Revelations of the Heart – 27 October 2012 – by Elizabeth


In my home, the Pacific Northwest, our long dry summer is now a distant memory.  The streams are filling up; the forests are being refreshed with rain and snow falling almost daily for the past two weeks.  Forest fire danger has diminished and winter is on its way to the Blues.  Now is the time of year to snuggle indoors or go on that occasional brisk walk in the damp, cloudy weather.  Halloween is arriving this next week and before you know it, Thanksgiving and Christmas… as well as that magical and dreaded date, December 21, 2012, when the Shift of the Ages is supposed to happen.  What will actually happen is still up to spectulation, but it is apparent what will not happen:  abrupt magnetic polar reversal, huge earthquakes or volcanic eruptions or damaging collisions by large asteroids or other earth-shaking events.  These are / were prophecies belonging to the “old” fear-mongering energies of a world now quickly dissolving before our collective eyes.  What has changed?  We have changed.  We are now in the process of waking up.

What will happen to our “old” world is occurring right now: the break-down or transformation of formerly illuminati-dominated banks and institutions, including those of education, healthcare, science, defense-related industries, etc.  What has been hidden from the “regular” Joes and Joann’s of the world is being revealed every day as alternative media takes the lead over the corporate-controlled mass media, revealing bankers being dragged into court to face charges of fraud on a scale that is almost too great to imagine.

A once respected religious institution, the Roman Catholic Church is in the process of being exposed as the center of a world-wide network of financial corruption determined to bring the planet under its control through blatant pedophilia, willful and pre-meditated destruction of indigenous cultures, language and peoples world-wide in conspiracies with corrupt government and secret organizations.  The church is in the process of losing its tax-free ownership and use of its property in Italy. In Canada, the elders of the ancient Mohawk tribe have brought charges of child abuse, murder and destruction of culture to the courts, seeking justice and exposure of the long range plans of the church and the Canadian government itself in seeking the destruction of indigenous sovereignty and lives.  This is not an attack on religion, but on an institution that has misused its power and has been corrupted from within through a period of many centuries.

In the United States, efforts on the part of many real patriots are seeking for the cleansing of our government of massive corruption and domination by corporate interests, including those of banking and securities, pharmaceutics and chemicals, security / defense contractors, as well as those corporations that dominate mass-media (newspapers, magazines, radio, television and some Internet).  Exposure of the unbalanced and illicit corporate influence at all levels of government, from local to national and international levels must and is being done.  The Constitution of the United States has been shredded and dragged through the mud by those arrogant, self-serving individuals intent in denying rights and even life to the rest of the nation and the world.

A pious and thoughtful person would ask why? How was this allowed to happen?  Why was war determined to be the best way to solve arguments?  Why have so many thousands, even millions of peoples, mostly in the most desperately poor regions of the world, why have they been allowed to suffer at the hands of foreign-dominated corporations and their own corrupt governments? Why have the ranks of the middle-class of most “first-world” countries been decimated by the long-term financial manipulation of a powerful few?  Why has so much apparent darkness, deceit and destruction been allowed to reign in our world?

There is a simple answer:  it is the dark end of the darkest cycle of the universal cycle, the Kali Yuga.  It is a time when all darkness is brought up for transformation and transmutation.  It is the dark before the dawn of a new age.  It is the beginning of the end of darkness for this world.  The darkness must be exposed so it is being brought before the consciousness of the entire population of this planet as never before.  The world-wide net, otherwise known as the Internet or Web, has made this exposure possible.  People who can afford the use of a cellphone with internet access suddenly have a window upon the rest of the world.  No longer can local people be dominated by a foreign source of power without this becoming known throughout the planet within minutes.  It is not possible for the huge population of this planet to be bullied, conned or deceived by a relative few seriously selfish, arrogant individuals who have been supported by well-paid thugs and security forces.  People who wish to be free are willing to die for that freedom; they are willing to bring down the forces of darkness so the actions of these individuals and the real power behind the scenes are exposed for what it is.

And a more difficult question is:  What must those of us who are conscious of the darkness in the world, what must we do now that we are aware?  The answer that has come through many messages given from divine sources (archangelic, ascended master, galactic / intergalactic) is to turn away from pursuing and exposing the corruption and to work on pursuing our own individual ascension.  I realize that this advice presents a painful dilemma to those who have just discovered the extent of the control of our world by the darkness, just how manipulated and dominated we have been.

