SaLuSa ~ September 19, 2012

SaLuSa 19-September-2012

This year has sped by and so far there have been less incidents than you might have expected. It has neither been catastrophic as many prophesied, or fulfilled the promise of changes that are to lift you up. Yet, your consciousness levels have increased quite substantially and Ascension is still assured. Looking all around it is apparent that the Institutions that have held prominent places in your world, are in stages of collapse from which there is no escape. The truth is as expected revealing much about them that shows how they have manipulated events for their own advantage. You are even becoming aware that they have had an agenda for a very long time to enslave you and gain world control. You can see how near they were to achieving their aims, and also the great movement amongst the people that have awoken to their plan and defeated it.

You are the ones who are taking over and deciding the destiny of your civilization. You have the power to determine how the end times work out, and you are visualising a peaceful transition. That is creating the time line that will complete the cycle according to your intent. However, Mother Earth also has a say in it and desires to carry out a cleansing, as part of her preparations to ascend. The more you send out Love and Light to her, the more easily will the end times pass. Naturally the expected changes will commence very shortly, as the New Age must be launched so as to break up the old paradigm. The new one is waiting to be introduced, and its benefits are to shared by you all. Completion cannot however take place until you have ascended, as those who are the dark Ones are not to be the beneficiaries of that which is for those of the Light.

The changes will come and new governments will take over from the old guard. Financial changes will go ahead to ensure that there is never a repeat of the corruption that is bringing them down. That will certainly happen soon, and our presence will be acknowledged, enabling us to draw closer to you. Regardless of what you may have thought, there is no rush to complete the changes before Ascension. Indeed the process was always going to run into the New Year, when we will have a greater opportunity to work together. We need those who are of the Light to be part of out teams, using your skills and knowledge for the betterment of all. Then we will all really be able to rapidly move ahead knowing that we would not be impeded, or deliberately delayed in our work.

Everything you expected to take place will do so, and as progress is made you will find that it will take you further than you thought possible. It will be a wonderful time that will see you relieved of all of the old problems that have held you back. It is time to go speeding forward and move into a new world that reflects your upliftment into the higher dimensions. There will be ample facilities including the Cities of Light where you can be healed, as you are to be fully restored to a prime condition. Eventually you will also be able to reverse the aging process and return to a youthful appearance, and so it will go on until you become a Galactic Being. All of these changes await you and they are not too far in the future. Think positive about them and you will be helping manifest them much sooner than we have allowed for.

While the cleansing takes place it may appear that all is in some state of disintegration, and that is true to the point that the old ways and systems have to go. Anything that cannot hold up in the higher vibrations clearly has no place in them. So do not despair or get depressed as all is ready now to replace the old systems. All will arrive in good time and you shall eventually need for nothing at all. We know from our own experience exactly what you will require to settle down in the higher dimensions. The Galactic Federation of Light has unlimited resources and personnel, that are fully versed in what is needed to be done. Unbeknown to most of you we are still very much engaged in keeping the Earth clear of pollution, and but for our efforts it would be far worse than you aware.

In the future there will not be a repetition of the pollution you are used to experiencing. The use of polluting type machinery or installations will no longer be necessary or allowed. Instead you will have new methods of operation that will be “clean” to use. The biggest changes will be in your present forms of travel, and the combustion engine will eventually disappear from use. Not only that but the new vehicles will be much quicker and safer to use. They will be using free energy which is our source of power for our craft. Everyone will have use of them, and they will be absolutely pollution free. These changes have been planned for a long time, and are ready to go ahead as soon as it is safe to introduce them.

Naturally we are very keen to meet you, and are doing all we can to move things forward. Disclosure is creeping in through our allies efforts, but we obviously would like it to be speeded up. However, the more people that become aware of us and our mission, and learn of the purpose which is to see you through Ascension, the nearer you will be to meeting us. Of course there are still those who for different reasons desire a different outcome to the changes. They attempt to confuse people with messages of disinformation, but if you are well informed they will not deceive you. Always use your intuition and be prepared to change your beliefs if you are sufficiently certain you have the truth.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and bring you our Love for your great efforts to bring this cycle to a speedy conclusion. There is not long to go before you will become more involved in the end time activities. There may be some disruption to your normal life, but it will soon settle down. We are bound by Universal Law to apply ourselves in a way that does not interfere with your freewill, so we cannot just speed up events by imposing ourselves upon you. The dark Ones know this and still interfere because they do not acknowledge the Laws as we do. However, if matters do not proceed within a certain time frame, we will be authorised to take more direct action.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey

