SaLuSa September 14, 2012

SaLuSa 14-September-2012

Those souls who are deeply immersed in their religious beliefs will be amongst the last to accept the truth. That problem has been foreseen and the respective teachers on whom their beliefs are based, will return to explain what their true message was. Over time its interpretation has been deliberately changed to place more power and control into the controllers hands, so much so that the true meaning has become obscured. Our presence and your understanding of our service to you, has helped you realise that a point can be reached in your evolution when you can go within to find the truth. It clearly does not mean that you should not converse with others, as it is always useful to consider other points of view.

We have already set out our beliefs as a creed that we uphold, and expresses our place of service to others within the Universe. At our level of vibration only the truth can exist, and it is one that you are also moving into very soon. So we ask you to be open to new ideas which in general terms are based upon the Oneness of All That Is. The problem you have had is that your civilization has become fragmented and separated into so many schisms, you find it difficult to know what to believe. Furthermore, it has brought about so much conflict that you have fought amongst yourselves, to prove who is right and who is wrong.

On Earth tolerance is not found in abundance, and is caused by those trying to hold onto their power whether that be in religion or politics. We encourage you to accept that other souls will not necessarily be at your stage of understanding, and realize that in time all will evolve at their own pace. No one should be persecuted because of their beliefs, but neither should they try to impose them upon others. The period you are going through shows how dependent you all are upon each other, and it sometimes takes adversity to bring you together.

People are realizing that class distinction based upon wealth and education is keeping the divide in place, and that every person should have equal opportunities. Some come from deprived backgrounds and that is something that will be addressed with the changes. All will be considered as equal as they are in the eyes of God, no matter what karma they are serving out. Indeed, in these end times many of you are taking on whatever is needed to clear it. Much of it refers to relationships with each other and some hard lessons are being learnt. Where minor lessons are concerned these can in fact be marked out, when it is apparent that your consciousness levels have been lifted up.

Once you ascend it will be very different to what you have experienced in your present dimension. The harshness and conflict you normally encounter will no longer come about, as there is total harmony and cooperation as all help each other for the greater good. You will meet your guardians and Angelic Beings that have stood by your side through life after life. You will have developed consciousness levels that will give you a greater understanding of all things, and you will truly have become a Galactic Being. Your civilization is already a member of our Federation of Light, and a place awaits all those who wish to join us.

A fantastic life awaits you that releases you from the darkness that has accompanied you on your journey through your present dimension. You have done your bit and it is time to leave the cycle of rebirth that you have been experiencing. In the future you will simply change bodies when you feel it is necessary, as natural decay and death will no longer be part of your experience. As you are no doubt aware, you also live for hundreds of years as you would count it, but with no aging and instead maintain a body in its prime condition. You will have all the time you need to follow your hearts desire, and unlike on Earth you will not need money to do so as it will not be necessary.

Much that you view as an essential part of your life now will no longer be required, and as you dispense with material objects so they will be returned to source without any waste. In time you will have your personal craft, but join others for inter-dimensional travel into the depths of space. You call these bigger craft Motherships and some are cities in their own rights. You could travel around in one for years at the time, and find all of your needs available at all times. They are totally self sufficient and take advantage of free energy that is all around them. In those circumstances life is far from dull, and always offers a sense of excitement as you travel into the unknown.

You will have noticed that where we have met your people, they have commented on our apparent skin tight one piece outfits. That is because they are thought into being and are literally our second skin, and follow every movement of our body. Unlike you, when we travel we do not have to take a suitcase full of essential belongings. In that respect our needs are very limited as for example, we do not have daily chores such as shaving or other bodily requirements. You will have quite a lot to learn when you commence your new lives, yet they are nowhere as complicated as life on Earth. Life in the higher dimensions is a joy and so satisfying in all respects.

When you feel downhearted just remember where your future lies, and the indescribable upliftment that will start a whole new chapter in your evolution. The pain and suffering you have experienced will pass, and such memories will eventually fade into the past to be finally forgotten. So keep your sights on what is to come and not what has been, and do not allow negative thoughts to distract you. No matter what fears are raised by the news or speculation about your future, it will all be short lived. Until the dark Ones are removed they will still try to interfere with your progress, believing that somehow they will still succeed. They will learn that they have little power left, and cannot return to their previous level of control.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and bring the best wishes of the Galactic Federation for you, and a successful conclusion to your lives. You have worked hard and long to achieve it, and deserve to experience a most satisfying fulfilment.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.

