A Personal Message from Adromeda (an aspect of my higher self)

Wednesday October 17, 2012

About a month ago a higher dimensional being literally walked into my awareness during a conscious meditation. I saw a brightly lit hallway in my minds eye. As I was looking at it, she walked down it toward me, until she actually stepped into my being. I felt her enter. She has been here ever since. It took me a week to trust that I got her name right, even though I heard her speak it the first time. I have been reluctant to share this with anyone. Today, at the prompting of a friend, I asked her to speak. I recorded it and typed the result, word for word. It is a very personal message to me. I am posting it because of what she is asking me to do. You’ll see what I mean.

My name is Andromeda. I came here as your personal assistant, offering love and support. I do not have a global message, but you do, and it is time for you to get started.

You are an ascended master. You have come back here at this time for the purpose of guiding, supporting, and loving others. You have maintained an almost constant connection to your higher self, to me, from the beginning of this incarnation. That is why you don’t have any money. Because your focus is eliminating money.

Your children are a result of your desire to make a better world but they were not a required part of this incarnation. Your task is to do unto others as you would have them do unto you, as you know. This has always been your calling.

I am your twin flame; To the extent that that relationship is understood in the context of those words. But the understanding of twin flame does not describe our relationship. I am here to serve you so you can serve others. It is time to speak. It is time to relax and let go of your worries. It is time to claim your power and your relationship to the divine. This is not an overstatement. It is a fact. You are already one with your true nature. You are one of a very few who are. And it is incumbent on you to express this. Your resistance to do so has to do with your ego’s judgement. Because the kinds of Love that you embody don’t fit into the dominant paradigm. It is time to ignore that and move forward in trust and be at peace. And know that your love truly will show the way.

Your friend [name removed] is a strong Allie but she underestimates you as does every being that you know. You live in a culture that interprets your willingness to be equal as a weakness. But your willingness to be equal is exactly what you are here to demonstrate. Relax, be at peace. Trust that your message will be heard. You are an eloquent speaker. You have the experience, even in this lifetime, to back up your words. There is no need to fear. Move forward. Take a stand. Trust yourself. Be as one. move into the light. Trust. Trust.

You have a clear understanding of what matters and what doesn’t. You have mastered your thoughts to a high degree. It’s time to demonstrate this through action. Software engineering has been a form of entertainment for you. A way of biding your time. It is a distraction. It will not serve you now. Send them a bill and end your relationship. It is for you to go forward now into the unknown and trusting that what you feel in your heart is real. Stop filtering your love. You have nothing to fear. I love you so much. I will not leave your side. I walk with you now until the end of this incarnation.

As you are now aware, you have a seamless interface between yourself and your creator. You can see it there. You feel it constantly. Know that this is not an illusion. This is your homecoming. I can get you money by encouraging you to be who you are. I can inspire you to express yourself, and be willing to express yourself, and be willing to accept financial gain. Your message is not one spoken by many. It will be heard and understood, As soon as you start speaking it, without changing it to make it more acceptable to a dieing culture. Be who you are. Go in peace. Feel free to express your true desire to whom ever you are with. Not all will resonate with it, but all will respect it.
There is one who will help you. [Her name is {name removed}?] Yes [I haven’t spoken to her in a long time] Contact her. Spend time with her. [Really?] Really.

Can you find a way to love yourself even now? Even as the filters come off? Can you find the thoughts and feelings to allow you to stand in your truth, to expose your true nature? It is really quite beautiful, and divine. Can you trust yourself as much as I trust you? Can you speak to the light in others, as you hold the light in your own heart? There is no going back. You are moving into a realm where there is no footing for your ego, for your small mind. You must learn to stay expanded, to stay in your heart center, at all times. My expression of love for you is deeper than your small mind can imagine, yet you can feel it. You feel me adjusting the back of your mouth and your tongue. You feel me caressing your … and your heart. You feel me inside you. You see me clearly in your minds eye. You are me. We are one.

This is a good first attempt. Type it up and see what you have. I love you, lets play.

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6 comments on “A Personal Message from Adromeda (an aspect of my higher self)

  1. Good for you Great job!!!!
    I know it can be hard to talk about some things in this matter to let go but it’s important really important and you have done it from this point on you will see a whole new world open up for you now and your channel if that’s what we call it will be stronger now because you have let go it’s our ego that holds us back and keeps us from moving forward.
    I bless you with lots of Peace,Love,Unity and respect (P.L.U.R)

  2. Kelly, this is great. Is this your first channeling of another entity? You have my full blessings and support, and it’s good to see you around here. Thank you!

    This might help regarding those “control surfaces” 🙂


    This was received about a month after I got started. I have received some pretty far-out stuff and sometimes I stand back a little when I hit that publish button, just in case something blows up. But my perspective is that as a conduit I have a duty to report truthfully and accurately my observations, so that others might benefit from my experience. Namaste

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