4 comments on “A Peek Behind The Screen

  1. This for some reason reminded me of that circular crop circle with the binary code on it.

    Interesting blog it was posted on too:

    Fortunately this particular turing test wasn’t all that difficult! :mrgreen: And you know I appreciated the crossword puzzle nature of this message, very mind-expanding to realize that my brain, while presented with a meaningful message, tries REALLY HARD to make sense of the part that makes no sense.

    I would be curious to know, do you remember how you received this message? What prompted you to layout the letters in this way?

    Thank you Ben this is a great message. (1980, wow!)

  2. The two initial acrostics just sprang up in my mind the way these sometimes do. I still have a fairly clear image of the room where it happened.The idea of presenting them in their final form came along some months later, as far as I remember, but I can’t recall the details. The second message, I suppose is that the truth nature of spacetime is always there to be seen, but only if you look at it in the correct way. 😉

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