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Yesterday when I came home, I saw that some rainy clouds were coming in. After our dinner I wanted to close the curtains of the living-room when I noticed this Mega-cloud. I actually went into the garden to take the pictures. I was an amazing sight and huge. So I made a lot of pictures as I couldn’t take this mega-cloud in one picture and stitched it together in Photoshop CS5. Please click on the picture to view in it’s full view.

A thought is rising slowly into my head, casting it into words that would define a new reality. I think, so I AM! Is this real, I ask myself? Is reality a world that I can physical touch? The mind begins to reason, but I stop! Ideas, imaginations float through my mind. The feeling of reality lowers itself into my heart. Reality feels different now, it expands my…

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  1. We watched the 35th anniversary showing of Close Encounters of the Third Kind last night and there were super mega clouds in the film. Maybe we will see more of them when ships uncloak.

  2. It was really a huge cloud from my point of view. And also , the light of the sun, all our surroundings was bathing in an orange glow. I was very impressive to see. The other pictures you can see on my blog.

    Love Lisa

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