Reaching a New Stage — The Legions of the Divine Mother, 12 October 2012, by Tazjima


We are the Legions of the Divine Mother.

We come in peace, with tidings of great joy for lightworkers.  The first ranks of wayshowers have begun a new stage in the process of ascension.  While the process to reach this new stage has been physically and emotionally difficult for the persons involved, their sacrifices will hold open, as it were, the gates of Ascension for other lightworkers to follow, as well as members from the general populace who are beginning to awaken now.

While some lightworkers expect to leave the planet in the process of physical ascension and then returning as Ascended Masters, our scribe in aware that she will be remaining on the surface in order to continue to anchor the light.  She was told this by several ascended beings during the last week, while suffering through several restless and sleepless nights as a result of these etheric visitations.

“We wish to inform you that you are now ascended,” she was told.  Of course, to look in the mirror, she appears the same.  And she is content to remain on the planet which also in the process of ascending into the Light.  As put forth in these messages, humanity or at least those who’s Higher Selves have chosen to experience ascension with Gaia, are now moving forward as individuals and as a collective.  We know that it will appear to many skeptics that nothing is happening, but we assure you, Ascension is happening now.  And the changes are apparent to those with eyes to see and ears to hear, as well as hearts to know and minds to feel.

We would advise all lightworkers, if they so choose, to search within for all remaining misaligned energies and attachments to things not aligned with the Light.  Let them go.  Let all things go that are not of the Light that take away your attention from ascension, including any remaining addictions to junk food, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, violent movies, games and mass media.  Find the time to rest and refresh, to meditate and/or walk in nature.  Rediscover the simple joys of life, spending time pursuing healthy hobbies, visiting friends and relatives, playing with pets, enjoying your community and neighbors and seeing the beauty that surrounds us.  See what is good in the world and know that it is a reflection of how you view yourself.  Remain as neutral as possible when viewing the struggles and emotional outbursts of others.  The intensifying barrage of cosmic rays hitting the planet is increasing the light quotient and is now bearing down on the general populace, driving the pressure for these individuals to awaken, whether or not they are prepared or even willing to do so.  As a result, there will be an increasing appearance of instability in some individuals, while others suddenly discover within themselves an increased and unexpected sense of contentment.

We would counsel those who feel the agitation that, for some, this will be the manner of your awakening.  Know that on some level, your Higher Self has chosen this as an experience.  However, you are not alone.  There are many resources available for you to discover and the way has long been prepared for you by the succeeding waves of wayshowers who are experienced in the process of transformation.  Release your fears and self-judgment; others have felt as you do today, confused, unsure, yet driven from within by an abiding sense of discontent.  Others have walked the path before you; it is your challenge to discover that path, place your feet upon it and follow it.  Know that the path is well-marked energetically and that your soul will show you the way.  Know that all is well, despite appearances to the contrary in the outer world.

Now is the moment to discover the place that exists within you, the secret garden guarded by angels, where the flame of your heart burns upon the holy altar.  You do not need a guru or an outer master to find your way to this place for in you there exists within an inner guide.  Turn off the cellphone, the loud music, the computer and television and find time to listen within, to sit with yourself.  Discover your own way of concentrating, whether by using drawing or journaling, chanting or meditation, crystals or toning or just sitting quietly in nature or in a private space.  Focus on your heart and listen for the still, quiet voice within.  Practice having “chats” with the inner voice, which is the voice of your guide(s) speaking to you.  Write down what is discussed.  In the process you will be learning how to communicate with telepathy, which will be commonly used as the primary means of communication once the planet is securely ensconced in the fifth dimension.  There are no books, lectures or outer messages that can take you on this inner journey.  Each individual must approach the inner sanctuary on their own, in their own way.

Ascension is all about mastery, self-mastery.  It includes mastering the increasing energies, holding the center with your emotions, letting go what is no longer relevant, and being willing to step forth into your own power.  For many individuals it will be acknowledging for the first time ever that they are more than they appear. In truth all people are a unique part of Source, having an adventure in ascending from a difficult portion of the third dimension into the lighter regions of the fifth dimension.  It is not a matter of going anywhere; it is a matter of becoming more Light-filled, becoming aware of one’s connection to all Life, becoming aware of the existence of a unified field of being, Love.