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  1. Jason, isn’t this exactly what we were just talking about?! Haha, I Love it 🙂 Thank you dear SaLuSa, and thank you dear Mike Quinsey. I Love you all, Namaste’

  2. Good morning everyone! Hope everyone’s doing great.
    This morning I had a symbolic white-kitty-chasing-away-black-kitty on my terrace O_o
    Much love to everyone! ♥

  3. Hello STC,

    Hey Troy, it seems my mojo is not working to well this week, because yesterday when I was tanking some fuel for my car, again noticed that I forgot my wallet and had to call my husband to rescue me.And today I forgot my phone. Who needs it anyway, just do telepathy 😀 For some time is see some kind of white light (1cm) around my bed and the door. And also around me. It is quite exciting. I hope you have some wonderful experiences too, coming closer to the autumn equinox.

    I also updated my dream flight with yesterday’s dream. As always, if you want some thriller action, you just read my dreams. :D. Also made a personal disclosure post.

    I hope you are all well.
    Love Lisa

  4. Hi everyone,

    I forgot almost to ask. A cousin of my husband got mugged last week ending up in the hospital with severe wounds. He was discharged two days ago as the hosptial need the beds. Also he is the only one working in a restaurant, and
    as he only lives on the tips , they gonna be in bad this month, financially. I just wanted to ask to sent them some love, because the have a son that needs attention.

    Love Lisa

      • Things in Greece still remain the same, regarding economy, politics and misery. But even if I move through this reality, I do my best to not be a part of it (-_-). Much Love to you dear Lisa.

  5. Add me to the list sending out love to your friend and his son.
    I always thought that with all the money and auctions the police run, they ought to have a victums fund for cases like this but they take the money and spent it on themselves so I guess , crime does pay the police anyway.

    well , call me the wanderer, yeah the wanderer.
    I went to court last night and my lawyer had my possesion of pot charges dropped down to wandering. It wont even show up on my record as pot. I knew I would still get fined but the major thing is no probation , NIIIIIICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I did have a monty python episode before the judge though. You know in the holy grail where the olg guy is asking 3 questions to cross the bridged and he asks one knight what is your favorite color, the knight saids yellow, oh no I mean blue and boom, off he went flying into the firey pits of destruction.
    So, the judge asked if i pleaded guilty to the wandering charge and I said yes , then I thought he asked me if I was wandering in order to sell or buy drugs and i said no. OMG, he went nuts, he said your guilty plea is withdrawn and you must now stand trial for the 2 counts. I was like hamana hamana hamana, looked at my lawyer very bewildered, blood draining from my face but my lawyer said he mis-understood the question.
    I then told him what happened and also told him I am getting a prescription for it. He asked if I had a drug problem and I said no. He asked how often and I said like 3 times a month and he said and you say you dont have a drug problem. I wondered if he knew I smoked everyday what would he say and also i could not wait to get out of there to go and smoke a joint.
    Well, nothing ever comes easy in my world but it does usually turn out for the best.
    i got 650 fine but no and I mean no probation where they would have drug tested me and if i blew that the judge would send me to jail.
    Well, lunch time , chat later.

    • That’s great news Gunner! Now to de-manifest that fine and you are all set, my friend. 🙂

      Hey when are they going to start growing money on trees. Everyone says money doesn’t grow on trees, but I say they just haven’t figured out how to do it. The downside here is that you’d have be careful not to fall off the ladder (a money bush, maybe? A money tuber?).

      I tell ya, I really would like to see everyone wallowing in abundance and enjoying the heck out of life (i.e. more so than we do now!). You guys SO deserve it. That would be awesome!

    • Gunner, I am sooooooo happy things turned out well and I’m LMAO! Your experiences are always interesting and unexpected. You could write a book about it.

      Love and light dear brother

    • I’m really happy for you Gunner! Glad it worked out. The court will always get their money, glad that’s all they got.

