Adrial: Abi-Qor & Athabantian Connection During Dreamflights

Ground Level View of the Portal at Abi-Qor
Partial Overall Aerial View of Abi-Qor’s Surface Facilities
(From Adrial, through Leslee Hare)

The Crew of Athabantian would like to offer some suggestions for connecting with them during your Dreamflights, especially for those of you who are interested in Abi-Qor.

When you go to sleep, first set the intention/wish to meet one of the Crew Members aboard Athabantian, and to communicate with them telepathically… And also to recall what you experience during this visit. You may also request to meet one or more Crew Members AT Abi-Qor, particularly if you would like to begin working to manifest Abi-Qor into the physical. You may specify in your intent, if there is a particular aspect of Abi-Qor and the 5th dimension that you would like to help manifest.

Additionally, when you lie down to sleep, focus on your third eye/pineal gland, visualizing it as a tiny pink sphere, bathed in golden light. Please hold the intention for this visualization/meditation to raise your vibration sufficiently to draw you into the 4th or 5th dimension. This will allow you to more effectively meet with our Friends in the higher dimensions.

If you can, also visualize that the pink sphere is further surrounded by concentric spheres of light in rainbow colors… similarly to the rings of Saturn, but spheres instead of rings… They are very light and radiant, and of the nature of wisdom, love, and bliss …

Then, if you can fall asleep holding at least some portion of that visualization, and having made the request to meet and have a conversation… and also to remember the experience and conversation, you may find this exercise to be a wonderful way to develop your skills of telepathy and astral travel.

(Leslee’s comments: These are the images of Abi-Qor which were presented at the Transformation 2012 Conference, held in Pagosa Springs, Colorado, USA, in August 2012. Related to the visualizations described, I’ve been receiving a lot about the pineal gland lately, and Mark Kimmel says he works with that a lot, too… This is the doorway to our communications with our Friends. Best wishes to everyone in your astral adventures! With much love and light from Pagosa, Leslee – and many thanks to Gricel for requesting this information!)



  1. Help how do I reblog something to my site made a blue I think when I went to the share link. Please can anyone help.

  2. […] Adrial: Abi-Qor & Athabantian Connection During Dreamflights | Spirit Train Chronicles. Share this:TwitterFacebookPinterestLike this:LikeBe the first to like this. Email Laura If you would like to know whether or not you are one of the Aurora Crew permanent members, please email Laura at: Laura is the only person authorised to give this information to those who wish to know. If confidentiality is prefered, it is fine. Dreamflights are open to all, no need to email for that. Please read the links recommended on 1st post of the Home Page for this website in order to help you make contact with the Andromedans. Here is the link: […]

  3. Leslee and Adrial Thank you this just reinforces my week so far, lots of uha moments. Abi Quor looks stunning all that I could ever envision and more. I feel so much joy and love coming from here I am finding it hard to express. Cant wait to meet up on Athabantian and remember more.
    Love each and everyone here so much 🙂 suzanne

    • Thank you all, I’m so glad this message resonates for you! I’m thrilled that the pace is picking up regarding Abi-Qor, and had a wonderful dream this morning that I’m about to share, that reveals even more about what it is like (aside from what the outsides of the buildings look like). I’m trying to keep the replies brief so I can get the post made while I still have internet access… 😉 Much love to you all! 😀

  4. WOW, another proof that Spirit is giving me such a wonderful guidance !
    I have experiencing a lot of tiredness recently due to my everyday life activities, I felt somehow disconnected with you and I could do nothing in this area simply because I could not…this was my Higher Self/Spirit guidance in fact, this void and this next challenge to my soul
    Now I am helped to explain the reason for it here, Thank You Les and Adrial
    When I was feeling disconnected these days I just decided to go within in meditation, to connect with my inner world and so, I switched on the channeled sound meditation for cleaning the third eye chakra/Tom Kenyon/ and just allowed myself to float on the river of my Presence, it was a deep meditation and traveling of the Spirit till I saw the mountains, I was flying over mountain tops that I see now look quite like these of Abi-Qor/the first picture/ IT IS AMAZING
    THANK YOU 🙂 This makes me very very Happy !
    I Love You ALL with all my Heart

  5. And many thanks to you Leslee for relaying this information, so useful for all of us. It looks and it sounds very exciting, Abiquor, I look forward to being involved in its manifestation in whichever way I and my husband can (will ask our Friends tonight ;).
    It was very lovely to meet you earlier on skype. Love and Light to you. Enjoy your new place in Pagosa!

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