SaLuSa ~ September 26, 2012

SaLuSa 26-September-2012

As you are finding time is speeding by, and the prophesies of massive earthquakes and other physical happenings have in no way occurred quite as was envisioned. You can certainly take some credit for the outcome, as by bringing the Light to Earth, you have also brought calmness. It does not however mean that there will not be physical changes, as some are inevitable. By keeping the vibrations high through the coming weeks, you can ensure that you have a fairly smooth finish to the cycle. We are of course part of the reason for the way it is working out, and are maintaining what can be called a peaceful time. Yes, there are battles taking place in some countries, but these will not be allowed to escalate into a greater global war.

It may sound strange to say that you are achieving peace on Earth, but it is so as more and more people demand it along with their freedom. You are already seeing the last stand in many countries, and the military personnel are showing their belief that it is time to call an end to all war. They realize that apart from self defense war is a senseless act that rarely achieves any lasting effect. Instead it creates hatred, and those whose people and lands are destroyed will carry thoughts of revenge until they are fulfilled. Is it not true Dear Ones, that you have created the terrorists that plague the world with their insane acts of self destruction and murder.

We would wish you to not dwell upon the negativity that is still present in your world, but you need to understand how it has come about. Naturally the dark Ones have had a hand in perpetuating it, and speaking historically have set up almost every modern war between nations. That will all finish with Ascension as you are moving into a level where such negativity cannot exist. The souls that think this way who will not give up their pursuits for wealth and power, will remain in the lower dimension with others who are unenlightened. However, the Light will not be denied them and every effort will be made to bring them back into it. One day they will return as eventually every soul will make it home.

Meantime the path to Ascension is opening up, and the changes required to move on are nearing manifestation. In consequence matters will take off quite quickly as certain goals have to be reached before you get there. Our allies still put their heart and soul into their work, and will see the results very soon. As we have said many times, nothing can stop the final curtain coming down, and the Illuminati will be gone from your lives forever. Your consciousness levels continue to rise, and with one great leap forward you will realize that you have ascended. There will no uncertainty in your mind at all, you will know that you have immensely changed from what you were previously. So do not allow worries to creep into your mind, keep your vision in front of you and it will become your reality.

Live in the Now and wait until it is necessary to change your daily pattern, to accommodate the New Age that is manifesting. You will know soon enough when it arrives, and it is the “knowing” that you can rely on to carry you forward. Your extrasensory perception will be sharper and enhanced by the new energies you are taking into yourself. You may well view the fact that your body will no longer be susceptible to illness, as the most welcome change of all. It will be just one of many that will immediately uplift your quality of life. We could say that you have not lived until you experience life in the higher dimensions. It would be true particularly where it relates to other souls. You will find that all are united in Love and Light, and will live together in bliss and total harmony.

We of the Galactic Federation of Light speak to you as ones who are already at the levels you are moving into. We experience in a happy environment where all forms of life interact with each other. There is no fear whatsoever between the different life forms, and it is based on trust. Consequently no one feels inhibited or withdrawn, but can express themselves freely in great joy and happiness. Thoughts associated with the lower vibrations never enter our minds, and we focus on all that is pure and untainted by any negative aspect. Living your life in this way is so satisfying and we certainly do not have any time for boredom. There will be so much more open to you to explore and as you ascend even further, as you say “the skies the limit”.

So Dear Ones, make the most of your final days upon your present Earth. It still has so much beauty and places that are of the highest energies. Those of you who are sensitive’s will know what I mean. Equally some areas still remain badly polluted, from centuries of being subjected to the lower energies through war and other conflicts. These will of course be finally cleared before Ascension, and indeed that work has already commenced. To help you we can work whilst off Earth, but when we can meet you it can be carried out as a joint venture. Mother Earth has been a most patient entity whilst seeing you through the last period of your lives. She receives and welcomes your contact with her, and your return to times when you both lived much closer together. It will come again in the near future when you shall understand your relationship with all other life forms.