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  1. I wish everybody on STC a great weekend. Love you all

    I had a dream last night , and I was lying on the beach, close to the water. As suddenly I was washed over by the water(Ascension?). I quickly stood up and flee with the other people because the water was rising very fast. We got safely to higher ground (higher dimensions?).
    😀 Love Lisa

    • So glad to be wafting along on the waves with you, dear sis! Thanks for the email, and I hope to get a chance to reply today… Still looking for places I can find wifi here in Pagosa… 😉

  2. Lisa, NIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Happy friday everyone, feels like a great day today. Here is the latest from our brother Saul

    Saul: Your future is Taking on a Glorious Golden Hue
    As channeled by John Smallman – September 12, 2012

    All sentient life — and all life is sentient — is divinely created, divinely loved, divinely honored, and divinely cherished. Consequently, to judge yourselves or others is totally inappropriate.

    However, not to do so is hard for you because, within the illusion that you have built and continue to maintain, you see people, bodies, egos, working mainly self-centeredly to improve their status, their wealth, their power, and seeking happiness as a result of these unreal but dearly-hoped-for achievements.

    When you chose to believe in and enter the illusion, you chose to leave behind your wisdom and other spiritual aspects that would cramp your style. You could not, of course, really leave them behind because they are eternal and inseparable aspects of yourself, but as it was an illusion you were able to pretend that you had.And having invested in that pretense you were able to play a very intense game of improving your situation at the expense of others.
    However, you soon discovered that, with your abilities newly limited and restricted by the environs of the illusion, you needed help if you were to attain those improvements, and so you started to team up with some over against others who were then considered enemies. But because of your implicit intent to look after yourself alone, betrayal, beguilement, and cheating became commonplace even among those who were supposedly on the same team.

    The consequent utter lack of success of those methods – which has been made abundantly clear in the last one hundred years or so, when your impressive new technical killing abilities still failed to authoritatively bring widespread peace into being and eradicate poverty – finally convinced you that the illusion, and all its illusory philosophical, intellectual, and scientific developments, could never bring you the peace, prosperity, and security you were so desperately seeking.

    That conviction is the saving grace you needed to encourage you to look for better ways to achieve a lasting state of peace and harmony on the planet. Many have sought to persuade you that to treat your peers with respect and due deference could bring order and stability to society, and where it was tried limited success has occurred. However, there were always some who chose to undermine the system for their own ends, and so lasting peace was never achieved.

    Now it is obvious to even the least clear-thinking that this constant escalation of threat and counter-threat, coupled with self-serving agendas promoted by those with special interests, has to cease or you will destroy yourselves. A great movement has arisen in which clear- sighted individuals with loving hearts and powerful intellects are communicating widely and sharing information and ideas that are going to lead you out of the morass of deceit and confusion which surrounds you.

    A new age is being born because it has been realized that it is essential, and because the outpouring of transparent information-sharing that has recently become possible allows trust and respect for one another to spread far and wide, demonstrating that it can indeed be born.

    This New Age has been in gestation for a long time, and its birth is imminent and inevitable. It will not be stillborn. Much planning and training has been involved in preparing for this moment in your evolution because, despite the selfish nature of the vast majority of human activities, there are many wise ones among you who have been sharing constructive ideas in order to move humanity on to a new path that will bypass the disorderly and unworkable social agendas that seem to have enslaved you for so long.

    A new society of caring, compassionate, thoughtful, and loving people is growing among you, and everyone is invited to become an active member. Word of this is spreading through the worldwide communication networks, and any who are interested in informing themselves about these uplifting developments will find that enormous quantities of data are readily available.

    The incredible amounts of assistance and encouragement flowing in from the spiritual realms are gently permeating humanity’s consciousness and bringing into your awareness the realization that not only must there be a better way to live together on the planet, but that there is indeed a better way. It is seen wherever love meets confrontation and disagreement, offering neither defense nor attack, but instead enabling an open sharing of views and desired goals.

    When positions are clearly spelt out there is always a resolution available that will solve any issues to the satisfaction of all involved. When openness and transparency are avoided in order to gain advantage over another, resolution of issues becomes impossible because distrust becomes the issue. Distrust has been endemic in human relationships on all levels for most of your recorded history, and the results have been disastrous. Peace and harmony rely on trust, and trust has to be learnt, demonstrated, and honored in every situation.

    Humanity has now reached the stage where it is ready to exercise this vital moral excellence. Communities all over the world have been trying to live it on a small scale for quite some time with far more success than you might have thought possible. As a result of these uplifting experiences, the courage to extend trust on a far larger scale has strengthened, and it is these accepting and open ways of living that are set to spread across the planet.

    The time for policies of subversion, conflict, betrayal, and distrust is coming to an end. They cannot succeed in their aims, as has been proved time and again when agreements have been broken and further suffering for many has ensued.