The response of many people who “wake up” is anger and a desire for revenge.  Unfortunately, this is exactly the response that has been literally bred into our race by our controllers over the millennium since they took control of much of the surface of the planet, through the power of their advanced technology and the willing submission of the overly-awed and widely dispersed population of the time, just prior to the fall of the legendary Atlantis.  Our genetics have been manipulated and degraded, or so it was thought, by our controllers for the purpose of control.  We have been further taught, coerced and beaten into submission by various factions of these controllers, with seemingly different and contradictory agendas.  In truth, there were only a few of these powerful individuals and their bloodline families well-placed throughout the planet, who carefully worked through the ages to bend institutions and people to their long-term agenda, complete control and domination of the planet.  They used a combination of fear and reward to keep the people under their control.  There was a control on the availability of knowledge; illiteracy was and has been used to keep individuals from being aware of their own sacred knowledge handed down through the generations of indigenous peoples.  Tribal leaders, ancient libraries and sacred sites have been, over a period of many centuries, targeted for destruction by those who are determined that the sacred knowledge of the real origins of humanity be forever lost.

And now, we have to turn away from the desire to destroy and punish these individuals who have wrought the destruction of whole societies and countries for the sake of their own lust for power and material wealth.  Why would we choose to do such a thing?  Where does this moral imperative come from?  It comes from the awakening of our own collective Heart.  It comes as a quiet message from the Divine Mother of us all, from the Father, from our Source.  It comes upon the cosmic rays of Light being bombarded upon this planet through the agency of our Sun, acting as a stargate for universal energies of transformation and information.  The light being directed to our planet carries information in the form of codes, designed to activate the portion of our DNA that has been off-line for centuries.  Denigrated by scientists as “junk” these ten-strands of DNA are now in the process of being reactivated.  With activation will come the awakening of individuals from their Sleeping Beauty sleep.  With the awakening will come confusion, anger, panic and despair to some individuals who are unprepared for the revelations, the apocalypse spoken of by our ancestors and by surviving indigenous and pagan spiritual leaders.  It is the time of the mass unveiling of our consciousness.  It is time for the revelation of the true nature and origins of humanity.  In truth, it is time for us to remember who we are, children of the stars, masters all, born of star-stuff and destined to walk among the stars, alongside our galactic and intergalactic brethren.   So we have arrived at a point when humanity has reached the cusp of adulthood, when we will be freed of the ties to our planetary home and will go to the stars, like our ancestors.  Our cousins and relations are stationed throughout this solar system, in their carefully cloaked mother ships, patiently waiting until the surface of the planet is safe enough for their long-anticipated arrival; safe for us and safe for them; without undue interference from the remaining factions of the dark forces still intent on creating and perpetuating their hold over the planet.  Anyone can see by looking at mass-media that there still are forces determined to keep fear and chaos alive, for the sake of retaining their own misappropriated fortunes and power.  However, it is also becoming more apparent each day that there is a growing awareness on the part of the general populations of countries worldwide that war is not an option.  People are weary of war and turmoil; they want peace and prosperity for themselves, their families and their countries.  People from countries long torn and divided by fighting and destruction are now turning to their former enemies and seeking to make peace between each other.  Peace is about to break out all over the planet.

And a great awakening is in the process of becoming a reality.  Those who have been long asleep or resistant to the idea of change are now becoming aware that they have been misled and deceived by their leaders.  It is time for the individual to become sovereign, again, and to have a say in how he/she is governed.  It is time for “democracy” and dictatorships to give way to the republic, where every person has a vote in how their country is governed.  It is time for people to govern themselves, to choose their way in the world, to be granted the ability for self-determination, abundance, safety and freedom for themselves and their children.  The time of the master and boss is over.  The time for equality has arrived.

As the great flower of our collective Heart opens and begins to send its perfume of freedom throughout the world, humanity will begin to remember who they are, who they can become and who they will be in the future.  The constraints of linear time will dissolve as time becomes the eternal Now.  Our planet is ascending and with it, humanity is waking up and becoming aware of its own collective sacred nature.  We are free beings.  We are sovereign beings.  We are universal beings whose awareness spans dimensions, space and time.

As we awaken to and embark upon our own individual efforts at ascension, we will reconnect, reunite with those parts of our selves long forgotten when we incarnated within the limited confines of the third dimension.  We will experience a reunion with our Higher Selves, portions of self already existing in higher light-filled dimensions.  There will be an expansion of our consciousness that will astound many and please those who have specifically come to the planet for just such an opportunity – to gift all humanity with the light and love that they as starseed have enjoyed before coming into embodiment this time, as well as between embodiments.  Suddenly, death will be understood to be a door to a new world and opportunity.  Fear of death and of change has always been used as a weapon of coercion.  This former weapon will be revealed as the hand of the Angel of Death, of the Dark Mother who guides souls into rebirth.  In the future, we will have control over our bodies and will be able to leave them when we choose so that we can take up other forms to suit our purpose and need.  Death will no longer be seen as the enemy, but as a process of transformation into another form and focus of being.  As eternal souls, we will no longer experience a diminishing of our consciousness at death but will continue on; retaining all that has been learned and experienced, carrying that knowledge with us so that we might bless others with it.