You were all created and placed upon Earth to enjoy all of the Creator’s bounty and beauty, and learn how to support each other. Regretfully in the latter stages you grew away from Nature, and forgot how much you needed each other. That is changing and many are recognizing the place that Man has on Earth, and the importance of his guardianship where all life is concerned. The Buddhists are renowned for their understanding, and have shown what can be done when you are in harmony with nature. Some of you are equally aware, and are a good example to others who are seeking a true relationship with Nature.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and ask you to go forward with great confidence. There is nothing to be frightened about where the New Age is concerned, it is everything you could have wished for. We are preparing to introduce ourselves in whatever circumstances are permissible, and will do it a way that does not induce fear. Far from it, as we come to you in Love and Light.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey

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  1. Good day to all! I feel kinda weird today, like I just can’t seem to wake up, or something. Like I either didn’t sleep last night, or I was ridiculously busy! Anywho, I wanted to stop in and say HELLO! I LOVE YOU ALL! Namaste’ to my dear family. I am so excited that we are, what, 85 days away?! We are almost there you guys, and I don’t know about you guys, but things have been really challenging the last two weeks. Like Cheri’ and I both are being tested to the hilt! I hope that everyone is finding ways to “deal with” these powerful energies! You are all in my Heart, and so very soon we will all be together, one way or another!

  2. What SaLuSa is saying here seems to reflect the universal holographic theory – that the external reflects the internal. Not only physical gaia but also internal/mental well being (even if we may have to force it at times…). The more happy smiling people we have out there the fewer catastrophe’s we’ll see. Uh, right?

    I am having major deja-vu, particularly today, as if I’ve seen all this in a dream before and we are very close to the “end” of all the nonsense we’ve had to put up with all these years. I feel like a lot of it will just kind of disappear, and it’s going to take us a few weeks to clue into the fact that’s it’s happened. Like, your life is the same, but the realm outside of your experience (or on the edge of it) has changed in subtle ways.

    At the very least, an “unchangeable” yet mundane point in time where all similar timelines converge and then diverge again…

    • DW, that’s a very astute hypothesis! That actually makes a lot of sense. The last month or so I have been getting that “something is coming, or something is gonna happen” feeling. It comes on super random, but when it comes it’s strong.

  3. Another lovely message again today. Challenges are certainly happening for us all at the moment but we are coming closer to being our true selves and that my dear friends is a wonderful feeling. Have a great day everyone love you all πŸ™‚

  4. I would say feeling a bit ‘off’ or ‘weird’ is a natural byproduct of the Times… the birthing pains of the new paradigm & our 12 Strand DNA coming online. Stand Strong Spirit train Riders… YOU were born to do this! πŸ˜‰

    ( ( ( You Will Begin To Experience Strange Thoughts Or Intimations ) ) )
    09/26/2012 by John Smallman

    The field of divine Love enveloping Planet Earth is having an enormous effect on humanity. Its influence is irresistible and irreversible, and because of it you are all moving towards Love and away from fear.

    Wars, terrorist attacks, criminal activity, and political activity in every field – international affairs, corporate, local, educational, health, religious, etc. – are all driven by fear, and have been for eons. Fear is so ingrained in humanity, in every nation, race, and culture, that it is very difficult to eradicate. Nevertheless, that is what you have been doing very slowly for a very long time, and in the last few decades your rate of progress has been accelerating.

    Love is the divine force field, It is eternal, It is one, It is without opposite, It is that in which all that exists is incorporated and unified.

    Fear is unnatural, unreal, an imaginary concept that you invented and about which you then made inordinate assumptions. You then used those assumptions to build belief systems that drove you into separation and confusion. Your belief in your unreal reality became very strong as a result of the suffering you experienced, and you found yourselves seemingly trapped in a hostile environment from which there seemed to be no exit.

    Your beliefs in anything other than Love are groundless, and yet you continue attempting to maintain them. However, they are weakening rapidly now as the effects of the divine Love field enveloping the planet make it ever clearer that it is the old inflexible belief systems which are the root cause of all your problems. You have spent eons defending with your lives β€” and by destroying the lives of others β€” beliefs that have no basis in fact, but are merely the egoic opinions of those who live in fear and need some kind of comforter to prevent them falling into blind panic.

    The Love field enveloping the planet is all pervasive, it is percolating the energy field of each individual human and making it part of itself. Many are feeling this happening and are experiencing it as strange moods and emotions, ones with which they are unfamiliar. Initially it is rather unsettling because they are accustomed to being and feeling wary, unsure, anxious, and this new energy is dissolving those sensations and replacing them with a sense of trust and safety β€” a feeling that all manner of things will be well. And of course it makes no sense because the environment around them appears unchanged, as unsafe and threatening as it has always been.