    Trust is the way forward, and humanity has finally chosen that path. The vast majority want to trust and be trusted, and they are now pledging themselves to do so in recognition that it is the only sane way to live. And because it is now becoming impossible to hide motives, agendas, and information, success is guaranteed. Those who would maintain the old ways are being sidelined, the truth is coming out, and your future is taking on a glorious golden hue.

    With so very much love, Saul.

  3. Dear john,

    The Crystals Speak

    We are the Crystals, We carry pure light
    It’s just our depth, That is out of your sight
    We are buried so deeply, down in the ground,
    So that we can, not be found
    For our power is awesome, And our Light is so bright
    That if you found us now, It would cause such a fright

    We once powered your planet,
    And gave freely our Light, But humans misused us,
    So we now live far from your sight
    Our depth is our security, It is dark and deep
    And you will find us when, You awaken from your sleep

    The time is coming, When you will discover our gifts
    For we will give you all, A vibrational lift
    That will boost your planet, And help Her shift
    So you will no longer be, Cast adrift
    But ride the currents, Of our light
    Until you have again, regained, your inner sight
    And move back into the realms of Creator’s light

    The time to find us, Will be coming soon
    Our gigantic size and awesome power, Will be a boon
    For we can supply you with all the energy,
    That you now consume And light your planet,
    As the Sun lights the Moon

    Just hold us and caress us, And keep us near
    For we can lighten your hearts, And fill you with cheer
    For our composition is purity, And our Light is so clear
    That by holding us close to you, We can erase all your fear

    We are clearer than glass, And our brilliance and glow
    Will always last

    We are Power and Light, And can supply all your needs
    You just have to call to us, We are ready to please
    We don’t burn out, We glow like the Sun
    And when you discover our uses, You will have such fun

    We can light your way, And guide your thoughts
    So that you can, become, what you ought
    To be ~ which is free
    From energy bills, And planetary ills
    And reap the benefits, Of power unlimited

    By connecting with us, And discovering our gifts
    You can, make, this mighty shift
    Into the 7th Great Golden Crystal Age
    That, will, be the rage!
    Where all you desire and all your needs
    Will be supplied to you with grace and ease

    Your Earth is waiting, For you to achieve
    Your light and brilliance, So She can leave
    And move with our Universe, To heights yet unknown
    And move you all up into a higher, Vibrational zone
    Called “Home”

    Our crystalline light, Will help you regain your sight
    So carry us with you, and put us in your homes
    And we promise you that, you will never feel alone

    For we are your new companions, Your partners on Earth
    And this is the moment, Of your rebirth
    Into the Creator Beings, You were meant to be
    And we are here to help, Set you free

    We hold the matrix of the Universe, In our crystalline web
    A crystal ball to hold, As you rest in your bed

    We Crystals are here, To guide your way
    So that you will not falter or be swayed
    Just touch us and sleep with us, And talk to us each day

    We are your Guides, Living with you on Earth
    And it is time to connect with us and not travel alone
    Just call to us on, the telepathic phone
    We can hear your thoughts, And send you ours
    For we are not very far, Time between us does not exist
    If you remember that distance, Is just a myth

    The Universe is waiting, Do you hear Her “call?”
    For we are all ready, To come to you all
    And erase the memory, Of the “Fall”

    And carry you with us into new heights
    Where you discover new clarity and sight
    And wonder how you ever fell from such a great height
    Well, that is all over, The spell is in the past
    And now it’s 10,000 years of peace at last
    That will not cease, Until all life forms have been released
    From bondage and struggle, And every other trouble
    That never was, meant to be,
    And again you’ll become totally free

    We Crystals will help you, to find your way
    Just carry us with you, and don’t delay
    Put us in your pockets and water you drink
    And we will guide you, as you think

    And your thoughts will gain clarity, as a result
    And we will even monitor, the beat of your pulse

    We can balance your body,
    We can balance your thoughts
    We can balance your whole planet, And everything on it
    For we create from pure Light Substance
    Which is what we can teach you,
    You just need to touch us
    And hold us close, Caress our encasements
    That are smooth as glass,
    And then we can bond, with you, at last
    And transfer our data directly to you,
    So your memory bank, can again be full
    Of all the wisdom, we have gained,
    That we can transfer to you,
    So that you can regain and maintain,
    Everything pure, in your domain

    It should not be, such a surprise,
    That we come in all, shapes and size
    As the light from our bodies, flow into your hand
    You will feel your energy field expand
    And you will feel your body gently yield
    And absorb the strength, that you will wield
    When you focus this power, and use it to heal

    For you are the LightBearers, And we are here to see
    That you set, ALL life free, So just call to us
    For we can hear your thoughts
    No call, is ever lost
    Even though we can be, Hundreds of miles deep
    No depth is ever, too steep, And we never sleep