The training received in this “schoolhouse” of ours has been long, difficult and trying, yet it has been done with the purpose of bringing a race of people to maturity, where they are on the verge of becoming a star nation if they so choose, and can become a beacon of light to other planets and peoples who still linger in the earlier stages of development.  There are many worlds in this universe that were destroyed or polluted by the effects of the infiltrators (who came from a dying universe).  The effects of their negativity and darkness has been used by our spiritual mentors as a catalyst to bring the desire for freedom to the hearts and minds of the peoples of earth to the point of overcoming all fear of coercion or death.  The flame of freedom has been lit in the hearts of individuals across the planet.  It has become a wildfire that cannot be contained any longer, not by all the dwindling resources of the illuminati, not by any dictator or warlord.  We can no longer be dismissed as powerless; we are powerful and we are beginning to realize it.  We, as new masters, will go on to become the teachers and mentors of other worlds as they reach for the torch of freedom and the sword of Truth.  The galaxy and the entire universe will be set free.

And lest we forget, our planet is undergoing her own transformation.  She is moving now rapidly up in vibration.  All those who are unable or unwilling to raise up their own vibrations will not rise with her.  Through “death” and removal, by one means or another, those individuals who cannot move up in vibration will be gone, their influence no longer a factor in everyday life.  People will slowly discover that their new ideas for solving problems of energy, cleaning up pollution, providing food to their communities and other issues will no longer face opposition.  Consequently, plans for new technologies long-suppressed and hidden from the people, will have an opportunity to be put into play and brought out for the benefit of all.  Knowledge long suppressed, hidden or called “evil” by our controllers because of the effect to free our minds will be revealed.  We will begin to rediscover the gifts and “humanity” of our race, our real love for each other no matter what our skin color, cultural background, religion or political beliefs… we will discover that we love each other with a fullness of heart that few of us expected to experience this side of heaven.  We will discover that we have the ability to make our world, our sacred planet, a real heaven on earth for all life.  We will discover that all life is sacred and connected through the heart of our Mother, the One who brought us into form, through the manifestation of power and authority granted Her through the Father, our Divine Source.

We are their children, loved and cherished in ways we cannot even imagine as yet, but will be free to explore with each other in the years to come.   So come, my brothers and sisters of spirit, let us explore the inner regions of our heart and minds, let us explore and experience the reunion of personality and spirit, the reconnection to our Higher Self, our guides and spiritual mentors and our galactic cousins and future selves.  Let us explore our unity through the sacred Web of life that surrounds and binds us together with all that is seen and unseen.  We are eternal, sacred Beings experiencing a “human” life; let us make it a sacred life to be remembered for all times, when a small planet on the fringes of the Milky Way Galaxy became a beacon of light, love and freedom for an entire Universe.  Through our individual and internal efforts towards the goal of ascension, we will bring such an increase of Light and Love to this planet that our presence and influence will be undeniable and will fuel the fires of transformation and change until this planet gleams anew with life, love and beauty.  Let us work together in our separate efforts, for separation is an illusion.  In our reunion with Self, comes our reunion as one Humanity, one Heart, one with all Creation and each other.

Namaste:  I bow in honor of the Presence of God / Goddess within each individual and in all life.

I AM Elizabeth

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  1. WoW
    That was one awesome of a message. You explained everything vary well there
    what you said there is what I have been trying to tell people all along not always so much on here but the people with in my world and by that I mean the people around me LOL I loved all of it but the part where you were talking about all the corruption that is going on World-wide and what surprises me the most is we know it’s going on but it’s like most people just choose to pretend it’s not going on and for some reason also choose to live in a dream world where they make them selves believe that nothing is going on just to make them selves feel better that there not doing anything to help put it to an end but what really got me was when you where talked about what is really going to happen on Dec 21st and how the world is going to see a massive change that change is already going on we are seeing more and more wars we are seeing Earthquakes where we don’t or at least ones that size anyways and the storms are getting to be bigger, more powerful and more devistating but that is what was said was going to happen and from what I have read it is to get much much worse before it gets better but that is where the change is going to come and what got me started on all this way when I herd my 1st Coast 2 Coast show and he was talking about how the world is going to go through 1 massive Ascension together

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