    Because Reality is not composed of physical matter, but of limitless potential possibilities, it is very difficult for you to grasp the idea of it, except very vaguely. In fact while you remain wedded to the apparent reality of the illusion it is impossible for you to understand. The illusion is solid stuff, or so it seems to those experiencing it, but it is not, and your science has proved that. Nevertheless, you experience it that way, and your physical senses are unable to make sense of or understand the non-physicality which surrounds you and from which you built the illusion.

    Your intuition does give you intimations of Reality when you do not shut it down in favor of β€œreal,” physical stuff. Many of you have on occasion responded to your intuition and been amazed at the results, but then you dismiss those results as coincidences, oddities, inexplicable aberrations, and you move on with your lives. Every now and then you recall them and are puzzled by them, but they are disturbing for you because they seem so unaccountable and so you do not dwell on them.

    With the divine energy field enfolding the planet with increasing intensity you will begin β€” if you have not already started β€” to experience strange thoughts or intimations that have never occurred to you before but that make complete sense to you. It will be a deep knowing, not an opinion or a belief but a knowing, something that has never felt surer to you. It will be loving and accepting, peaceful, inspiring β€” a vivid understanding that you are indeed a divine being and that all of humanity is like you and one with you. In that moment, unconditional Love will fill your heart for all sentient beings, completely indiscriminately.

    At first it will be only momentary and it will shock you, but it will invigorate you with a new vitality or liveliness. Your perceptions will become brighter and that moment will be unforgettable. As the moment of your awakening approaches, these occurrences will become more frequent and the validity of your faith in God unshakable. When you pray, meditate, or just relax, intend to feel this newly alive life coursing through you and bring it into being. It is your destiny, and you have limitless help from the spiritual realms to assist you in doing so. And that is where you need to focus your attention and your energies.

    With so very much love, Saul.


  5. I left this message over at Ashtar Command… figured it might make sense ot carry over to the Spirit Train. More multidimensional food for thought πŸ˜‰

    ALL ‘Channeled’ material only represent pieces of the multidimensional puzzle that Humanity and our Galactic Brethren & Sistren are on the threshold of solving. Of course there are infinite perspectives, doctrines, ancient texts etc. that are deeply interwoven in this Divine process. The notion that ALL of these Energies can be summed up and broken down to one version of ‘truth’ is another of the fading shadows of Duality… In fact, the Spiritual turbulence that has become the backbeat of the times is a natural byproduct of the birth of the new paradigm. What seems critically important to keep in mind given the anticipation of mass Awakening is: ‘Timeline’ is a construct that is also loosing it’s meaning. If you tap the massive amount of Energy that is in ‘play’ at this very moment, one is reminded of the dangers of investing one’s contentment in future ‘malleable’ scenarios. It’s ALL happening right Now!!! Specific versions of how the Shift of the Ages will manifest can detract from the Glory of the process. It’s impossible to ignore the huge potential pit falls in New Agey circles if events don’t meet ‘individual’ expectations… it’s also impossible to ignore the legions of naysayers on-deck ready to laugh off anyone who’s had the audacity to go against the grain of cultural indoctrination. Either way, ‘expectations are resentments under construction’… & again, all of the divisive ‘talk’… merely residue of an old paradigm that no longer Serves. We are entering a new phase of the Human ‘story’ where ‘Intuitive Knowing’ will make navigating through these type of scenarios much easier. Remember, for every Spiritual Teacher who talks about the December 21st Timeline, there are many, like Drunvalo Melchizedek, the Hopi and David Icke who talk about Humanity already being in the midst of the ‘Shift’ spanning from 2003-2015. Of course there are countless versions and examples in play… & when ALL is said and done, that’s the point! Be Here Now Spirit Train Riders! YOU were born to do this!!! Unity Consciousness is YOUR Birthright! Remember? Each and every’one’ of you are an intricate part of this Divine process… if you weren’t, you wouldn’t be here at this critical juncture. & I’m not talking about on this website… I’m talking about ‘ON THIS PLANET!!!’
    Never Give In Children of the Light… The Time Is Now! Always has been πŸ˜‰
    ~In Lak’ech Ala K’in 555

  6. Thank you Stick this reinforces what I received yesterday when I was sitting quietly listening to thought manifest. Spirit Train Riders are riding the waves to the golden age in Love and light united πŸ™‚

  7. Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright Β©2012

    Watch on YouTube (recommended)

    Dearest Brothers and Sisters!