    We are here to lift you into the spiral of light
    So you can experience, the magic of life
    We Crystals are Light and Love combined
    And can lift your hearts into the sublime
    Where you can feel the Queen of Heaven’s Bliss
    As she touches you gently, with her kiss

    © Copyright Dianne Robbins
    September, 2012

    You can read more from the Crystal Kingdom in my book:
    “Messages from the Crystal Kingdom” – In full color!
    Available in both Coffee Table Edition and 6 x 9 size
    Order here:

    • More confirmation for me with Crystals. My mothers amethyst buzzes when I hold it at night. When I have forgotten dreams lately I lay in bed gently stroking the smooth part I find with my finger and the dream begins to play out in my awake state. Not sure about putting them in water has anyone done this and would it be quartz you would use Thank you Gunner for a great post Suzanne.

      • Hi Suzanne…I have been drinking my Crystal Water (from Spring Source) for awhile now and Is truly Yummy!…i have several stones (quartz,citrine,amethyst) in Glass Pitchers that I occasionally place in Full Sun at the window,to further amplify the Properties of each Stone and to make the Water “Solarized”…True Natural Medicine…and We can Infuse Our Intents for Good Health into the Stones & Water as well…Experiment & Create 😉

  4. Hey, everyone! I’ve been lurking around, not much to say, really… feels like I’m just waiting for the show to begin!
    Much love to everyone ♥

  5. Stick, I just read your lesson on the Greys over at GM, awesome message you posted and then to top it off with this picture really blew my mind.
    As a matter of fact, this is what the Reptalian looked like in my dream when I was on a ship and there were others, not reptalian, showing me pictures of different things on Earth and I would tell them what it was.
    the reptalian camin into the room, he was like 3 feet tall, and seen us talking and seemed not to want to disturb us so he just left the room, he looked so peaceful and happy.
    BTW, I remember them asking me what is this picture and I said , oh that is a transvestitie, LOL. I guess they want to also know about the freakiness of our culture.
    Check out this picture everyone, gave me goosbumps and compassion for the Reptalians.

    Kinda made me think of this pic


  6. Don’t want to be a pain in the neck (or anywhere else!) but I’d just like to call your attention to the cause of the Iberian wolf shelter, here in Portugal.
    Long story short: this is a campaign to raise money to buy the 17-hectare site on which the Iberian Wolf Recovery Center (IWRC) has stood for the last 25 years. The survival of the Center is at risk and depends entirely on the purchase of this land. If the necessary target is not met they risk having to find another site to start all over again or, worse, have to put the wolves ‘to sleep’, because there they actually live in groups and moving to another place would be very problematic (and traumatic) for them – it could not even work at all.
    I know we’re all going through money problems, but every bit helps. I’ve already contributed and this is a cause very dear to me, as I’ve been a sponsor since my years in college (way back in the 1800’s… I mean 2000 :D).
    Here is the link with more info:
    Even if you can’t donate, please send your love and good vibes to this cause ♥ ♥ ♥
    Thank you and much love to everyone! ♥

  7. Hello everyone! I have been so very busy and unable to communicate and catchup with reading the various posts. I want you to know I think of you all and keep you in my heart. : )

    Love and light

    • Hi, Vee! I have to say I know exactly what you’re talking about – that’s what I’ve been having happen the past three weeks also! I hope you feel the love! Wishing you a blissful weekend!

  8. Suntria, very worthy cause and count me in for a donation.
    VEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, even if it is short, so nice to see you post.
    here is an article I would like to send to the judge in bayonne who reads the riot act, show news articloes on the courtroom and blames everyone for possesion of pot , blames them for the Mexican cartels murderous ways.

    Roseanne Barr: The War on Drugs Is Just Plain Crazy
    Sep 13
    Posted by Wes Annac

    The War on Drugs: Now, after all these years, it even sounds dumb and tiresome. Here we are on our third president who we all know engaged in some illicit recreational substance use and who went on to being, well, president! That’s twenty years of presidents who got high! That’s why it’s so hard to watch President Obama and Eric Holder backstroking onto the National stage wearing their “Tough On Crime” faces and harassing California medical marijuana dispensaries.

    They should allow Medical Marijuana to be the unthreatening foot in the door that it is, and open the door wider. People know that medicinal weed is not turning patients with various legitimate ailments into raving maniacs, any more than it’s creating mobs overcome by Reefer Madness outside dispensaries. That’s because reefer madness was basically an invention of some ill-informed control freaks. While their successors keep an eye out for the elusive world’s first overdose death from marijuana, they seem to prove that pot can cause some pretty strange behavior by lots of people who don’t smoke it.
    Words can barely describe how tragic, futile and destructive the War on Drugs has been for our country and for the nation of Mexico. How many times must we point to the fact that the last time we tried prohibition it resulted in a massive black market with violent, heavily-armed gangs and bloody turf wars?