  6. Hello friends! Poppin’ in again to say hi. 🙂

    I’m sorry to hear about your legal troubles Gunner. Will be sending you Love!! 🙂 🙂

    Much Love,

    Wes 🙂

  7. Thanks a lot everyone for all your well wishes.
    i anticipated the fine so I had the money already saved and paid it in full last night.
    i would say money does grow on trees because it is paper and we get paper from the trees.
    Vee, things like this always happen to me. It is like the universe likes to keep me laughing at myself, I dont mind it actually does make for some good stories.
    Well, so busy at work now but I got my good working energy going today.

  8. Well, I got a lot of work done today so that is good. I had that old good working energy going today and I gotta keep it up for the rest of the week.
    have a great night everyone.

  9. Pleased all went well Gunner these things seem to keep us on our toes so to speak hope the rest of the week goes well also. lol Troy The money we have is like a plastic wont rip and wont wash away. Lisa sending love to your family and you husbands cousin and son may the abundance of the new surround them both easing pain and bringing much needed healing. Vee nice to see you and Wes here today much love to you all. Suzanne

  10. Ute Possega-Rudel ~ Messages From The Realms Of Light ~ 20 September 2012
    Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright ©2012

    Please also read update from 21.8.12

    Dearest Brothers and Sisters!

    Light is pouring down on us ever more strongly! It is pressing down now deeply into the crust of our planet and into the bodies of all living beings and things.
    I have been asking Gaia about this light process and how She is experiencing it in her planetary body.
    Gaia speaks:
    Dear children, we are all intimately connected. The kingdom of humanity, all my other kingdoms and I Myself are sharing together the same blessing!
    However – depending on the degree of energy-congestions – the process of the rising energy level and the actual lifting of 3dimensional density is experienced differently.E.g. my great nature spirits are those who are the most fortunate ones, with very few exceptions. They can receive the new levels of light and energy and the gift of Love from the Creator directly and unobstructed! So their growth and evolution occurs very quickly and develops to the same degree as new frequencies are arriving because they can fully integrate them.
    You can imagine that any kind of pollution, gross and subtle, makes the process much more difficult. Gross pollution is produced by artificial substances, such as toxic chemicals. And subtle pollution is created by negative electromagnetic waves of all kinds of varieties, but also by negative thought waves and negative emotions.
    As you know, My own body is very much polluted by gross and subtle toxic substances, and so is yours and that of many species of my fauna and flora kingdoms! This is the reason why this transformation is so difficult!
    But even if all My physical kingdoms are more or less polluted, the kingdom of humanity is the most polluted one! Besides chemical toxicity, the subtle energy blockages in the bodies of the majority are enormous because of negative mind and emotions! It is this dense energy which makes the preparation for ascension for so many very difficult. And for a great number of people ascension is not even a question yet, because their energy system is so dense that they are still unable to go beyond their gross senses to feel the changes already occurring on the frequency level.

    But with your so beautiful and dedicated effort to spread your love to everywhere, also they are starting to wake up, and remember their heart, when it is touched by you.

    With great love and gratitude I bless those of the human family who came here to help lifting the former intense density of my body. It is thanks to them that many others become aware of the changes, which motivates them to begin to become more conscious and to start to be more and more aware of who they are and where they are coming from.
    Dear children, remember always, none of you has been birthed originally here, we all came from other dimensions, with a light body, and we all came together to experience the adventure of greater densities and lower compression, to go through separation via the illusion of space-time. But many forgot and lost themselves, trapped in the illusions of lower dimensions.
    This new elevation back into greater lightness, freedom and happiness is what we all can now experience, and what also I experience now. Certainly My Spirit is already Free and Liberated, as also your spirit can be, if you were able to discover the Divine Consciousness and the Light you are.
    However for many the entanglement with the physical body is a severe obstacle, not because of the body and its possible ailments, but because of where you put your attention on! If you are tightly identified with the dense body, you will hardly be aware what is going on in other dimensions now already present here.
    And as you asked Me about how I experience the incoming New Frequencies of Light: I can tell you, how happy I Am, My Soul and Consciousness is fully participating. But as you know, my body is ailing and is going through a lot of pain, as many of you too! Our bodies are not separate, you must not forget!
    Your pain is my own, and if you are sensitive, My ache is also yours!
    Presently humanity as a whole is evolving from the lower energy centers upwards to the heart chacra, and this can create suffering.
    It is not only about a changing and evolving digestive system, but my kingdoms have also eaten much gross and subtle pollution, all of this must now be eliminated, so that we can together rise purified to a state and place of pure joy and love.

