The Great Divine Director – A Period of Transition – 27 October 2012, by Tazjima


A Period of Transition

I AM the Great Divine Director. Today I come with greetings from the Ascended Masters for those ascending ones and our brothers and sisters who are just now in the process of waking up.

In the Northern Hemisphere of your dear planet, great storms are brewing, sweeping clean vast regions of the collective miasma of the ages.  In the Southern Hemisphere, strange weather systems are bringing snow to places where it has never come before.  Everywhere there is a cleansing undergoing.  Mud and rain have come to tropical and mountainous regions of South America.  Huge typhoons and tropical storms are battering the coasts and mountains of China and the Philippines bringing disaster to coastal cities, small villages and outlying areas.  All of these occurrences have brought with them loss of property and in some instances, loss of life.   Yet we tell you now the disasters would have been much greater were it not for the efforts of the lightworkers and wayshowers.  Your progress in reconnecting to your inner power, along with the cooperative efforts of your galactic relations, has averted the greatest disasters from happening.

Cleansing will continue; it must. Your planet is undergoing the process of releasing the darkness and misaligned energies that she has lovingly taken into her body through the ages.  Now as she undergoes her own process of ascension, these energies must be released from her body, like your own experiences.  On a scale more vast than your own, she is undergoing a Kundalini fever, shaking and night sweats, releasing the pollution that has encumbered her.  Even after ascension, much will still have to be done to clean up the surface of the planet, its oceans, water, air and soil; that is where the cooperative efforts of your galactic relatives and your own efforts will come into play.  The greatest efforts must, however, wait until such time when it is safe for the galactic ships to land on your shores.  Until the darkness in men’s hearts is rolled back or removed, your planet will have to conduct most of her cleansing on her own, with the help of her elementals.

Did you know that each human who is in a body vehicle shares that vehicle with a body elemental?  It is so.  These intelligent adaptive beings run the so-called autonomic systems of the body, without conscious input from their passenger.  Without the cooperation of the body elemental, it would not be possible for the soul to reside in a body vehicle.  And without the connection of the flame of life to the greater soul, the soul fragment within the body would quickly return to the heaven world.  Your existence in this environment is dependent on cooperation between all parties.  Yet most humans are not at all aware that they are not just a body; their awareness of something beyond their daily life has been dulled by social conditioning and poisons in their food, air, water and environment.

Did you not know that your body is a temple?  It is a temporary vehicle that allows you to experience life in the physical realms.  Granted that currently life is difficult for many, it was not always that way.  Still, some of humanity has made great strides in approaching the boundaries of the realms of light.  The journey is still yet to begin for others. There is much to overcome.  During the past thirteen millennia, the power of your planet has resided in the hands of a few beings not of this world.  They have wrought much destruction and have sowed seeds of hatred, fear and division between the various peoples of this planet.  Now their time is ending; the cycles of change are upon them and they have gone against the degree of their former masters and have defied the forces of light.  They do not wish to give up their place of power, their material wealth.  They want to keep the planet under their control and to continue with their plans of destruction of much of the populace, while keeping a much smaller population as slaves to do their bidding.  You see, these ones have so denied the light that exists within that they no longer can create anything but destruction.  They live such lives of insecurity and insatiable need that cannot be satisfied by anything they gather or wrestle from others.  They are like the damned pirates who live a half-life, half in this world and half in hell.  Nothing can satisfy their lusts short of the death of those they envy – you, the lightworkers.  And now they are frightened.  They lash out murderously at those who dare in the mass media to inform the people of their ongoing crimes against humanity and their own communities.  They attempt to provoke war and disagreement between groups of people.  They work from both sides to inflame prejudice, fear and division between races, cultures, countries and religions.  Why?  They fear the power of humanity; they fear the connection that even those who are not aware of their mighty gifts have, the connection to the soul that cannot be broken except through the agency of a complete denial and turning away.

So strong is the flame in some individuals that we can see your brilliance from high above the planet’s surface.  The beacons of light on your planet have been growing in strength on a daily basis for the past ten years.  It is this occurrence that the dark forces fear the most, for in the awakening of humanity will come their own downfall.  There is nothing they can do now to avert this crisis in their eyes; the cycles of time move against them.  The increasing bombardment of your planet by cosmic rays from the center of the Universe has made the awakening of some of humanity a certainty.  You are ascending and your planet is ascending.  Once the bridge between dimensions is crossed, the planet will no longer be a viable environment for these darkened lost individuals.  And so they fight with every scrap of their beings and continue to spill out their envy, spite and hatred of humanity, seeking to turn brother against brother, black against white, banker against citizen, rich against poor.  They seek to deny the humanity of others because they cannot experience it themselves.  They have become, through their own efforts, incapable of feeling anything but hatred and fear.