    The War on Booze corrupted law enforcement officials and wasted an obscene fortune in public funds and manpower. In the end, we realized that people are going to get what they want: a manageable “buzz,” a short break from the pressures and disappointments of life, an altered state from the one they generally trudge along in. Damn it, if we’re going to brag about how free we’re all supposed to be, we should have the right to the pursuit of happiness, no matter how temporary, whether it comes from a couple of cocktails, a puff on a cigarette that isn’t supplied by Big Tobacco, or the popping of a pill. If you overdo it and become a nuisance, well, that’s what public intoxication laws are for.

    Speaking of popping a pill, Americans are roughly five percent of the world’s people, but they consume two thirds of the world’s anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medication. We don’t really have a war on drugs, we have a war on drugs that don’t make money for big pharmaceutical companies. Or, as I’ve been putting it, for years, “The War on Drugs is a war on poor people on street drugs waged by rich people on prescription drugs.” Seriously, who are we kidding?

    Speaking of pills, a bitter one to swallow is the sad fact that we’re still fighting this battle against such entrenched opposition. There are some real die-hard attitudes out there. I’d like to ask a few pointed questions of those who still think they’re fighting the good fight by continuing to support this disastrous so-called war on so many peoples’ private habits and behavior.

    My first question is: Shouldn’t it bother you, in the least, to look around and see that the world’s greediest, most remorseless drug lords are on your side and are even more committed than you are to the policies you support? When conservative, church-going moralizers find themselves marching under the same banner as murderous drug cartel kingpins, shouldn’t they at least consider that they may be saluting the wrong flag?

    Now, let’s get a little more dollars-and-sense about this drug business, and I do mean drug BUSINESS. Does anybody doubt that controlling and taxing pot would bring billions and billions of dollars endlessly streaming into our national wallet? As things stand now, two things are happening: 1. Tens of millions of Americans buy marijuana, and 2. many essential social and educational programs are on life-support if not dead already, for lack of funding. Hello? The Marijuana market is not going away, so why not turn this to our advantage and steer the steady revenue into places that would help make life better for most Americans?

    As a last resort, now that all else has failed, couldn’t we at least try using some common sense? With almost one in every eight inmates in our overcrowded prisons locked up for marijuana-related convictions, doesn’t it seem unjust that there are huge industries built upon legally manufacturing and selling substances that are proven, statistically, to be more addicting and harmful than pot? When we remember that it costs more to maintain a prison inmate than it does to put someone through college, and that America locks up more of its people than any other country, it’s not hard to see why more people want to be in the prison business.

    When you factor in the slave labor aspect of what I call the Prison Industrial Complex, what’s revealed is profitable corporate socialism for prison owners. And, how can we overlook the fact that there are individuals in our prisons who can and do obtain drugs behind bars? This brings us to the obvious question: If we can’t thoroughly drug-proof our prisons, how can we convince ourselves that we’ll drug-proof our whole society?

    It really comes down to a case of our government bowing to pressures from the mega-wealthy special interests I’ve mentioned. The paramilitary drug cartels and the big growers in both North and South America stand shoulder-to-shoulder with corporate giants who push pills and liquor on TV, Big Tobacco, and the aforementioned Prison Industrial Complex leading the race to the bottom.

    They bring the lobbying and marketing money that keeps selling the whole fishy business to the brainwashed moralists whose grandparents may have railed against “Demon Rum” the last time we enabled this insane prohibition racket. We’ve all heard that it’s just plain crazy to keep trying the same ineffective methods and expecting different results. We’re criminalizing our own nation and sacrificing our freedoms and privacy. But, as soon as we end the war on drugs, we win. Let’s do it!

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  9. This guy is so funny especially his last line and no, I have never done that. He used to play football and now does the TV gig. He is great at it and comes off just like a fan that is sitting right next to you having a beer and enjoying the game.
    This is from the Howard Stern show from Tuesday.


    Tony ‘The Goose’ Siragusa stopped by to promote his memoir, ‘Goose: The Outrageous Life & Times of a Football Guy’, telling Howard he didn’t fill out until 8th grade. “That was a big turning point. I started getting, like, pecs. They were boobs beforehand.” Goose went on to the University of Pittsburgh (“Your wife was there when I was there!”) and, though he wasn’t drafted, the Indianapolis Colts did pick him up later on: “They signed me for 85 grand. I was the lowest-paid player in the NFL.”
    Goose said he was plagued his entire career by knee injuries he’d suffered at Pitt: “Sometimes I had to drain them myself. I would take a needle and drain them. … I had something to prove.” But 12 seasons of NFL-grade hits to the head have helped him forget the pain: “My short-term memory’s shot. I can’t remember anything. I have to travel with somebody who knows me, to fill in the blanks.”