Some individuals are not ready to take the steps necessary to climb into the higher vibratory levels of the fifth dimension.  More experience is needed before they are willing to let go of their connections to the lower worlds.  There is no judgment; all are honored for their decisions.  Suitable environments for their continuing lessons will be found for them since they will be unable to continue living on the ascending planet.

For those who remain there will be the challenges of cleaning up the planet and becoming effective caretakers, as well as taking on the new role of galactic citizens.  Much of these activities will be done with the assistance of our galactic and even intergalactic brethren.  There will be challenges, but they will be seen as opportunities as the minds and beings of the ascended ones continue to expand.  Know that ascension is a process, one that will continue until all return to Source.  Then the process will commence all over again.   Source loves to expand and experience and then to contract and unite into Oneness.  Source is eternal and so are we as beings of energy, one with Source and each other.

There are many varying ideas as to how ascension will unfold.  It is best to keep an open mind and see how things unfold for you.   In reality, you are the creator and center of your own world; you are One with the all.  The tree next to you is You.  As a fragment of Source, you have the potential to experience the wholeness of Source.  The souls of light who incarnated here came to experience the complete process of ascension.  You were chosen by your various councils to represent your people so that one day you could share your experiences with others.  You all willingly answered the call to assist Gaia in her need.

Do attempt to put away your frustration, anger and judgment of others for their perceived lack of involvement in ascension or their seeming inability to wake up.  This was / is a tough assignment.  Many of the souls of light incarnated here are for the first time experiencing life in a physical body.  It is completely different from the realms of light from which they have come.  And other souls have chosen difficult lives, in order to transmute as much negative energy as they can through their own bodies.  Each individual has their own unique time to wake up; each individual has their own mission to perform.  Acknowledge that each of you is special in the eyes of your Mother / Father God and all are loved.

For those wayshowers who are waiting for others to show signs of life, we counsel patience.  Be the masters that you are; display some compassion and understanding for the difficulties now faced by the ones who are in the beginning process of waking up.  Remember that once you stood where they now stand.  They are your brothers and sisters.  They are you, a part of the greater collective that is humanity.  Assist them if you are moved to; send love and healing if you feel a need to remain neutral.

For those who are feeling lost, call upon the legions of Light to assist you.  Even if you have never believed in angels, they believe in you and are waiting for permission to assist you through the dark moments of confusion and self-doubt.  Our scribe remembers such a time that she experienced when alone in a new town she felt a sudden onslaught of depression and grief.  In calling out for help, her guardian angel (yes, you all have one) gathered her up in its arms and held her as she lay across the bed weeping.  She began feeling an inner warmth flow throughout her body, easing the tension and allowing her to finally fall asleep, as she experienced the unconditional love and acceptance.  It was a moment of light that carried her through many a dark moment for years later.  The angels are here to serve and only need your desire and permission to be there with you, in an instant.

With the increase of light generally upon the planet, the new ones waking up will not have to suffer long, but will be able to adapt at a much faster rate than the original wayshowers.  Remember to call on the legions of Light, the angels and archangels to assist in teaching you through dreams and in meditations, as well.  Always test the spirits and request to be protected by the legions of Archangel Michael or another master with whom you are comfortable.  Each individual will find their own way of approaching ascension, as each is unique, a perfect facet of the wholeness of the All That Is.

No one can carry you across the threshold of ascension; individual effort is required.  And ascension into the fifth dimension is only a marker on the long journey back to Source.  Enjoy the journey and the opportunity to be a part of this grand and rare planetary ascension.  The seats were limited on this bus for this special happening, planetary ascension, and all are needed to complete this leg of the journey.  All for one and One for all.

Prepare well for the next steps in this ongoing process are now becoming apparent.  Our wayshowers are about to discover and step into the missions for which they came to this planet.  More and more will be revealed as the days progress and the time shortens before the great Shift can take place.

We wish you well.

Thank you, beloved Legions of the Divine Mother.

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  1. Elizabeth thank you hope you are feeling a little better today. Wonderful post makes so much sense. love and light Suzanne

  2. Thanks, Suzanne. I’ve been trying to get to bed earlier; not going to make it tonight, but it is the weekend! And just posted some personal thoughts on my blog.

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  4. I really enjoyed that thank you it was what I needed to hear this morning
    I would love to see everyone on this bus and can’t wait to meet all our brothers and sisters in the 5th

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