    Light is pouring down on us ever more strongly! It is pressing down now deeply into the crust of our planet and into the bodies of all living beings and things.

    I have been asking Gaia about this light process and how She is experiencing it in her planetary body.

    Gaia speaks:

    Dear children, we are all intimately connected. The kingdom of humanity, all my other kingdoms and I Myself are sharing together the same blessing!

    However – depending on the degree of energy-congestions – the process of the rising energy level and the actual lifting of 3dimensional density is experienced differently.

    For example my great nature spirits are those who are the most fortunate ones, with very few exceptions. They can receive the new levels of light and energy and the gift of Love from the Creator directly and unobstructed! So their growth and evolution occurs very quickly and develops to the same degree as new frequencies are arriving because they can fully integrate them.
    You can imagine that any kind of pollution, gross and subtle, makes the process much more difficult. Gross pollution is produced by artificial substances, such as toxic chemicals. And subtle pollution is created by negative electromagnetic waves of all kinds of varieties, but also by negative thought waves and negative emotions.

    As you know, My own body is very much polluted by gross and subtle toxic substances, and so is yours and that of many species of my fauna and flora kingdoms! This is the reason why this transformation is so difficult!

    But even if all My physical kingdoms are more or less polluted, the kingdom of humanity is the most polluted one! Besides chemical toxicity, the subtle energy blockages in the bodies of the majority are enormous because of negative mind and emotions! It is this dense energy which makes the preparation for ascension for so many very difficult. And for a great number of people ascension is not even a question yet, because their energy system is so dense that they are still unable to go beyond their gross senses to feel the changes already occurring on the frequency level.

    But with your so beautiful and dedicated effort to spread your love to everywhere, also they are starting to wake up, and remember their heart, when it is touched by you.

    With great love and gratitude I bless those of the human family who came here to help lifting the former intense density of my body. It is thanks to them that many others become aware of the changes, which motivates them to begin to become more conscious and to start to be more and more aware of who they are and where they are coming from.

    Dear children, remember always, none of you has been birthed originally here, we all came from other dimensions, with a light body, and we all came together to experience the adventure of greater densities and lower compression, to go through separation via the illusion of space-time. But many forgot and lost themselves, trapped in the illusions of lower dimensions.

    This new elevation back into greater lightness, freedom and happiness is what we all can now experience, and what also I experience now. Certainly My Spirit is already Free and Liberated, as also your spirit can be, if you were able to discover the Divine Consciousness and the Light you are.

    However for many the entanglement with the physical body is a severe obstacle, not because of the body and its possible ailments, but because of where you put your attention on! If you are tightly identified with the dense body, you will hardly be aware what is going on in other dimensions now already present here.

    And as you asked Me about how I experience the incoming New Frequencies of Light: I can tell you, how happy I Am, My Soul and Consciousness is fully participating. But as you know, my body is ailing and is going through a lot of pain, as many of you too! Our bodies are not separate, you must not forget!

    Your pain is my own, and if you are sensitive, My ache is also yours! Presently humanity as a whole is evolving from the lower energy centers upwards to the heart chacra, and this can create suffering.

    It is not only about a changing and evolving digestive system, but my kingdoms have also eaten much gross and subtle pollution, all of this must now be eliminated, so that we can together rise purified to a state and place of pure joy and love.

    All toxins are radiating highly imbalanced frequencies. So if the body is full of toxins, it also suffers imbalance.

    Love is not separable from the experiencer, that is to say, without creation, Love does not exist. Love is inherent in creation, but if creation is polluted, love cannot be fully expressed. Because Love is Energy fully balanced.

    You see how important it is therefore, to take in clean food and water, although of course Love is not diminished Itself if you feed your body polluted substances.

    Similarly, my Body does not radiate Love where pollution is high, and this is something which saddens Me! Because It is My deep desire to radiate that Love everywhere through and as My body, and not only as the Pure Spirit That I Am.

    However, together with all My kingdoms who are turning to the Light, our victory is not far away anymore, even if we are going through some more great necessary transformations.

