Konstantinos: Pleiadian Piannah from Alcyone-An Introduction

Hello dear friends. On September 18th 2012, I had a very significant for me dream/astral experience. I found myself on the inner part of what looked like a spaceship. The metal parts were transparent.

Then, in front of me, a beautiful woman appeared. She looked young,she wore a white and lightbulb leotard, her skin had a sun therapy brown color, her hair were long and their color was a combination of orange, brown and yellow-gold.

She was standing on what seemed like a stair and behind her, was a huge wall size window..I remember the intense contrast between the blackness of the space, with lots of stars dots,  and her light white cloth. She was smiling and asked me telepathicaly if I’d like to transfer her message through me and I accepted. Later, I got some information, like that I had also incarnated in Alcyone and she telepathicaly sent me a picture of her and her spaceship. The next day, she gave me the following message.

I greet everyone who set themselves as volunteers to incarnate in a world which passes through a significant energetic transition, the world that you call Earth. My greeting and Love address all of you, the ones who serve the Light and those who serve the Darkness.

I am Piannah (you pronounce it like the word ‘piano’). As a personalized aspect of the Holon, I come from Pleiades and particularly, from the star that you call Alcyone. I reside in the 6th dimension. I offer my abilities and services to the Galactic Federation. As it happens with some of you who have a double star origin, same goes for this channel, this soul, too. In other cases, the star origin of someone can be from only one or more than two places.

So far, many information about the Pleiadians have been known to you through different sources and this is a true Blessing, because there is a deep, multilevel and from so long ago connection between us. It would be a great Pleasure and Happiness for the fleets of the Enlightened civilizations to accept ‘old’ and ‘young’ souls , eager to externalize their inner Light through the particular field of action (she means a starfleet).

I am, for now, in a spaceship in which there are 6 more members. The patience that you have shown regarding the ‘delays’ issue is admirable and the irritation or the impatience are understandable. We see the formation of a reality which is about a period, maybe somewhere in November, where a lot of things will start  to become open. We see the Happiness but also, the confusion and fear.

The ones that are happy and know about the incoming situations, do whatever they can to inform and calm the ‘baldly’ awakened. You will not be alone at that time, as you are never alone. Do not forget that this specific reality that is forming, stands next to a ‘series’ of many variant versions of it. So, focus carefully to the more beneficial for all reality that is appropriate to be manifested.

If  the ones of you that remember their astral meetings with us, feel wonderful about that, then you will feel much better when you (and we) will be able to meet each other physically, to hug each other, to converse, to cooperate together. In this version of the specific reality, lots of tears are shedding…tears that bring a great relief. Much low energy of the Ego will begin to realised from that time and on.

I suggest you to try to communicate with me and the rest of the fleet that are aboard the spaceship I mentioned before. The spaceship’s name is ‘Angelon’.

We also wait with pleasure to meet you in the Astral Plane. Continue the admirable work of the Lightworker and give as much Love as possible to Mother Earth and your brothers and sisters of the Dark, for whom this transition is for now very unpleasant, nightmarish to say the least.

We Love you Infinitely much and we look to the time that we will be able to interact with each other physically and tangible.

Piannah from Alcyone, member of the starfleet of ‘Angelon’.

As received by Konstantinos.

PS: For anyone who wish to read the previous messages, here is a link:


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  2. Glad you enjoyed it dear Troy. And I see that you posted the Dreamflight announcement. It’d be interesting to meet Piannah and the crew in Angelon..I like their radiance of Love (-_-).

  3. Hi dear Michael. I’m happy it resonated with you. I like to see your smiling face every time (-_-). It makes my day. Much Love to you and your family.

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  5. Glad you liked it dear Suzanne. Your gravatar colors remind me the main colors of my dream experience. Yes, I feel that I’ll be able to communicate with her again and with the rest of the fleet, too.Much Love to you.

  6. Amazing message as usual 🙂 Thanks for sharing this with us KP. So glad we have you on board here with us:)

    Looking forward to hearing more from Piannah and Angelon.

    • Thank you for your kind words dear Feanon. I’m Honored to be with all of you. I feel that I’ll be able to communicate with Piannah and Angelon again. Much Love and Light to you.

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