    All toxins are radiating highly imbalanced frequencies. So if the body is full of toxins, it also suffers imbalance.

    Love is not separable from the experiencer, that is to say, without creation, Love does not exist. Love is inherent in creation, but if
    creation is polluted, love cannot be fully expressed. Because Love is Energy fully balanced.
    You see how important it is therefore, to take in clean food and water, although of course Love is not diminished Itself if you feed your body polluted substances.
    Similarly, my Body does not radiate Love where pollution is high, and this something which saddens Me! Because It is My deep desire to radiate that Love everywhere through and as My body, and not only as the Pure Spirit That I Am.
    However, together with all My kingdoms who are turning to the Light, our victory is not far away anymore, even if we are going through some more great necessary transformations.
    Because of the highly increasing Lightforces, all what is hidden, spiritually, mentally and emotionally, must come to the surface now and be released, and this means: energies are transformed and allowing higher vibration, and also physical changes are occurring. This relates not only to My body, but also to all embodiments here. Where Spirit is already present and purely expressed as physical and subtle highly vibrating embodiment, these changes are experienced as pure bliss.
    But where Spirit must still find its way to full expression, pain of changes cannot be avoided. This is true for your bodies and for My body too. For Animals and plants it is much easier, as they do not have any resistance. Human beings tend to excert however much resistance, and therefore this, my very much loved kingdom, is the last to fundamentally change.
    However, much help is given to us, from all the loving beings of Light who came from the the galaxies and from the Creator Himself!
    We are all most lucky and blessed, and you must in the process of changes and growth not forget that all difficulties will make room soon to a great alleviation and freedom, the glorious abode of my New Ascended State.
    What you experience now is nothing new, only that the old and hidden becomes conscious, things you didn’t want to see, feel and experience before, but which have been there all the while. Now all of this can be given to the Presence of Love and of Light, it can be given into Divine Consciousness, to dissolve.
    Dear children, the glory of our resurrection is before us!
    I embrace each one of you with all My Love, wishing to see you all on the other side!
    I Am your Earth Mother Gaia
    Message conveyed by Ute

    Copyright© 2012. All rights reserved: Ute Posegga-Rudel, link to original article Sharing of this message is only allowed together with this information and without changes. If you have questions, please contact me via Thank you.

  11. Channeler:
    Julie Miller
    Guided with Love and Compassion

    Ascended Master, El Morya’s Weekly Message ~ September 18 – 25, 2012

    Channeled by: Julie Miller September 18, 2012 Spiritual guidance is a form of leadership that utilizes methods and ways that are of the highest of good. There are plenty of Truth-seekers that have a difficult time truly describing spiritual guidance in the form of leadership. What ends up happening dear ones is the explanations are described through various methods or techniques that are used and expressed.

    I tell you dear ones; a person’s style or way only describes what the person does, not who he or she is. Today we are going to discuss guidance in the form of leadership dear ones and I intend on using examples that are easy enough to follow. Think of a work place, not necessarily your own, the manager that is present might regularly oversee and supervise but that does not necessarily make this person a good leader or someone you wish to seek guidance from.
    A person that is described as a good leader dear ones is someone who administers and manoeuvres in a method that demonstrates success. Spiritual guidance in any form of leadership regardless if it’s publicly well-known or someone who quietly demonstrates these traits daily and consistently can be difficult to describe.

    What is common for all leaders dear one is their ability to create positive occurrences to achieve and to do this in order to aid and encourage others to cohabitate in a working environment within all people that seeks this person for guidance thus discovers encouragement and stimulation to a vital point where he or she finds themselves realizing their truest potential not just to themselves but to all those effected most by their choices and actions.

    To be a great spiritual leader no one is required to have any specific social standing, specific academic skills or training and not even a great personality can make you a great leader. What makes someone good at guiding others with leadership abilities is their own natural style to encourage and inspire others.

