Kp Message… the “P.E.A.C.E event”… 3-17-14 at 3:33 (your local time) (#kppeace333)

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The “Pre-‘Event’ And Clearance Endorsement” event*…
3-17-2014, 3:33 AM

(local time, wherever you happen to be…)

[Kp Update: I’ll be posting updates or additions in red. Updated the logo. And I realize, after looking at the acronym title, yes, it’s a tad cumbersome. But that’s part of what it is… an “endorsement” for the “clearance” to go forward.]

This has been going through my Inner Space for a few days now. Since 3-11-14.

After viewing Courtney Brown’s recent revealing (see this post), it “popped up” as a clear signal to me (namely, I really saw, in a deep heart kind of way), that this “disclosure” business, this “clearing out of the old paradigms” business, etc., was really in our hands… not someone else’ (whether that be human, Hue-person, or Galactic). Not that I know how all this would be done, somehow, but it’s in our hands.


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