The White Sisterhood: White Rabbit Woman

We are the white sisterhood

There is nothing.

There is the void.

Without which there is nobody to experience the void.

Yet intelligent energy is always aware, and it fills everything, even that which seems empty.

Those times that you experience the void you are in fact connecting directly to source. And those times seem more frequent now. This may lead to feelings of sadness and depression as you realize your separation, without realizing this is what you are doing. It is difficult sometimes to experience joy thinking that the void is all around us. But that void is in fact the loving embrace of the creator. The creator is encouraging YOU to create, and frequently gives you strong doses of void-ness in a similar way to how the mother bird may eventually kick the baby bird from the nest. You are still learning how to fly but this basic instinct is there, and as you are all god’s children all capabilities are waiting to be discovered.

The baby bird likely experiences separation depression as well, it is not an easy time. But do not feel sad as soon you will literally be soaring among the clouds if you so wish to do so.

This is White Rabbit Woman. It was I who demonstrated to you the death of ego, for it was I in rabbit form that was dead on the snow. You may have thought the vision to be unrelated to an expression of yourself from Africa but these were indeed related. “Self change”, and “death” are all part of the same thing. In a cycle of duality this might be represented as a transition from one form to another. One of my aspects is the representation of this change. You might think that the death of a rabbit is symbolic of being a victim. When in fact we all play our roles, the rabbit is the victor because the predator is the one trapped in duality. Life is precious because we are gifted with empathy. It is a love for all creation and a wonder that all exists, and appreciation for the mechanisms that come into play.

I am represented in African stories as Brer Rabbit. The prey is quick of wit and often overcomes that which would otherwise be his predator. These are fantasy stories but also very real from a teaching perspective. Bugs bunny is modeled on Brer Rabbit. Another case where the prey overcomes the predator. It is interesting to note that these characters do not die. It would be financially unsound to kill off your leading actor, of course, but this is a strong reminder of things to come. Do not fear living for a very, very long time as it is your nature.

There have been many layers / veils placed between you and me, for the negative connotations of my name are many in your world. You do not need to fear these as they are simply another part of the veil. It is similar in many ways to the veils and negative connotations that surround our dear sister Santa Muerte. Yet she only wears these like a garment, a veil, and it can be cast aside to reveal her true nature. What you “feel” is a creature of divine beauty, yet your brain still wants to “see” an undead skeleton. So this gets to the very nature of our existence, we challenge the brain and the veil with the feeling of what we are, which is love. And so there is a schism that takes place between that which you “see” and that which you “feel”.

You will also notice I share company with Amaterasu and White Owl Woman. Natural predators to a rabbit, yet we are here side by side as sisters. Alice’s white rabbit, going down the rabbit hole, is a powerful symbol for seeking truth. Also used, I might add, in the Matrix film.

[channeled by Dreamwalker |]



  1. I must admit when I do watch something now I see meanings coming through that the writer has placed in certain parts which have me going mmm. Thank you Troy great post. 🙂

    • Agreed! I am glad you guys enjoyed it. 🙂

      There can be many layers… sometimes I stand back a little before pulling the trigger… it can be difficult sometimes to write what is received when the material is more controversial. I empathize with Blossom in some of her more “difficult” posts; she is just trying to be true to the message. Deviating from that would mean not being true to herself, which I feel for her (and for many of us) defines who we are.

  2. Many thanks to you dear Troy and also, to White Rabbit Woman and the rest of the White Sisterhood. Thank you for this amazing message and pics (-_-)!

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