Jaya Gaia Sister Deva

no tale so sweet
a spirit claiming kinship
nothing less or more

a secret
not to deceive
but to house her sorrow
her mischief and delight


a sound
clear and sharp in the stillness

the call was a signal
for need and instant
no time left to us
great hounds had been loosed

and the light in the night
saw proper

showed no distance
a new and deeper feeling
of kinship


8 comments on “Jaya Gaia Sister Deva

  1. There is a whole bunch of my blackout poems at http://bennaga.wordpress.com/category/poetry/blackout-poetry-poetry/, If you read a couple I think you will get the idea. I get drawn towards particular poems or passages of prose and go from there. It’s a little like channelling, The original posting of “Jaya Gaia Sister Deva”, including the blackout form of the original source material, can be found at http://bennaga.wordpress.com/2012/09/04/jaya-gaia-sister-deva/.

  2. Kinda like ghost radar but with *slightly* more structure. 😉

    Incidentally this is also kind of how I see most written words on a page, from an intuitive standpoint. “Red” to me is usually somehow “deceitful” or “not true to oneself” whereas other colors (often blue) tend to be “speaking from spirit”, “in truth”. Even if the information presented is misleading or apparently “untrue” it is still the underlying energy being carried by the written word that shows through. It’s delightful to see someone else using this concept to paint words on the page.

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