Leslee: Meeting I’wah

I’wah: “I am the One”

18 September 2012 – Pagosa Springs, Colorado

Meeting I’wah

Last week seemed riddled – literally – with tests, disguised as “opportunities”. They conspired to focus my attention onto one subject/question: “Why the heck am I here?”

Why Pagosa, why now?

I’ve been looking for “work” here. I’m still settling in. We’re just getting going on figuring out next steps regarding Abiquor, etc. There’s a lot going on.

I’ve had several interviews here in town; all seemed tempting. They were jobs, after all. I like to know what my job is.

I’ve been flirted with by a man who might have whisked me back across the country. As soon as I said to myself, “Why would I want to leave here?”, he disappeared.

I’ve gotten a call about some potential work, in a setting that’s very familiar to me, and that might offer more security and stability. But I would probably have to leave Pagosa… Again, I asked, “Why would I want to leave here?” No returned phone calls.

Everything seems to be falling into place. Or at least,  things that are not useful keep falling out of place… Both options seem to work just fine.

In the wake of this flurry of siren calls, I shouted above the din, “Can I please have a little clarity???”,  and that’s when I met I’wah.

He appeared to me as a vision of sorts. It sounds  more accurate to describe him as an archetype that entered my awareness. I knew that there was something to be learned from it, so I watched and followed a bit, then fell asleep. When I woke the next morning, I couldn’t recall any dreams, but I felt a profound sense of peace and gratitude. I was no longer worrying; I felt clear.

The archetype of a captive being released, as an outgrowth of a captor developing respect and understanding, is one that has hovered near me since childhood. I’m sure some psychologists would have a field day with it. I admit I’ve spent a lot of my life feeling trapped.

As I sat and wrote in my journal, I’wah appeared, and added many new layers of meaning to the scenario.

Initially, the name I thought I heard was more like “Etowah”, a Native American name familiar to me. A river, a tribe. When I met with David Mowa, he explained that I had met I’wah. The name means “I am the one”.

Here is what I was told about I’wah, and as the explanation unfolded, the image I’ve sketched (see above) appeared to my third eye.

I’wah wears a headdress with seven buffalo horns, and a cloak made from feathers. The feathers cascade down from the shoulders: Eagle, Hawk, and Turkey Vulture. From underneath the robe fans a huge Raven tail. The cloak billows in the wind, showing its circular shape.

I’wah stands on two smooth round rocks in the Stream of Life, which springs from the mountains. Fish swim in the stream and the whirlpool at his feet. About him spread the mountain ranges, forests, fields, and shores. In the meadows and forests gather Deer, Wolves, Mountain Lions, Bears, Horses, and Buffalo.

His outstretched hands hold growing plants with flowers, and the Wingeds flock to nest in them.

As I sketched his image, he explained his role to me:

“(I’wah) will look into your kind, loving heart… The very deep experience of meeting him last night is more significant than you realize, because your vision of (I’wah) indicates just what David (David Mowa, a Hopi Medicine Man I met just a few days prior) may ask Hopi and white people to work on to help Gaia clear. Just as you saw (I’wah) do last night… Gaia uses the appearance of death and destruction to clear herself; (I’wah) and others travel throughout, before the cleansing fires finally pass through, to find and rescue or retrieve those who shine… the Light Keepers who might be cowering in confusion. They may be taken to a safe place, a new home, before the window closes.”

“Share this with David on Thursday (I was to have a healing session with him then); your understanding of what we told you about certain beings is true and accurate (this refers to a message I received about beings coming to Earth in darkness for selfish reasons), even if sad and distressing. This is the outcome. All will stay in balance… the time for selfish taking is ending, and balance must be restored…”

Since having met I’wah, I’ve been bombarded by synchronicities related to Earth/Terra/Gaia, healing, and plants and herbs. I’m still waiting for more understanding of how this interweaves with Abiquor. I feel clearly that a strong relationship exists, that will reveal itself in time.

For now, I’m still learning how to contact him consistently, and hear his voice in the silence.

I feel quite sure that he holds the answer to the question: “Why Pagosa?”



  1. I’wah resonates with me a lot and the names and picture is more than familiar to me Les ! Hugs and warm loving wishes of peace and joy ❤

  2. Les, you are in Pagosa with a mission and all of us are with you in Spirit, Mother Earth is one of our Friends, yes, you are on target, listen to their talk that can be heard in the silence and tranquility in Nature
    ( ( LOVE AND LIGHT ) )

  3. At the center of the image here , Les , I see the same two men from meditation holding the mountain with crystalline realm on it
    It is amazing to them here
    Thank You I’wah and Leslee
    Love and Light

  4. Dear Leslee, you are the one who innerstands the answer to the question: “Why Pagosa?” Everyone ‘else’ (this one included:) are just other expressions of your Self leading to inwards. Enjoy your journey ;o)

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