    Because of the highly increasing Lightforces, all what is hidden, spiritually, mentally and emotionally, must come to the surface now and be released, and this means: energies are transformed and allowing higher vibration, and also physical changes are occurring. This relates not only to My body, but also to all embodiments here. Where Spirit is already present and purely expressed as physical and subtle highly vibrating embodiment, these changes are experienced as pure bliss.

    But where Spirit must still find its way to full expression, pain of changes cannot be avoided. This is true for your bodies and for My body too. For Animals and plants it is much easier, as they do not have any resistance. Human beings tend to excert however much resistance, and therefore this, my very much loved kingdom, is the last to fundamentally change.

    However, much help is given to us, from all the loving beings of Light who came from the the galaxies and from the Creator Himself!

    We are all most lucky and blessed, and you must in the process of changes and growth not forget that all difficulties will make room soon to a great alleviation and freedom, the glorious abode of my New Ascended State.

    What you experience now is nothing new, only that the old and hidden becomes conscious, things you didn’t want to see, feel and experience before, but which have been there all the while. Now all of this can be given to the Presence of Love and of Light, it can be given into Divine Consciousness, to dissolve.

    Dear children, the glory of our resurrection is before us!

    I embrace each one of you with all My Love, wishing to see you all on the other side!

    I Am your Earth Mother Gaia

    Message conveyed by Ute


    CopyrightΒ© 2012. All rights reserved: Ute Posegga-Rudel, Sharing of this message is only allowed

  8. Man,I cant rest at the Doghouse lately.
    Around 1030 and trying to go to sleep. I had the house on lock down because when I came home after work the tv was on, lights on, empty beer cans in the parlor, back door open. Whitey was there during the day and must have gotten drunk so i got pissed and put the house into total lock down.
    Going to sleep I hear somone at the back door. I go to the kitchen and there is leo, 9 year old from upstairs, hanging in a missing window the size of about 12 ” X 12″.
    He looked deperate and is a bit chubby so i dont know what was going through his vulcan mind.
    I said what do you want. He said I want my ice cream. OMG, I gave him the ice cream while he was still hanging in the window. He took it and ran upstairs.
    OK half an hour later I hear Dana screaming my name out the back door. I am like NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    So then she comes in the front door. man, there goes my sleep. She was wasted and would not stop talking and complaining about her husband whitey. finally I said I got to go to sleep Dana then after 10 more minutes she finally left.
    It is funny how she complains about whitey because when whitey is with me without her he constantly complains about her.
    I dont know but maybe I have a hidden addiction to drama.

  9. Wow, such great messages from SaLuSa and Saul, thank you! How are you all? I have missed you. I am so behind on everything due to being very busy and I was ill for a few days. I’m trying to get back on track. On another note, yesterday when I checked my emails they were dated 0ctober – December 2012 and a bunch were dated the year 2038. Weird, what does that mean?

    Love you all

    • Sounds like a pretty good sign to me, Vee!

      From a purely 3-D perspective I’m not sure why the email dates would be that way since this is usually set on the email server. If you are using email software on your computer then it could be the little watch battery going bad… if it’s an old computer. Check your calendar. A virus could also be messing with the dates.

    • VEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! Sounds like someone’s trying to make Contact from a future point in the Timeloop πŸ˜‰

  10. Always wonderful dropping in and getting a nice heart warming instant effect reading your heart felt banter! and posts ❀
    Thank you for all you guys represent: LOVE!!
    DOGHOUSE WHAT! Have a great weekend!
    Any news from the cat gunner i was wondering?
    Thank you stick for posts and music!
    Hugs to Vee, Susan, Troy, Leslee, Tauno, Gunner, Wes, Jason, I'wah, Adrial, Marc and everybody else!!
    DOGHOUSE !!!! WHAT!!!!!!! <3:) XOXOXO

  11. Laura
    I know the cat was alright. i checked the whole yard the next day and the cat was no where in site. We have a lot of feral cats near my house as the lady down the block always keeps food out for them.
    The first sign was when I freed the cat, now it was dark outside, and then I heard the cat run full speed right out of the yard.
    The angels and bruce the Spruce tree were with me and I know it was divine intervention that saved that cat. How is your cat doing?
    VEE- great to hear from you. Hopefull tonight I can have a nice and quiet night.
    I hope you feel better.
    Hum, what is going on in america. I see so many people getting sick and people saying they got colds. we usually dont get the cold season until the end of november but it seems so many are sick now. makes me wonder.