    As such, NFL retirees can never return to their sport like many other professional players often do–most succumb to injury: “When I retired, that helmet went on the shelf and I’ve never put it on again. It’s so finite. It’s done.” Goose said he was now 45 years-old, and, given both his father’s early passing (at 47) and a laundry list of football injuries, every day is a gift: “If I die tomorrow, I tell my wife, just put a smile on my face, put a little Sinatra on…”

    Before he left, Goose recalled a bout of pre-game constipation and the enemas that failed to help. With saline still in his intestines, Goose had to take the field: “I taped my ass cheeks together…and that week we were wearing white jerseys and white pants. [I was] like, ‘It could be the most humiliating thing. I would have to quit.’” But somehow he held it through the game: “Did you ever shit so much that the toilet actually flushes by itself?”

  10. Sending love right back at ya Leslee.
    I love people who talk straight up but I never heard anyone flush the bowl on their own, had me LMAO.
    OMG I cant believe I did not mention what I can remember of my dream last saturday night.
    I am on this huge dock house and my family is inside. The dock is surrounded by a deck that extends at least a mile aroung this house.
    I go outside and lay down on the dock as if I am on one of those car mechanic boards they use to crawl unde cars.
    The first thing I noticed was the Sun.
    It was shinging brightly but did not make me squint. Now, around the sun were all these little flames, they were not connected to ecah other or the sun just floating on their own. Then, aroung them were 2 white circles of light. i yelled to my family, wow, look at the sun but no one seemed interested or came outside.
    I then started to crawl further around the deck. i could sense some ships so I look at the sky and I seen this cylindrical shaped ship, bright silver in color, just hovering like it was doing some sort of study on the Earth. It also had these cool white lights all around it. I could sense it was not manned.
    Then, off to my right was another ship, green pastel and round . this I sensed to be manned.
    Then, the strangest thing happened to me. I actually fell asleep or lose consciousness in my dream. I woke up and for some reason I knew it must of been at least a half an hour. I was also like a half a mile further down the dock. Some guy came out and smiled and I was telling him I must have been taken abooard. He just smiled and went about his business.
    I go back to my family but no one was interested in my story so I did get a little frustrated.
    I really believed I was taken aboard and wondered about you all with your saturcday night flights. The thing is, I dont remember anything about being on the ship.
    The dream had a great feeling to it and when I awoke, I felt so happy.
    i was singing, happy and I smiling , walk a mile to drink your water, you know I love to love you and above you theres no other, Just a song from Jethro tull.
    Well, my manger is lurking so I gotta shut down.

    • Comments just rolling in now, yes this thought crossed my mind too. You see this is all about manifestation right here, it hasn’t even been built yet and we’re already filling it with druggies, prostitutes, and graffiti… LOL

      I actually visualized something more like Las vegas, where you go underground and there’s a whole fake street scene down there. So if they could make it more like being outside but underground, that would be pretty cool huh? Although, logistically maybe kind of dumb because they’d still have to water the plants?

  11. I agree Leslee, what would we do without Gunner around! Everything is lining up for you Les and you will have a job in no time. I am so happy for you. Love you.

    I feel off balance when I’m unable to visit STC and I miss out on so much. I have been very busy at work these past three weeks and have not be able to visit with my family here they way I would like to. How dare my boss expect me to work! : ) On a serious note, I am so grateful for having a job that I truly enjoy. I’m not complaining.

    Everybody, have a fun filled weekend!

    Love, light and laughter

    • It seems that Scooby Doo & His Mystery Machine Gang have been involved in the latest mystery regarding Niburu,during the month of August 2012…This is the New Scooby Doo cartoons airing…The use of the scenario of a Collision is rather dramatic, and I personally prefer the word “Passage”…what makes these Cartoon Episodes interesting,is that their audience is geared for children…and I do believe that today’s Children are Intellectually & Tech-Smart to see Beyond the DoomsDay message and see Our Celestial StarSystems as Unique & Ever-Evolving

        • I know eh!…I frequently “watch” (TV is on,yet I’m usually focusing on things) the old Scooby Doo and “ole timer” cartoons…i did land on the New Scooby Doo Series a couple times,yet I found the Illustrations: too “boxy”…My Internet Readings have indicated that in the Month of August 2012, the word “Nibiru” was used in 4 separate Scooby Doo Episodes…I may as well tune in this month and see what “Unravels” as the those Meddling Kids,hehe, Solve yet another Mystery…lol!

