The Joy of Living in the Moment, received 9/29/12, by Tazjima


We are the Council of Nine.

We have come to speak of joy, the joy of living in the moment.

We see so few people finding satisfaction in the simple joys of life, whether it be in finding delight in the smile of a child, the beauty of a flower, the antics of a pet or the kiss of a lover.  Each moment spent in physical creation is a blessing, an opportunity to garner experiences in a manner unknown to those who do not have bodies.

Yes we admit life on planet Earth has been exceedingly difficult for many, yet they have chosen at a soul level these experiences for the sake of their growth and for creation.  These things are soon to be at an end for those who have chosen the way of ascension, to rise up into fifth dimensional life along with your beloved planet.

In the past few days, our scribe has found much enjoyment in simply walking through a lovely forest, observing wildlife and gazing at the majesty of rugged mountains.

There are places on this planet which have been desecrated by those who do not value life, joy or beauty.  Their hearts are filled with hatred, anger, fear and greed.  We say now that their time is ended.  The biosphere of this planet will be returned, once again, to its pristine condition by those who become its new caretakers, with assistance from the galactic family of Light.

We feel that each one of you deserves to have joy in your life.  Do you?  Do you allow yourself time in your busy lives for simple pleasures?  Do you take time to “unplug” from your assorted distractions to allow enough time to savor the moment, to meditate or to walk in nature?

We see that many of you have allowed your lives to be ruled by the tyrant of Time.  Yet we tell you now, time as you have experienced it in 3D does not exist in 5D.  We can manipulate time, insert ourselves into past, present and future, lengthen or shorten the moment for the sake of learning a lesson or just to enjoy a moment of peace.  Eventually, you will also master the fluidity of time that exists beyond the limitations of the Third Dimension.

What would you do if you had all the time in the world and no master save yourself to answer to?  This is something to consider, not to worry about, but just to ponder during your moments of meditation.  Freedom such as been unknown to many of you since you took on incarnation will be yours again and soon.

Ah, yes… that word “soon” that has so haunted and irritated the most impatient of you dear souls.  Granted that our notion of soon is very different than yours, so the development of a certain amount of patience is wise.  We do not mean to cajole or tease with our visions of your future life, but to encourage you to expand your dreams and to consider just what you might want to do.  What would bring you great joy?  Perhaps it would be to participate in building a cooperative community?  Or maybe you would enjoy spending time learning and perfecting a hobby?  Or you would like to dedicate yourself to the healing and care of the planet.  Or perhaps you have always desired to explore the galaxy, to visit your own home planet if you are a starseed or to experience the beauty, wonder and diversity of our galaxy.  Many possibilities exist and we ask that you imagine doing things that you have long dreamed about, only given the limitation of not interfering with the free will of another.

The world that you can imagine is a place of innocence and wisdom, freedom and responsibility, beauty and grandeur.  The only rules will be those written within your own heart and dictated to you by your inner guidance.  It will be a place of healing and a place to rediscover the joy of everyday living, where you can choose what you wish to manifest in accordance with the highest good for your continued soul development.  While you can and will take time to heal from your recent experiences in the Third Dimension, you will find the darkest memories fading away quickly in the light of the many delights that will confront you in the coming days, months and years.

We encourage all of you to continue on with your inner work, not to rely on the messages emanating from our scribe or others, but to use them, if desired, for verification only.  Continue to work on forgiveness, of self and others.  Continue to search out the inner most secrets of your heart, to let go of attachment to the past and what has been.  There are many layers of physical, emotional and mental conditioning to release.  We encourage you to continue learning to release self-judgment and judgment of any person or persons who you deem to have injured you or another in any way.  Remember that you are One; all humanity is one being.  The people around you are mirrors into your own soul.  Clean the mirror and release all the darkness that prevents you from seeing the beauty that exists within.

Learn to expect miracles.  Expect to find out who you really are beyond the mundane self-image that you have been induced to accept by social conditioning.  You are a magnificent being of light; become comfortable with that concept.

Life lived fully will be and is yours Now, in each moment.  This reality is yours to discover as you transition into your new world of being.  We know that you will discover in yourselves an endless capacity to discover joy in all things for you are by nature creative beings.

We bless you and encourage you all to stand tall in your light and shine that beacon out for all to see.   In the eternal Now, we stand with you at your side, sending love and support to all our sisters and brothers.

Thank you, beloved Council of Nine.

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  1. I just reminded myself to start doing this again today…even made a little video simply dancing with my dogs & singing… it was a joy to feel free

  2. Thanks for the comments, everyone… and Stasha, such a cute video! Thanks for being a lovely, creative woman.

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