I am Arachanaï

new beginning In the light of the Disclosure movie , given by the 2012 Scenario site, I felt compelled to write my own Disclosure. And I wonder how a personal Disclosure will look. I agree it will be on a personal level, acknowledging my star brothers and sisters. On an early age I was attracted to stories about UFO’s, Shamanism and further on in live to Wicca and eventually lead me four years ago to the Galactic Federation. Their messages increased the light in myself. So as I stand here before you, I acknowledge their presence here in the skies and in space. Even though I didn’t have the chance to see it for myself in my own eyes, but there is so much evidence on the Internet. They are coming in peace and want to help us with our Ascension. Help! Not doing it for us. I am so happy to…

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