    • You know gunner, that’s a good point. Cheri’ said at her work there has been a lot of people sick. I read a couple articles in the last week or so that talked about a cabal virus attack. Haha, you know at this point I wouldn’t put anything past them. But all will be well! As the Devine plan says! I hope you have a restful night in the doghouse, you certainly deserve it! Namaste’

  12. Thanks Michael and I do plan to have a nice quiet night tonight.
    Like I said, colds and flus are winter ailments. BTW they are already pushing the flu shots here.
    Also, there have been some cases of the west nile virus in new Jersey this summer, spread through mosquitoes.
    That reminds me, I did not get one mosquitoe bite all summer, NIIICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Every time it rains I go around my house and empty any still water there is so the mosquitoes dont have a nesting ground.
    i heard in the 5th dimension there are no mosquitoes and I am adding ticks. poisonous snakes and spiders scorpions, jelly fish, sharks I guess I could go on and on.
    I do hear the animals will all become vegetarian, so I wonder if the sharks will also.
    OK enogh of my babbling, another 40 and out of here, gotta answer my e-mails so have a great night everyone.

  13. Blessings to you all much love flowing your way. Laura my heart also πŸ™‚ Pleased cat is ok Gunner Doghouse! wow lot going on again there take care and hope the sleep arrives. Vee sorry to hear you have been ill take care we miss you too. Michael wonder if they have energy colds rather that than the other. My daughter has a virus that is causing constant coughing so went to the doctor as other ideas not working. Took photos of the clouds while by the sea was a beautiful day and thought sea air would be good for her have a great day all

  14. Suzanne, that could absolutely be the case πŸ™‚ I am so paranoid when it comes to the gooberment, that I always have my eyes open when it comes to anything outside my house! Haha. I definitely do NOT endorse flu shots though, I’ll tell ya that! And gunner, now that you mention it, I didn’t get a mosquito bite all summer either! Hmm

  15. 27 SEPTEMBER

    Men are outside talking about the usual boy toys. Children are playing quietly. I am looking up the hill while folding washing, the view was beautiful green and lush among the trees in the late afternoon sun. Clouds floating across the clear blue sky when I noticed a brother of one of the men riding what looks like a quad bike but as he turns I realise it is a ride on mower. At the top he gets off to check something then not realising he is close to the edge places one leg over and the mower moves and catches his foot. I run yelling to the men who canot hear me yelling, send daughter out to get their attention as I hear the mower rolling down the hill the noise was terrible as she runs ahead as I get closer I notice them stood in shock looking past me as I turn I see the man has come through the house blood every where I yell at the others and they respond quickly then I say don’t forget the toes. As I catch my breath I hear one talking to the other saying His things always get trashed by others and he is left to fix things again, just not fear.

    Shift We were in a large building I would say 3-4 large rooms, Parents in one with a few children, teachers and children in the other, it was afternoon and a clear blue sky (I saw what are similar to this) As I look out the windows one flys toward the window I thought it was going to hit but it turned then there was another then in twos then threes more appeared. I called to my daughter to come see others came to see what was happening too.They were looking in and then flying off l I said they appear to be observing taking numbers of how many are here. Next we saw toys floating past waving stuffed toys talking blocks, spinning tops singing. The children in the room were smiling and waving back. I went to the other room and saw suitcases floating out the door along with a dolls cot. I asked the children where they were going they said Nibiru.
    Some parents became concerned and my daughter ran off saying she was not going with out me. Adults were now moving into line a few became concerned. As I was about to talk I heard telepathically a strange sentence then a reply. As I looked around I saw the form of the headmistress and a female teacher. They were talking telepathically suddenly they realised they were the same hybrid , part human part reptilian. I turned back to the parents and explained that fact to the parents and told them that many of them taught their children and children of the past. Had they given them any cause for fear or harm in any way.

    Next we are outside and see many ships loading, ascension had begun, the relocations were now in full swing. I turn back and smile my heart full we had made it. Humanity was following Gaia home. As I awoke and wrote this out the tears flowed freely.

  16. While there is no denying that corruption from the Cabal runs through all Washington Politrix… I still say there are meaningful 3D differences between the two parties. InLight πŸ˜‰

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