How can this dark force be opposed?  What can people do in this transitional period between the shift and adjustment beyond?  As has been said before, seek the kingdom of heaven within.  It is important, it is imperative that all lightworkers cease their efforts to attack the dark forces and seek to discover the realm of love that exists within each and every human.  Every human being on this benighted planet, even those of the darkest hearts, has the capacity to reconnect with their inner Being, but it takes individual focus and effort.  It is not a journey for the faint of heart, the unprepared, but neither is it a journey that impossible.  Many individuals through the ages have followed the promptings of their soul and have made their way, one by one, into the higher realms, leaving their body vehicle behind.  Most of these individuals have received training and initiations through lifetimes in order to reach the purity of body and soul required to complete the transfiguration.  Sprinkled through the pages of history, such as it currently exists on your planet, are the stories of those courageous ones who have made this journey of the heart.  Now has come the time that many can make the same journey, a happening unprecedented in the history of your planet, the galaxy and even the Universe.  With unprecedented support by the forces of Light, it is now possible for a large number of individuals to undergo collective ascension into the higher, light-filled realms of the fifth dimension.

We understand that not all people want to undergo this transition.  We honor their decision.  When it is their time, they will respond to the inner call of their soul and will begin their own journey, but now it is not their time.  That is where the work of the Lightbearers, starseeds and wayshowers comes in; you are setting an energetic pathway for all those who follow in your footsteps.  And now there are many who are beginning to awaken to the call of the soul.  They will respond; it is an insistent call that cannot be resisted, if it is the right moment for the individual to wake up.  So it is important to not judge the progress of others against your own.  Look to yourself, release your fears, seek out the words of others if you need consoling, but always remember that your journey into ascension is your own unique path, forged by your soul.  As a unique part of the Creator, your journey involves the collection of information for your Creator, as God learns about God; in that joyous act of reconnection when the flame of life expands to encompass the entirety of the physical body and all dross is burned away.  Purified by the fires of resurrection, your soul fragment returns to the Wholeness of Creation, to All That Is.  And with your ascension you enrich the treasure chest of all Humanity, for you are One.

(The message was interrupted by the day’s various activities, including house-cleaning, LOL!)

We continue on with our message now.  We encourage all lightworkers to strive to connect with their inner being, to remain calm and centered during this time of transition.  There exists much chaos upon your world at the moment, but all is not as it seems.  The matrix or illusion so carefully built up by your collective consciousness and cemented together by fear is in the process of disintegrating.  There is desperation in the ones remaining of the illuminati leaders and minions; they know now that time is not on their side.  Keep clear of these ones, turn away from keeping your attention on their activities.  Be aware, but as a compassionate onlooker, not as a participant.  Let the last throes of the dark matrix not catch you up in its dramatics.

We have noticed that many of the weary wayshowers are letting go of the last vestiges of those things that are not of the light; all remaining memories, emotional connections, traumas and disappointments.  These do not have to accompany you into the Light; let them go, leave them to be transmuted by the Violet Flame.  They are a part of the illusion that you are now leaving behind; they are not you.

Open to reunion with your Higher Self, your one true guide back to Source.  It is the inner Christ Self that dwells within that will greet you, in your dreams and meditations.  Your guides and mentors will accompany you, but always remember to retain your personal sovereignty.  Constantly test the spirits.  If something or someone does not resonate with you, bless them and release them.  Now is not the time to attempt to change someone, only to change yourself by becoming more of your Self.  This process calls for releasing everything, your expectations, your desires, everything.  In the stillness of your heart you will discover a world that exceeds everything you could ever hope for.  And you will be guided, step by step, on a need to know basis as to the direction of your journey.  By learning to listen to your intuition and quiet inner voice, you will discover what you need to know.  Learn to trust the guidance that you receive from within; it is your higher Self communicating through its silent language.  With time and practice you will begin to channel your own messages and instruction.  We encourage all seekers to spend time with their journals, creating a blog, drawing, writing poetry or music, or finding some other means to express your inner creativity.  You will find that you begin to feel more joyful, calm and disinterested in the dramas of others.   If you are guided to assist others, do so, but always with the understanding that each individual must make their own way to ascension; no one can do it for you.  As your guides and inner mentors, we will be by your side to give you little nudges in one direction or another, but it up to you to respond.  We lovingly watch over you and admire humanity for making the recent strides towards freedom.  You have come far in just a few short years, just seconds in the eternal Now.  We anticipate great things to happen in the coming days, weeks and months as more and more people begin to wake up and seek assistance in understanding what is going on, within and around them.

For the wayshowers and those who have taken on the new job of gatekeepers, your place is to hold the way open for those who follow.  You can guide but mostly you will be acting as examples.  Be the calm center in the storm of transition; be the light upon the hill that points the way home.

We send you our blessings and encouragement during this time of transition.  It is an important step that is being taken by all souls upon this planet; much is dependent on what happens next.  We wait breathlessly to see what the show will bring to all.  Although we can see many futures, they are subject to change.  Your free will makes it so, so surprise us, too, humanity and set yourself free from illusion, hatred and fear.  And we will celebrate together at the reunion the family of Light.

We are your loving brothers and sisters of the Light, the Ascended Masters.


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