  12. *What You Are Experiencing As Life Is A Sad & Minimalist Domain*
    September 14, 2012 ~ Jeshua through John Smallman

    God’s Love is completely beyond your understanding! It encompasses, envelops, and embraces all sentient life; without It there would be no life. Your life is an aspect of divine Love; it is what you are and has nothing to do with your bodies or egos, your cultures or your religions, your ethnicity or your nationality; it is the field in which you exist, and it is all that exists. That sounds like a paradox to you, especially as individuality — separation into parts — is the way the illusion presents itself to you.

    The unreal environment in which you are experiencing your lives is an imaginary state of existence that you were able to construct only because you exist at one with and within your heavenly Father while remaining completely free. You exist because, from Love and in Love, He created you free to delight eternally in the infinite and wondrous state that He created for His children. You chose to use your limitless freedom to build a severely limited but imaginary realm in which you could experiment and experience life as though removed from His loving embrace.

    What you are experiencing as life is a sad and minimalist domain, because you chose to exclude from it all that would enable you to bring to mind what you left behind when you shut down your awareness of Reality. You invented psychosis and confined yourselves in a psychotic institution where you experimented with embracing a wide variety of limited states of consciousness, and ultimately you became quite lost. Nothing made sense – which was your original intent – in this hall of mirrors, and there seemed to be no way out.

    Of course there is a way out! What you built is tiny. You have to work extremely hard to remain within its confines, because the impulse, the urge to break free, to burst out is acute and constantly conflicts with your intent to remain lost. God is calling you Home. The divine flame burning within each one of you is His loving call to awaken, to release your viselike grip on the unreal that is causing you so much pain. You desperately want to answer His call, but you are afraid. You believe that you rejected Him permanently, when you built your illusion and that as a result He wants you banished, punished, and permanently exiled.

    You have forgotten that He is infinite, unconditional Love, as are you, and therefore you cannot envisage Him standing with outstretched arms, as indeed He is, as He waits for you to return to Him. Fortunately the inextinguishable flame that He placed burning within each one of you is warming you hearts and giving you a sense, a small intimation of His feelings for you. Hope is alive within you, and you are looking for evidence that your hope is justified.

    Look around you at the encouraging signs that demonstrate quite clearly that people feel compassion, that they care about those who are suffering, and that they are taking steps to bring to an end the enormous imbalance between those who have everything and the vast majority who have next to nothing. That is most definitely a sign of God’s Love melting the hearts of those who previously chose to remain unaware and unconcerned about the impoverished who were all around them being used and abused.

    Loving attitudes are being discovered in even the hardest of hearts, melting the inflexible beliefs that have allowed enormous and inequitable imbalances in power and wealth to be present and flourish, while the standard of living of so much of humanity remained utterly intolerable. You are all one. You need to realize this and act accordingly by using your skills and talents to help and nurture those who are stuck in abject poverty. There is absolutely no need for this state of affairs, since modern technology can provide everything required to ensure that no one is without adequate resources to live a satisfying and fulfilling life.

    This needed realization is dawning on many, and groups of generous, talented people are establishing themselves all over the world to address and resolve the issues that cause and maintain the poverty trap. Poverty is relentlessly enervating and disempowering, and it has been encouraged and maintained by the ruthless greed of a small group of embittered, unfeeling, and affluent individuals who suffer from an insatiable lust for power. Their time is over, their influence is dwindling, and their hidden agendas and plans are coming to light.

    Love is all powerful, so even if you are not physically able to take part in dissolving the corrupt systems that have endured for so long, or in building their replacements, remember that your loving prayers and meditations most effectively strengthen and intensify the divine energy field that is enveloping the world and bringing in the New Age that has been long promised. Pray, meditate, and intend that God’s Will be done, and know that you too are bringing the age of peace, harmony, and abundance for all into being.

    Your loving brother, Jesus.

  13. Hi everyone! Just trying to catch up here. I was telling Leslee I feel better and happier when I read everyone’s posts here daily. I agree with Vee, I feel imbalanced if I don’t. I have to work at it rather than just smiling along with all the great, positive energy here. Thank you all for the amazing community we have!
    Love, light, and respect to all of you!

    • A Peaceful & Prosperous New Moon to Ya Jason…If Ya have any more Dimensional Photos,please share with Us…I have a Feeling that a Number of People read the STC Posts and are Our Community…All da Best to Ya & Leslee over there @ Pagosa… 🙂

  14. I want to thank ALL of you for b e i n g YOU ‘Spirit Train Riders’ 😉

    ( ( (Heaven is The Destination Towards Which All Are Heading ) ) )
    by John Smallman ~ 9 16 2012

    The moment for humanity’s mass awakening draws ever closer. The divine Love field enveloping the planet is continuing to intensify and strengthen as more and more of you open to it and allow it to change your perspective on life and its meaning.

