Konstantinos: Jesus Sananda and Mikos-‘About Awakening’

Hello dear friends. As the time passes, I can feel more the connection between me and other entities of the Light. I have learned that I share a past life relationship with Mikos and Inner Earth, which got ensured when I recalled my astral experience of being there (on my birthday, July 7th 2012). The landscape was full of pure light.

Recently, on September 9th 2012, I received a telepathic picture of energetic crystal patterns from Mikos, the Lemurian guardian of Porthologos Library in the city of Catharia under the Aegean Sea.

Then I heard him saying ‘gates’ and then he explained that the picture means the personal gates through which I and other individuals experience our different material and sentimental phases in these time of changes. Mikos was guiding me for the patterns and the colors.

On September 10th 2012, I managed to recall my dreamstate meeting with Jesus Sananda, Saint Germain and the Galactic Federation. This encouraged me more to ask permission for communication from Jesus and Mikos, who happily accepted. I have to mention that I continued to feel their high energy for at least 20 minutes after I received their message. Here it is:

We are greeting you with unimaginable Love which characterizes the Spirit and ourselves too. We are Jesus Sananda and Mikos, who after accepting the request of this channel to transfer a message, we are going to talk to you, separately, for a common issue.

Jesus Sananda

They refer to me as the Son of God and although the existence of useful channeled information that have been transferred from a specific amount of Enlightened Entities, there are some expressions of the Holon on Gaia, who still believe that there is no relationship between them and the Spirit or some  of them do not believe to the Spirit’s existence at all. But these kind of paths, as any other path, arise from the gift of the Free Choice and nothing goes useless, nothing is without purpose, because the Infinite Wisdom is still there. The issue that I and dear Mikos wish to talk about, is about the process of Awakening, the perception of it and the comprehension of its importance.

Those of you who have chosen this path, go through a variety of situations from which comes a variety of feelings. A question that I would like to make you, is about how consciously you experience your personal Awakening? How many of you have realised that the main part of your self-therapy happens FROM you TO you? A small, but still significant, part of the transmission of the Truth and Remembrance of the Wisdom that exists in you, is carried out from Enlightened Entities, but the rest and the bigger remaining percentage of the work is on you.

You are the ones who contribute to your personal, and of those around you, Awakening according to the choice that you make. The Light and Love that are represented by me and the Legions of Light, are just a spark of boost that is felt by you, ONLY if you choose to notice it. You are the ones that put your hands on your eyes and all of a sudden, the  eternal Darkness of Forgetfulness goes away and is replaced by the eternal Light of Remembrance. Do not underestimate yourselves and honestly, remember the Unity that connects you with everything.


Remembering this, as the time passes, you are capable of a more comfortable connection with the ‘invisible’ sights of the Spirit…like the Spirits that are responsible for taking care of yours and your world’s Biology, as well as your Spiritual Ballance. Additionally, you have connections with families and friends from different places of the Creation, as it also happens with the place where I live, in the cities of the inner part of Earth.

The crystals that exist in Earth’s internal, sustain the planet’s DNA and among other attributes, they help Agartha’s residents to sustain their high frequencies in the 3D theater of  illusions, in which you move. This is a little taste of the reason for how 5D civilizations can exist in the internal of a 3D world. Imagine the example of the producer, of the director and generally, of the responsible ones for the making of a movie, who co-exist with the actors who play out their roles…the ones that are responsible for the project, step into two realities: the movie’s and its supervision’s. That is what happens with the Agarthians and same goes for the awakened ones of the surface.

Addressing you again as ONE, we tell you that the time has come that through a big potential that has been created, the ones who have chosen (and will choose) to move on with Gaia,  will be able to move in ONLY one reality …the New Frequency of the New Age that will reflect completely the things that are reminded to you by the Light Expressions from the world of the Spirit.

We express to you our greatest Appreciation and Gratitude for everything you are doing. Blessings.

As received by Konstantinos.

PS: For anyone who wish to read the previous messages, here is a link:




  1. and about jesus – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GCKY4-Hbxlw
    Enki dream about his trone on Earth and is solar system
    billions humans pay for this dream – coming kingdom of “GOD”.
    But they don’t know who is namely this “god” and what a terrible crimes he did here….people do not even understand to whom they pray … if they knew what happened here – all their prayers to Jesus (Enki) would immediately finished ..
    And there are no gods….and other words are all the troubles of people
    began with the fact – when Enki has decided to at all costs to get the throne in the solar system and the earth….and it seems that he has not calmed down … and pay is always and everywhere only people (his terrible experiment on primates and his crime) !

  2. Oh, I see. Constant-Konstant-inos (-_-). Look at that! Much Love and Appreciation to you, sweet Cathy<3.

  3. While journeying with my Shama, Carol, Jesus came into my awareness and gave me a one word message, “constant”. I asked Carol if the word constant meant anything to her. After my journey and healing we talked for several hours–the Arcturians came up in discussion. With much renewed interest I googled Arcturians and clicked on the image that resonated with me and the drawing of your Arturian family took me to the link to you and then to here. Wonderful, glorious Konstantinos! I am so grateful. I love and hug you, Cathy

  4. Glad you enjoyed the message dear Ben. In case you haven’t noticed so far, you can go check my latest (or previous) work that you’re unaware of, to the ‘Konstantinos’ category on the sub-category ‘Konstantinos’s channeled messages’ or you can go visit my blog awakeningtothedivine.wordpress.com . Much Love and Light to you.

  5. KP Lovely messages from Jesus Sananda and Mikos I love your drawings of them also. On my way to see your latest 🙂 much love suzanne

    • Thank you dear Troy. I like the depiction job in these cases a lot (-_-). Speaking of that, I updated my art page with some of the drawings you have seen to the posts and with two new (the last two) that I haven’t posted before.

      Much Love to you and all.

      • I had forgotten about that other drawing you did of Mikos, thank you for the reminder. Also that last drawing with the Pleidian and the baby is pretty awesome, conjuring up (visualizing) the fairy folk. For some reason it helped me realize, the reason fairies have a bad reputation is because the times they’ve been encountered they’ve been here in this dimension. I guess some of them are willing to sacrifice just so they can be with their human family. They really do love us very much. Namaste

        • Indeed dear friend. And just for the record, the being with the baby, as I have written, is an Arcturian (-_-). Namaste dear Troy.

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