    The attitude of the person who is attempting to establish leadership through guidance is very important and necessary. Spiritual guidance through any man or woman that takes upon this role works through faith because faith is closely related to setting and securing achievements for who may come to seek their council. With the abundance of energy flowing from the cosmos, now is an excellent time for more people to consider becoming a spiritual leader, a person that will guide one at a time into greater accomplishments for the love of God and to share and continue to illustrate God’s word which is LOVE.

    A person’s development into become a guide, one who will help others raise their awareness is one who has achieved in their own spiritual development process and has increased their own knowledge that is non-biased and based on experience.

    To be a leader of any kind, there is a great responsibility added to the person whose path is directed to lead. As a person leads and guides another; both the guided and guider learn and develop personal growth on various levels of implementing the knowledge that is before them for the greater of good. It is a healthy balance of give and take. What any leader, especially Spiritual Leaders, a person needs to be aware that knowledge that is being shared can carry an expectation onto themselves and to the person the wisdom is directed to.

    It is important dear ones, as you try to teach someone a concept you have fully mastered that your learning style may not be exactly the same. There are some dear souls that learn at an incredible fast rate and there are those that must take their time in order to gain full understanding of what is being shared. This is where your mastery of patience comes in handy.

    If any of you are thinking of directing your path towards becoming a Spiritual Guide there are a range of personal skills that you might want to refresh. Some of your personal skills that will work with your role as guide is your ability to plan and to communicate effectively and articulately; a naturalness of being organized and a great awareness of the broader understanding of where you are at and of the situation that is presented to you when someone comes to you for advice.

    You must be able to think effectively outside-the-box. How do you know who you will guide, I tell you dear ones let your heart guide you. You will hear distress through written and vocalized words. Discover what the distress is before replying or offering your non-biased advice. Before you offer any guidance be sure you know what it is the individual needs as well as you know yourself.

    If you are finding you are second guessing or don’t even know how to help them, you may still offer your shoulder to lean on and provide wizened words of comfort, but you cannot council unless you have already mastered the root of the distress. It does take time and effort to learn and master the various things that you may be asked.

    What most people I have seen that have decided to guide others is that they offer advice for what they already know and requires little to no research or looking into any text. As you evolve and develop so will your knowledge which will enable you to share once more. Each of you is here for a purpose and through your experiences and spiritual accomplishments you can advise other dear souls without being forceful. You will become a prime example of what can be achieved through hard work and dedication. You will also develop a language that is easy to understand that will make perfect sense to you both.

    You don’t have to use big words dear ones to demonstrate wisdom, you only need to radiate your unconditional love and compassion of yourself and all dear souls that share your earthly realm. A true spiritual leader that has accepted his or her role to guide will be able to give you praise and will share the responsibility when the desired outcome was not met through their council. As you work together a mutual confidence and trust becomes established and this trust is essential.

    By being mindful of words expressed a person who has allowed their path to direct them to becoming a guide, even though that leadership is one person at a time will be able to motive and inspire those that seek them out. The dear soul who is collecting and studying information and relevant data in order to increase their own development and in turn be of aid to any that requires them, their very efforts will be motivating because those efforts are visibly demonstrated by all that the guide does and says.

    A person who wishes to lead and guide but does little for self-improvement will not necessarily be successful in demonstrating motivation. Yes so many dear souls operate and move in different ways. What motivates one will not always motivate another.

    This requires a little problem solving that can be eliminated quite easily when there is good rapport and communication flow with anyone that asks for guidance. Both the one doing the guiding and the one receiving needs to remember, asking questions instead of basing answers on assumptions is always recommended. Assumptions rarely tell what is truly going on. Many of you right now have already become leaders and most of you that have did not even realize the role you played.

