Quick Note on the Aurora Dreamflights Purpose | AuroraDreamflight with Adrial

I would like to thank everybody for following the posts on this blog.  I am instructed by my guides that this service needs to be an equal service for everybody taking part in this project. As a consequence the beings involved (Adrial, Aurora and SaLuSa) and my own personal guides are insisting on this being a free service for everybody.

This blog is not to be used in order to find a pool of souls in need in order to make a profit out of people’s anxieties coming up to Ascension. The souls here are not to be viewed as potentiel clients I am told is a very important thing. This blog does not have a lucrative purpose. I may add a donation button later on, however I am asked that none of the participants on this project be charged. I would ask you all to respect these recommendations.

There may be a point when there are so many people involved that this would be a full time job for me and I may need to find a way of making a regular income which also allows me to live and continue work on this project, but until then I am told that nobody should ever be charged.
I am told that spirit and making a profit is a fine line not to cross over and that the temptation of doing this for the “wrong” motivations would just be too great to distinguish between. So I am asked to keep this blog under genuine motivations directed towards Ascension, bringing the ground crew of Aurora together and creating an online community and not to train people to have endless readings and train them to become dependant on readings. If you cannot appreciate this point, I am asking you to make a choice and decide for yourself if this is the right place for you.

Aurora’s aim is to develop our own intuition, sensibility, awarenss and consciousness. We are all psychics, and we can all lean to develop our intuition, clairvoyance and most importantly our own connection to Source and our God Self. This is what Aurora is geared towards. To develop a community, where ideas and experiences can be exchanged between us in sincerity and in good conscience. To look for guidance within our inner light and to become autonomous beings, ready for ascension.

These are the guidelines for the crew and for the blog. If you don’t suscribe to these ideas, please make a choice concerning what you want now. This is not the place for promoting corporate mentality, nor for encouraging the Feds ongoing enslavement of humanity through money.

Love and light, Laura


Quick Note on the Aurora Dreamflights Purpose | AuroraDreamflight with Adrial.



  1. Thank you dear Walter and Susie, it is a very fine line to decide when one knows one’s own motivations for being involved in this kind of work I feel.
    There are all kinds of dishonest things that can go on when money is involved, and I have chosen to lead a life “in need” because MONEY and big bucks have runied me in big paid jobs in this life, and it has ruined entire civilizations.. I prefer keeping spirit untouched by it as long as possible.
    I know many light workers feel they need to charge and i respect their choice, it is just not the guidelines of what is needed for Aurora crew here 🙂 and does not sit right with me personally also. and Lightworkers can just accept donations, or publish books and have a day job perhaps…
    I am in a spiritual group for 15 years, my teachers are in their 80s and have always had a full time job, and even now that they have retired, they pay same amount as all of us for taking part in our weekly groups meetings..
    They never put themselves above any of us in fact, ever and have the deepest respect for us all.
    Love and light, Laura

  2. Laura so well said, This experience is further learning and the coming together of the crews working to the common good for all. Money is and always will be a mentality that we do not need. I pray for the day this way of living is gone for ever. Your help is greatly appreciated by me and I am sure many others Thank you also to Adrial who also makes this experience possible with timely advice and encouragement. much love to you

  3. estoy de acuerdo y seguire apoyando para trabajar como comunidad de amor para lograr la ascencion todos juntos ,gracias LAURA ,ADRIAL

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