong to the fictitious negative Bafath group, as some people claim. Saint Germain is a being of Light also. So are Koot Hoomi and other ascended masters. They have evolved beyond duality and emanate love that is beyond judgement. Unfortunately that can not be said for many people who claim to be their disciples.

    Ashtar has a twin soul named Astara. She is the one that brought Goddess mysteries to planet Earth and was known as Astarte, Ashteroth, Ashera, Ast (Isis), Aphrodite and Venus. She is also a being of Light. The Cabal tried to erase and distort her teachings but the Goddess will be victorious.

    Posted by Cobra at 3:59 PM 65 comments:

    Asha I saw in one of my crystal meditations I feel is Ashtar`s twin! Great!

      • Babajij everything is great. I’m working at a hot springs resort so I walk around a beautiful environment by the San Juan River all day. My dog is acting like she’s 3, not 13. I hiked up Pagosa Peak with my neighbor yesterday on my day off (12,640 ft elevation) so over a mile up we went from where we already are. Spiritually I seem to be chugging along as well! 🙂 Now if only I could respond to email in a decent amount of time.
        Peace and love to you brother!

  5. Hey everybody! Feeling very mellow on this fine morning.

    I received a very clear message at the end of my dream this morning, and it came to me in the form of a short but direct phrase:

    “Panic is not an alien emotion”

    Well, I would imagine not! But I was still very grateful for this message and I’m sure it could help us all along this crazy path.

    Much Love all!

    Wes 🙂

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