    Sometimes is happens suddenly but it never happens by accident. As I have mentioned before, you are here for a reason and that purpose is unique from one person to the other. What you can do with that uniqueness is share dear ones. I encourage you to recognize when you are the one seeking council or if you have become the teacher/guide. These roles will become reversed throughout your journey. Enjoy the gift of sharing what you have learned dear ones. I AM Ascended Master El Morya through Julie Miller

  12. Arch Angel Raguel, the name kind of reminds me of pasta sauce, ah Raguels homemade marinara sauce imported from the heavens

    john gunshefski
    11:45 AM (0 minutes ago)

    to Allison, Ashley, bobcindygunner, Carmine, Chris, Christine, david, dont, James, James, Jason, johnny, Justin, Lil, lisa, mike, mr, nnoce001, patty, samantha, school, torres, walter, William, yumi

    The other day, a client and I had a surprise visit from Archangel Raguel. I don’t recall having had a lot of personal interaction with Raguel-at least in this lifetime-nor had my client, who I will call “Katherine.” She and I were working on some issues which were blocking her ability to receive clear direction and to manifest abundance (common issues which I’m sure we all can relate to). Raguel presented himself to me as a tall male Angel, with short chestnut curls and a bright smile. He seemed very personable and talkative, with a lively sense of humor. After the session concluded, he identified himself to me as Katherine’s primary guide. We learned through Raguel that Katherine had many past lives on Earth as a healer and a priestess, but also a couple of lives lived within the confines of the Catholic Church. Her past life as a nun was the one which was sabotaging her manifestational ablities right now. He stuck around for awhile after the session, and presented me with a short message to share.
    Archangel Raguel:
    Releasing the past need not be an arduous process, and the time to break free of old constraints is now. Negative programming and attachments, accumulated over many lifetimes, can have a detrimental effect on your ability to prosper an grow. Vows taken must be broken. Vows of silence may well be what is preventing you from eloquently speaking your truth. Vows of poverty are often the greatest inhibitors of your ability to manifest abundance and financial security for yourself and those you care for. Vows of celibacy are particularly difficult to identify and break free from, and have the capability to quite insidiously sabotage your personal relationships. These would merely be a few examples, but should prove sufficient for you to see where I am heading with this. Your curiosity over “what happened when and why” may send you spinning off on a journey of self-rediscovery. It is natural to wish to know more about yourself, and about your history. But in no way is the knowing of specific details necessary in order to cleanse yourself of their negative aftereffects. A common misconception is that you must travel “back in time” and actually relive past traumas, and that you must experience over again the root cause of that which ails you. Not so. If you feel led to explore other lifetimes, than by all means, I encourage you, I say yes. Explore to your hearts content. These discoveries can be most exciting, your adventures fascinating. Yet let it be known that you do not need to relive old pain in the process.
    Simply state your intention for clearing. Call to your beloved Angelic guides for protection and assistance. Identify the areas of your life that appear to be stagnant and blocked. Place your focus there, and emphatically state that you choose to sever old bonds, that all outstanding indebtedness be marked “paid in full”, that you hereby disconnect and detach from any and all dark, parasitic programming and attachments. Envision yourself handing all of it over to your dear protectors, to be taken back to Source and reconfigured into Light. Feel yourself finally free of all that kept you stuck in recurring patterns of self-destructive behavior. By removing what is in the way, you create an open space for happiness and prosperity to take up residence. The barriers which prevented you from accessing your abilities will be gone and you shall experience great clarity of vision. The road is wide open at this time for you to fully make take hold of your making manifest your dreams and tapping into unrealized potential. You shall also be given many new and challenging opportunities to serve. You shall know peace.
    I also wish to point out that each person must do this on an individual level. Loving and compassionate beings that you are, you are possessed of an inborn desire to caretake. It is most desirable and commendable to seek to spare another pain and to wish to take the heavier burdens off their shoulders and place them onto your own. It is understandable you pray that they be spared from discomfort and fear-inducing situations. But know that within the body of even the tiniest child resides the soul of a seasoned crusader. While it may not be evident on the outside, your loved-ones are in constant communication, with and at the highest levels of consciousness. Often while sleeping they are being schooled and prepared for what is coming next. They shall not be caught unawares, you may be sure. Do utter prayers on their behalf. Send them energies of healing and unconditional love. With your words, endeavor to enlighten them. However, know that the path they chose is theirs and theirs alone to follow.
    Take full advantage of this time of transformation, for the lull in activity shall not be lasting much longer. This is the ideal time for study and expansion, for growth and rejuvenation. I am Raguel, and I bid you peace.
    Copyright © Bella Capozzi. All rights reserved. You may copy and distribute this material as long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete and you include this copyright notice.

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