    The flame of love that is eternally alight within each one of you is growing and spreading its influence ever further afield as you empower it with your intent to release all that is unloving within you and offer only love, whatever the situation may be in which you find yourself.

    This spiritual evolution, in which you are all so intimately involved, is a magnificent creative venture whose purpose is to wash away once and for all the pain and suffering that you have been experiencing and which makes the illusion seem so real to you.

    Even the mainstream media is helping here, because the sight of suffering, however caused, projected visually and audibly into your homes does lead to a rise in compassion. Before the times of radio, television, and easy travel it was very difficult to share or promulgate the stark facts of human suffering to a world where people lived, as it were, cocooned and isolated in their own small communities.

    A few made a point of being informed on these matters and did their best to help those in need, but the effects of their efforts were very limited.

    With all your new technologies and mass education, it is now impossible to remain unaware of the appalling conditions in which so many are attempting to live and raise their families. And this rising awareness, over the last one hundred and fifty years or so, has brought the energy of enormous loving intent to bear on these issues.

    Sometimes it has been misguided, but for the most part great strides have been made in arousing people to join together in groups to provide assistance and constructive ideas to help those most in need. This desire and fierce intent to help the less fortunate has been growing exponentially in the last few decades and has now become self-sustaining.

    A planetary shift has taken place and the wish and the intent to relieve suffering wherever it occurs has become normal. Many have difficulty in understanding that this is a new way of thought and behavior, because life spans and memories within the illusion are short.

    But this shift in attitudes has been leading you back towards Reality, towards awakening, and encouraging the seeds of hope for a far, far better way of living to germinate, grow, and now flourish. There will be no turning back from this far more friendly and loving way of living, and the consequentially far more appropriate ways of resolving whatever issues arise to be dealt with.

    This is apparent in so many areas as people make important decisions to alter structures to enable creative ideas and solutions to develop where, before, basically inflexible systems just maintained the status quo, or even moved backwards by rescinding actions that had been helpful and progressive in attempts to reestablish and reinforce the suppression of the many by the few.

    The endemic fear that has enveloped humanity for eons was the ongoing cause of all of this, and this fear is now being dissolved as Love sweeps across the planet embracing all in Its path. It is irresistible.

    Nevertheless, some are attempting to resist and reverse the flow, but it is like trying to make water flow uphill, and those who are rather inadvisedly choosing to swim against the current of loving cooperation that is growing and swelling with exhilarating enthusiasm will be swept away and subsumed into the field of Love.

    Or, if they are totally resistant to these divine energies and refuse to accept the loving embrace that is being offered to them, they will float away freely into an environment that better suits their level of spiritual evolvement.

    Everyone is evolving spiritually; no one is immune to the evolutionary spiritual energies that are constantly encouraging you to move forwards; but, as with children, no two progress at the same rate, and so an alternate environment is available for those who find the present pace too fast or even alarming.

    And they will find that it suits them admirably because no sign of change will be noticeable until they are ready and willing to engage with it.

    Despair and hopelessness are useless and very painful distractions that have been developed in the illusion over the eons to feed apathy and numbness, and which have allowed some to control and suppress others.

    However, those debilitating sensations will be far weaker in the alternate environment in which the “refuseniks” are contained because they too have made positive spiritual progress, even though it is not yet enough to persuade them reject the illusion, and to leave them with the intensely crushing experience that those sensations can cause would be extremely unloving.

    God takes care of His own and all are His own, so even those who choose to remain asleep, when all around are waking up, will find their new environment somewhat less threatening. As they begin to understand what unspeakable horrors their egoic agendas have engendered and the suffering they have caused, it would be unconscionable to allow them to experience to the full the power of despair and hopelessness that was originally developed in the illusion because they would be unable to move through it. God would not have allowed the illusion to contain an “eternity trap” — effectively a hell.

    As you have been informed countless times, the infinite Love in which God sustains and nourishes His creation ensures that no one will ever be barred from it or rejected by Him. All are His children, priceless treasures within His Heart, to be cherished and honored for all eternity.

    And all who are fully awake, like God Himself, have only Love to share. Consequently, no one will hold resentment in their hearts because they think that those who caused unconscionable suffering to so many are getting off too lightly. That idea is part of the illusion and just cannot exist in Reality.

    Heaven is the destination towards which all are heading, and all will arrive there. That is God’s incontestable Will.

    With so very much love, Saul.

  15. Dear Readers, due to computer technical troubles, Mike Quinsey cannot send out today’s SaLuSa message. He hopes he can do it next Friday. Sorry for the inconvenience caused. ~Tree of the Golden Light

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