Two Moments Among The Many

That moment
We suddenly realised
Those we thought were fellow travellers
Were simply masks

That moment
Somewhat further down the road
We suddenly realised
We too were simply a mask

2 comments on “Two Moments Among The Many

  1. that moment when u saw the deception
    spoke up to warn your fellow traveller
    only to find… they had lost their faith
    their mission… their purpose…
    did they ever have one?
    or did they, too know all along
    was the joke on us alone?
    this is when WE discover
    that WE are here on our OWN .
    how deeply we yearned to shout “justice!”
    moving forward on our travels now…
    we keep our third eye open
    and our mouths closed…

  2. I wrote this piece from/on the perception that I/they/we are all manifestations of Source. Perhaps sharing this with you will lead to a reassessment of its meaning and my intention in posting it? Poetry can open some doors, but can close others.

    I grieve if you have been pained by others’ treatment of you and wish you healing.

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